What I Learned On a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

What happens to a skeptic (me) on a three-day juice cleanse.  

I have never done a juice cleanse before. Truth be told, I’ve actually gone out of my way to ignore them. Well, until now. This past holiday season came in and it came in hard. Highly stressed and overemotional, I became best friends with highly caloric processed foods and caffeine by day and glasses of wine by night. My health, skin and overall wellness suffered so much that I thought, well, I guess this is just how it’s going to be now. Whoa, what a sad outlook! I needed something strong to knock me out of my unhealthy haze.

Enter JUICE | Served Here and their three-day juice cleanse. I researched the idea of partaking in one of these detoxes before actually pulling the trigger, and found an overwhelming amount of information. Pros, cons, what to do, absolutely what not to do…the info kept coming and my blurry head was spinning. JUICE | Served Here made this juice cleansing first-timer comfortable with the idea of substituting food for liquid and made the entire process as easy as I could imagine one going. “Everyday life contributes to the congestion and buildup of harmful toxins in the body from processed foods, pollutants and stress. Each tonic, juice and superfood bar in the JUICE | Served Here Cleanse is individually formulated to flush, detoxify, hydrate and nourish the body,” states the website. Participants can choose between a Soft Cleanse, Semi Cleanse, and Hard Cleanse, for varying amounts of days. I chose the Hard Cleanse because, if I was going to do it, I was going to do it with vigor. That’s how juicing works, right? Well, either way. So I  documented the three days — emotions, notes and researched facts — to navigate my journey. Find it below.


Day One: Is it crazy to say that I feel pretty good after my first full day of juicing? I drank my first drink at 10am and it went down smoothly. (Who knew I would enjoy a green, like GREEN, drink? Especially in the morning?) I’m usually a sweet red juice kinda gal. However, I am excited about the way these juices taste — clean, fresh and satisfying. I didn’t feel hunger pangs until 4pm today, but I quickly followed the grumblings up with another juice. Not a bad solution…just drink more juice. Do I feel a little out of it? Yes. Do I feel lightheaded or crazy or sluggish? Hangry? No, actually I don’t. First day reaction: phew. And I like these juices!

Buuuuttttt, I did toss and turn all night, brain on fire. Could it be that since I didn’t have food in my digestive tract to digest, that the unused energy in my body was being moved to a different locale, i.e. my brain? My body was exhausted but my mind flailed, unable to find rest. “What’s so scratchy right now? Are there burrs in my blanket? Or are those small sticks? Why would I have small sticks stuck in my blanket? Was I on a recent picnic? Where could that have been? Wait, did I bring this blanket to a photo shoot? Or was it to the beach? Wait, is that actually sand in my bed? Should I turn my blanket over? But it’s so cold. Why is it so cold? Isn’t the heater working? Maybe I’ll just put leggings on. Yep, leggings will work. Where are those suckers?” Yeeeaahhhh…that is a real thought process I had right there.



Day Two: I woke up today feeling a little lethargic (probably because my brain was a runaway train last night), but nothing felt drastically different from a typical Monday morning. At this point I had consumed six drinks, most of which were green, and I awoke surprisingly not starving which made me an extremely happy camper. I cracked open my first juice labeled “do me first”, feeling optimistic about another day detoxing my body. But to my surprise, the first green juice didn’t go down as smoothly as I expected. I think my body was giving me the ol’ eye roll, like, “another juice Joanna? Really?” About halfway through the bottle, my body was back on track. However, I noticed that I woke up with a slightly runny nose. I learned that a runny nose is another way the body detoxes. So that’s cool? I actually gained a pound from the previous day, which didn’t totally surprise me, as the majority of weight loss on a cleanse is water weight. As far as hunger goes, I am feeling good! I have had only two instances where my stomach has growled at me to feed it. “Sorry bub, not now. But I will put another juice in you.” Though I am not pining for food (thank goodness), I can’t help but imagine myself diving into a bag of wasabi peas every time I open the fridge for another juice. (Yes, refrigerate your wasabi peas!) I don’t have the neeeeed to chew food yet, but I sure wouldn’t mind something with a little crunch. But determination prevails! Which leads me to think that the mental benefits of cleansing is just as important as the physical. Juicing is showing me that I have a level of willpower and self-discipline within me that I haven’t tapped into for some time now. Staying determined and strong is, in turn, giving me a sense of empowerment…and I love that.


Day Three: Guys, I am feelin’ gooood.  I awoke early (7am) with no problem whatsoever. As one of the world’s leading advocates for the snooze button, this took me entirely by surprise. I popped up and immediately starting getting ready for work. As my hairdryer echoed through the house, my roommate shuffled out of her bedroom and asked me why I was so sprightly. “It’s the juice, man!” I downed my first green drink, packed up two more in my bag, and headed out the door for work. My mental high lasted all of twenty more minutes. As I hit the wall of traffic on the 405, so did my brain. The lack of protein and calories was hitting me hard. I opened another juice and sipped it all the way to work — only one left for the rest of the day until I get home from work. Yikes. I tried to space out the remainder of my juice but only half succeeded. The only upside? I drank a ton of water. I finally got home, barely walked myself through the front door, before I nearly collapsed in front of the fridge to grab my three remaining juices. And man, did I drink them fast, and what do you know…I felt better immediately. Hot tip: pack all of your juices with you.

I popped up early again on the fourth day, after completing my 3-day cleanse, feeling light and fresh. To be totally honest, as much as I was excited to get into my veggie scramble and chew something, I missed my juice! I enjoyed this juice cleanse so much, in fact, that I am completely sold on the idea of monthly cleansing and will be visiting JUICE | Served Here again!


A big thanks to JUICE | Served Here — I’ll catch up with you guys soon!

+What are your thoughts on juice cleansing? Leave them in the comments. 

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6 years ago

To be honest, it sounds very interesting to me and I’ve always thought about trying such a thing because I’m just curious what it will do to my body. Your text was very realisitic but nonetheless reassuring!

6 years ago

been doing green smoothies everyday for the new year. I too feel light & great. Fun to look up new and delish smoothie recipes everyday

6 years ago

Ah interesting! I love juices and bought my own juicer – it is a time-consuming thing to make juices though and that’s why I don’t do it as often as I’d like. Buuuuut when I DO take the time to make a juice I love it! X

6 years ago

As appealing as it may sound to some, I don’t think I could do a juice cleanse. If I don’t eat for 4 hours I get cranky already, lol…

6 years ago

I’ve done a 3 day juice cleanse with Juice Crafters and I hated it. I was so hungry, tired, dizzy and not well at all. I hope by trying it with a different brand like Juice Served Here, it goes better.


6 years ago

Did you have any bowel issues?? Thanks!

6 years ago

Would I be able to do a juice cleanse on a fodmap diet?

6 years ago

Hi! I think I can’t do that but I’ll try, because I want to try a healthy life style, let see if this will be having a good result. Good day!

5 years ago

I’ve just tried a juice cleanse from Juice from the Raw and feel much more better. You can order it here https://www.juicefromtheraw.com

4 years ago

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Loved reading about your experience with the three day juice cleanse. Thank you for sharing such an amazing blog. I have always been thinking about trying an energy drink because I was just feeling curious to know what Three day juice cleanse will do to my body. Keep sharing blog like this!

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing your experience, always looking for new and simple juicing ways. This one seems interesting, might give it a try during my summer vacation. Been using this juice for a few weeks now, mostly in the morning … https://bit.ly/2MGzPMr … feeling great so far and getting my dose of veggies and fruit. Keep up with the great work with your blog!

4 years ago

The experience is precsious, thanks for sharing it with us. I am going to try a green juice diet for weight loss https://cancancleanse.com/index.php/cleanse/new-core-green/ and i thought about three days like you, but i read somewhere that some make a week. Your three days experience is very encouraging “Guys, I am feeling good”. Thank you! Now i am ready to start my diet.

Rick Teso
3 years ago

Really good idea for cleanse in a short therm but its worthless if you do it once. You have to live a healthy life in total and you can find help here: https://bit.ly/2LxGdI9

3 years ago

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us

3 years ago

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