Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 4–10

What does the universe have planned for you this week? There’s only one way to know

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December 22–January 19

Mercury turns retrograde in your worth house this week and then backs into Capricorn a few days later. So you’ll need to guard against iffy financial judgment for a bit and then accept that you may be a bit tongue-tied later on and find yourself rethinking a personal choice. Romanticized thinking and misguided sacrifice are other dangers, as Venus clashes with Neptune in your mindset zone. Venus is also meeting up with your ruler Saturn in the last house of your chart, signifying very private, restrained affection or the end of a relationship. And the most noteworthy planetary configuration of the week is the new moon in your sign—especially because it’s interacting with several change-loving planets. So your annual new beginning may feel rather dramatic. Due to Pluto’s involvement, the personal reinvention that is called for here will entail some form of tearing down and rebuilding. With Uranus also in the mix, you need to make a fresh start that translates to a clean break from the past. Fortunately, Jupiter is supporting this lunation, inspiring you to stop looking back and explore, learn and grow without fear.


January 20–February 18

Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius this week before backpedaling into the last house of your chart, where it will be hanging out for the next several weeks. Your thoughts will turn inward; retreat and deep reflection are appropriate during this period. Pay close attention to your dreams, and keep your own counsel. With Venus in your network house being affected by both Neptune and Saturn now, you may experience some difficulty with a friend or a group. Confusion over money, possessions, values or priorities could be a problem, and people could be more challenging to deal with. A particular friendship might be tested. The sun in your solitude sector is contending with Pluto and Uranus, so there’s a lot of intense energy churning inside you as you wind down your solar year before the renewal of your birthday season. You may have an urge to flee from dark thoughts and emotions, but the new moon in this part of your chart is harmonizing with growth-oriented Jupiter in your depth zone, suggesting that going deeper into the dark will ultimately lead you to a brighter place.


February 19–March 20

Venus in your ambition angle squabbles with Neptune this week, making it difficult for you to project the image that you want to in public or in your profession. Your appeal is potentially strong, but you’re sending out murky signals. When Venus meets up with Saturn, it may seem challenging to get the approval of a higher-up or parent. You might be drawn to someone older than you, and if you enter into a relationship now, it’s likely to have a serious tone. There’s also a chance you’ll find a mentor who can guide you on your path. With Mercury backing into your group sector for several weeks, you’ll feel like retreating from the social scene, but this is an opportune period for reconnecting with old friends. Misunderstandings with pals are another possibility, so refrain from jumping to conclusions. The new moon is battling heavyweights Pluto and Uranus, indicating that new friends, contacts and dreams are tied to big changes in your interests, values and priorities. Your identity in a group context is shifting, and you should stay open to learning from—and benefiting from—new people and relationships.


March 21–April 19

With Mercury turning retrograde in your social corner this week, you could experience a few days of crossed wires and reconnecting with old friends and contacts. But then Mercury backpedals into your achievement angle, prompting you to spend a few weeks rethinking a goal, reviewing your life direction and guarding against miscommunication with higher-ups. Venus has challenging encounters with Neptune and Saturn that could cast a dark cloud over your outlook. You’ve been feeling connected to a broader range of people, places and ideas, but you may start to feel disillusioned or discouraged. The world could shrink a bit, as you perceive limits to your growth, knowledge and understanding—and you may get caught between a determination to find all the answers and a desire to let go and take some things on faith. The new moon is battling Pluto as well as Uranus, so fresh ambitions will be highly influenced by the compulsion to control your shifting life direction and the urge to leap into the future with total freedom. Thanks to Jupiter’s involvement, taking on more responsibility and welcoming hard work will give your goals staying power.


April 20–May 20

Venus is in your sharing sector, fending off Neptune and Saturn this week and complicating closeness. A group—such as your circle of friends—could cloud your judgment or confuse you. Or you might romanticize a friendship and crave a deeper connection with that person. Someone might seem cold and withholding to you now, frustrating your desire for intimacy. Merging your needs and values with those of other people is probably rather daunting, and you may feel like you’re losing someone or losing part of yourself. With Mercury backing into your philosophy house, reflect on your beliefs and try to get some perspective. If you’re traveling in the next few weeks, be patient with delays and mix-ups. The new moon also lands in your philosophy house, and it’s caught between a rock and a hard place (Uranus and Pluto). So your need for a new outlook, learning and growth is intense, but a subconscious impulse to rock the boat may give you radical ideas or trigger a surprising turn of events. Luckily, Jupiter is reinforcing this lunation, inspiring you to courageously explore the possibilities that life has to offer.


May 21–June 20

Mercury turns retrograde this week and moves back into your depth corner for awhile, calling for you to reinvestigate something, reorganize debt, reflect on an intimate connection from the past and review a psychological issue. You may find communication and trust in a close relationship difficult and should try to defuse intense discussions rooted in misunderstanding. With Venus in your one-on-one angle meeting up with Saturn there and also skirmishing with Neptune in your ambition house, you might get confused over where a relationship is headed and feel like someone is shutting you out or testing you. The reality of a relationship and the ideal of a relationship are apt to clash now, and you may even break up with someone. The planets are prodding you to take your bonds with others seriously and be willing to work on them. A new moon further prompts you to focus on sharing, and its battles with Uranus and Pluto suggest major change in your psyche and in your connections with others. Have the courage to go deeper into your emotions, and have faith in people’s ability to support one another.


June 21–July 22

With Mercury going retrograde and moving back into your one-on-one angle this week, the next few weeks call for you to renegotiate the terms of a relationship, revisit an issue between you and another individual or review your close connections in general. Accept that there may be some miscommunication in dialogues, and try not to take it personally. Relationships might feel like a lot of work, with Venus in your duties sector, and since she’s meeting up with serious Saturn, you could be especially aware of limitations and obligations. Venus is also sparring with Neptune in your expansion zone, perhaps leading you to imagine how you’d like your daily life to be—and finding that it’s falling short of your hopes. Dealing with practical matters will ground you, though it might seem like reality is detracting from your vision. The new moon could indicate someone new coming into your life, or it may prompt you to shift how you relate to people and what you’re looking for in a relationship. An open mind, tolerance of differences and a desire to expand your circle will help.


July 23–August 22

Venus battles Neptune and Saturn this week, which could put a crimp in your pursuit of pleasure. It may feel harder to convey what’s in your heart or express your creativity, and love may seem like work. Confusion over intimacy is likely, as you’re susceptible to romanticizing a relationship now. Part of you is taking things seriously, and part of you is longing to effortlessly connect with someone without having to stop and evaluate matters. But with Mercury backtracking in your relationship angle and your efficiency corner, your thoughts will turn inward and become more analytical. In the next few weeks, you might choose to reorganize your workspace, revise your schedule, review your habits, time management, diet, fitness and skills and repair your health. Expect crossed wires with colleagues, and ride out scheduling snafus. The new moon is encouraging you to turn over a new leaf in one or more of the above areas, and its fights with Uranus and Pluto hint that change isn’t easy, but it is inevitable. Self-confidence, developing your earning power and using your resources wisely will help you to make over your daily life.


August 23–September 22

Mercury turns retrograde this week and backs into your fulfillment corner a few days later. In the next few weeks, your mind may turn to what used to make you happy. Reminiscing about a past love, rediscovering a source of pleasure, revising a creative project and reconnecting with your inner child are all favored. Rekindling an old flame isn’t a great idea, as your judgment will be off. The new moon is quarreling with Uranus and Pluto but cooperating with Jupiter in Virgo. So going forward, fresh sources of love and happiness and novel forms of self-expression are tied to major changes within you and a newfound sense of freedom. Venus is being harassed by Neptune and Saturn now, making familial relationships more difficult and disappointing. If you’re taking care of someone, make sure you’re not cultivating an unhealthy dependency. Jupiter is also going retrograde, slowing the pace of your personal growth and giving you a chance to catch your breath. In the next four months, pause to consider how much of everything you’ve said yes to is worth continuing on with—and how you might reprioritize.


September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet, Venus, runs into trouble with Neptune and Saturn this week, which could cast a cloud over your pleasant state of mind. You might be thrown off by a work or health matter, a confusing interaction, a scheduling issue or a desire to be of service that somehow goes astray. It’s also possible that communication, your immediate environment, a sibling or your current mindset will seem limiting or negative. If you get discouraged, withdrawing from others will be a temptation. With Mercury turning retrograde and backtracking into your foundation corner, it’s appropriate for you to reflect on the past, reconnect with family, rethink your décor, rediscover your roots and retreat to reset your inner compass in the next few weeks. A new moon in that house is fighting off Uranus and Pluto, so a shift in your family, home life, emotional state or location is apt to be personally challenging and affect your relationship—or be triggered by someone else. A sacrifice or loss could be involved, but you’ll learn from it and gain something from it on a spiritual level.


October 23–November 21

Mercury is squabbling with Mars in Scorpio again this week and then turning retrograde at the bottom of your chart. A few days later, Merc backs into your cognition-and-communication sector, bringing mix-ups with information and travel—and perhaps some anxiety over your decisions. The next few weeks call for you to reconsider your position on something, double-check what you think you know, be sure you understand what someone is saying before you react, be mindful of your own words and reconnect with a sibling or neighbor. The new moon has to contend with Uranus and Pluto, so a change in your mindset, knowledge, environment or way of expressing yourself is likely to feel arduous but inevitable. Something could come up that compels you to see things differently. But Jupiter ensures that you’ll have support from friends or professional contacts. Venus’s current troubles put you in danger of deluded spending based on a false ideal of pleasure. And your confidence could be at the mercy of an elusive object of affection. The feeling that you won’t get what you want/need can prompt you to home in on real values and priorities.


November 22–December 21

Venus in your sign is being forced to deal with Neptune and Saturn this week, possibly impacting your mood, your interactions and how you come across. You may find it more difficult to express fondness and exude warmth because of Saturn’s restraining effect, and you might feel lonely or alienated. Your ideal vision of family, comfort or home could prevent you from feeling loved and content. Relating won’t seem as easy, and with Mercury turning retrograde, communication is bound to suffer. Reviewing your finances, values and priorities, reorganizing possessions and reallocating resources will be appropriate in the coming weeks. Delayed payment or an unexpected check are possibilities. The new moon in that house encourages you to generate a fresh source of income—possibly tied to the loss of an old one, a change in your creativity or a pleasant feeling of independence. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is going retrograde also, calling for you to scale back your ambition for a few months and reevaluate your goals. If you’ve been overreaching, this is your chance to adjust your expectations and focus on what’s most achievable.

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