Invincible Summer

Escape the cold, come inside, warm your bones…

From the blustering, blistering cold of a grey January day, step inside. Click. The door closes, locking out biting winter wind. Breathe in. Heavy, humid air…a sudden summer blooms before you. Flora drips from every surface, bending, reaching, vines dancing across the ceiling, winding around post and beam. A flash of color catches your eye. Branches, parturient with heavy fruit, bow low to show off their wares — lemons, limes, grapefruit and a hybrid of the three — peek from behind a cactus the size of a house. Slowly, winter’s freeze takes its leave, evaporating like a dense fog as it drifts from your body. Summer sets in, if only for a moment.

When the body and soul require warming, when one month into winter feels impossibly long and never-ending, it’s the balmy embrace of a greenhouse oasis that eases tense shoulders hunched from the chill. Inspiration is found between cracked cement, folded neatly between the fronds of a prehistoric looking aloe plant. New species discovered, shapes and textured explored. When winter’s grasp is ever tightening, seek out the invincible summer that lies behind cracked windowpanes and fogged doorways, a temporary reminder that warm days always follow the frigid.

Summer in Winter 9

Summer in Winter 1

Summer in Winter 3

Summer in Winter 8

Summer in Winter 11

Summer in Winter 4

Summer in Winter 7

Summer in Winter 6

Summer in Winter 2

Summer in Winter 10

Images taken at Ott’s Exotic Plants, RR 29 Schwenksville, PA 19473

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