The Power of Mantra

How to use Mantra to fill our lives with meaning and intention.

While on our recent FP Escapes, powered by Yogascapes, guide Aarona Ganesan explored the power of mantra as a tool, weaving words to create transformative “spells.” Here she is to share with you The Power of Mantra, and how to infuse meaning and intention in everyday life.

We all know what it’s like when negative thinking gets the better of us; if it becomes a pattern, it can have a significant impact on our lives. What we think and speak shapes how we feel inside and how we see the world around us.


Like anything, creating new mental habits takes practice. The following steps will help you to honestly assess what you want to create in your life while crafting an easy mantra for you to recite in any moment. Be open to self-discovery while being clear and sincere in your words so that you can consciously use the power of your thoughts to awaken a healthier perspective.


Write down 3 to 5 words that express your intentions – what are you refining, awakening or calling into your life? (ex: trust, courage, love, creativity, success, confidence, balance, partnership, clarity, etc.)

Then, using these words for inspiration, write down 3 mantras in present tense. Start off via freeform thought so that only the true unfiltered you comes through. Then re-write what you wrote until you’ve whittled it down to an uplifting, clean, easy to remember mantra. (ex: “I trust the change unfolding in my life,” “I welcome clear vision and inspired action,” or “love flows into my life effortlessly”)


If you need some help, consider the following prompts for writing your own mantra: highlight your current goals around self-care and self-love. Focus on inspiring words around your career or creativity. Boost your confidence and presence in the world. Invoke your ideal home, lifestyle or relationship.

Once you’ve found your top 3 mantras, put them into action. Write them down with intention and memorize them. Begin each day by repeating your mantra 3 times out loud or silently, choosing the one that best suits the moment. Invoke their greatest power by repeating them with sincerity and conviction. Continue to use them throughout the day, especially when you notice yourself slipping into unhealthy thought patterns.


I’ve had my own struggles with heavy thoughts over the years and from this practice The Moon Deck was born, an inspiring oracle set that provides a guide for exactly this type of practice. Complete with 44 illustrated cards carrying potent mantras, plus an accompanying guidebook with deeper wisdom and suggested rituals, the set comes housed in a hand-crafted wood box and ready to start transforming your habits. This offering is meant to help you develop a deeper connection to your intuition, your self-care practices and the loving inner guidance that is available to each of us.

Moon Deck

When you feel out of touch with your best self, take pause and notice how you’ve been speaking to yourself. Reshaping your habits around your thoughts and words, both toward yourself and outwardly to others, has profound results that will directly impact every facet of your life.

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Let’s practice together and reshape our mental chatter into uplifting affirmations so that we can connect to the potent power of our intentions.


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Photos by Naomi Huober

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I love yoga, but I am not into the spiritual aspect of it. I just do physical yoga to strengthen my core and loosen up my muscles. I guess I’m just too chaotic/hyper, lol…

Beautiful post, love that first pic!


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