Freelancer’s Guide To Staying Motivated

Some helpful tips for getting you through the struggles of freelance work.

This post comes from our FP Contributer Madisyn!

Fact: My studio is down the hall, a few steps away from my comfy bed.
Fact: The struggle is sometimes very, very real.

A day in the life of me is always changing. I’m constantly being pulled in 10,000 different creative directions, switching back and forth from coffee or tea or hot chocolate or…wait, hydration is important…water. Oh, and on top of that would like to have like, a minute or so to do some hobbies or things for myself.

So, with that being said, motivation is key to my success. I need to be stimulated to keep me going at all times. Things that keep my head clear, my anxious butterflies calm,and my energy up. Here are some tips on how I’m doing it.


Rise + Shine. I wake up really early. Almost so early that it annoys other people. I’m that girl, smiling cheek to cheek at 5:30 am. I start off with some caffeine, allow myself an hour of free time, go on a walk with my pup and get ready for my day. These mornings keep me balanced, and help to start the day on a good note.

Get Dressed. I know it sounds silly. But, after a hot shower, it’s so easy to put on some pajamas when you are working from home. Don’t. Do. It. Put on an outfit that you would wear to work — for me, it’s some jeans and a tee. Staying in those pajamas will keep you feeling lazy and a little too comfortable. When I’m dressed, I’m ready to go and, in a way, mentally tricking my mind that I am going somewhere (besides down the hall) to work.

Stay Organized. Oh my. This used to be tough for me. Until that sa-weet thing below happened. I carry this with me everywhere I go — I’m truly lost without it. Because I’m usually on my own, or on the go, it’s important for me to have my stuff together in one mobile place. Keeping my planner around and laying out each week on paper helps me see the bigger picture. The more organized I am, the less distracted I get, and the more motivated I feel.

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Desk Space. Having an actual desk to go to when working as a freelancer is important. Knowing that I have a studio — or desk — to go to puts me straight into work mode. I make sure to keep the desk clean so I don’t get distracted by clutter. Adding a few plants to the space makes me feel happy.

Switch It Up. A change of scenery can be a breath of fresh air. Literally. Sometimes when I’m done shooting a post in my studio, I like to walk down to the coffee shop and edit pictures. It helps get my legs going, and keeps me from going stir crazy in one place while still getting some work done!


Be Inspired. Look around. What do you see? For me, I see lots of artwork and quotes. My studio is covered with a gallery wall that is inspiring and cheery. Having quotes, symbols and art around your workspace or home can help reset your creativity. I’m moved by visuals, and love keeping an eye out for something that another artist said or did.

Take breaks. Ah, last but certainly not least. Break time is important. Whether it’s the weekend, or 30 minutes at lunch. I recharge during breaks. Do something relaxing, something for you, and unwind a bit. I like to set a timer on my break so that when it’s over I can jump right back into things.

+Have any tips or tricks that help keep you motivated? Let me know in the comments!

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8 years ago

I guess the motivation arrives when there is project with pay at end or during. How do you make yourself into a freelancer? I don’t work and I am seen with not skills so in fact I am not functioning at all. I do receive many calls from collectors who sounds like parole or truant officers and they are most disturbing. Today the shun shone and I am most depressed/oppressed from these truant callers. Take care and sorry to post this on such a peaceful space.

8 years ago

These are all so helpful! I find getting dressed helps with my motivation so much

Katlynn Goodsell
8 years ago

All such helpful tips. I have started doing most of these and they help a lot.

8 years ago

loved this post! I’ve been contemplating on freelancing and found this post very interesting. I guess the disadvantage is you can’t bounce off other creative individuals but the freedom must be great!

8 years ago

I still struggle a lot with #2. But I am working on it! Totally needed this post today.



8 years ago

To clarify that’s the free people website not necessarily this blog – but this blog is closely linked to it…

8 years ago

I find working from home fantastic. I am much more productive when I can work alone, in my own little space, undisturbed.

8 years ago

Some great tips. I know that struggle when I want to spend a day at home just for learning there is so much what deviates me. Getting dressed helps a lot!
Also some great pictures, I love them.

8 years ago

I could not agree more with everything you just said! I am still working on the organising bit though, so I am eager to check out that case!!

8 years ago

Awesome tips – cannot underestimate the power of getting dressed! I also feel good when I do my hair and makeup, even if I’m not planning on heading out. I’ll have to try your tip on going to the coffee shop to edit pictures, as I can get stir-crazy in my apartment!

8 years ago

I love this and couldn’t agree more! I’m an independent contractor so I’ll work from home about two days a week and man, it’s hard to stay motivated some times!

Love this post! It’s super important to have “me” time

1 year ago

Very helpful tips.