Playlist: Sounds Of The Sun

Chill out with this playlist that’ll have you dreaming of sand and sun!

In my senior year of college, I started a playlist…sitting in Tallahassee, Florida, dreaming of a more coastal (and prettier) place. I was without a nearby beach, so the only thing to transport me closer (mentally) was music reminiscent of sand and sun. And I’ve been adding to it ever since. It’s simply called “On a Beach.” And it will make you feel just that — a mix of chilled-out, good vibe songs. Like, if Poolside were to go on a date with Tame Impala and bond over their love for Bob Marley. In the midst of winter, there’s nothing better than sunny sounds to remind us that warmer times are ahead…or to help you further appreciate the warm sun if you’re in such a location. Breathe a little summer back into your soul, and welcome the below mix. Enjoy! 


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