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Need to escape? Dive into Rachel Moore’s adventures. 

In this fast-moving world it’s hard to slow down and find peace in our busy schedules. For me, nature has always held the peace that so eluded me in my daily life. Each year I attempt to merge my daily routine with the nature I’ve always loved. Over the last decade I’ve begun to invest my free time in the ocean, in the mountains and on the road. As a rock climber, diver master, traveler and adventurer, I’m always seeking to find something new to explore and for years I could only escape on weekends or holidays. It was never enough. Even the month-long trips I’d take abroad never satisfied the itch. So five years ago, when I began modeling, I decided I would take the opportunity I was given to save for a lifelong dream of sailing around the world. After three years of modeling my husband and I had saved enough to buy our dream boat. A year later we moved aboard full time and have spent the last ten months preparing her for our five year trip around the world.

Once a month we try to deviate from boat projects and sailing to escape into the mountains. I love returning to the the snow covered peaks — they constantly remind me of how small I truly am. They stand unmovable, in all their raw beauty and remind me of how finite my time is here on this planet. They teach me how to be prepared and also of the consequences of not being prepared. Each time I visit I leave as a changed woman.

On our most recent trip to California, we decided to return to one of our favorite places, as well as a few places we’ve never before been. As a climber, I always love returning to the Alabama Hills for great sport climbing and the iconic Sierra backdrop and we figured it would be a great place to start our trip. We then headed north and stopped at a few hot springs along the way when it started to snow. In the morning we reached the Eureka Dunes, a truly magical place! They are the largest dunes in all of North America, standing at almost 700 feet tall. Driving in, the dunes look like a pale mountain looming over the valley floor. As we approached we noticed a thin layer of snow covering the slopes. The snow sparkled in the sunlight and I had to pinch myself to make sure we were not in a dream. We spent the day playing like children, running and rolling, jumping and sliding down the great faces. My husband even brought along his snow board for an epic day of sand/snowboarding.

On our third day we headed to Mono Lake, located at the edge of the Sierras. It is an ancient saline lake sprinkled with limestone formations, known as tufa towers, rising from the water along its bank. These towers look otherworldly and are awe inspiring. Presumed to be over a million years old, the lake puts you right in your place. Standing on the shore I was blown away by its beauty and strangeness and it stirred in me the thing that always keeps me searching for more.

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Photography by Willie Kessel. Check him out online at and on his blog, Instagram, and Facebook

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5 years ago

Wow, love the clothes and the scenery, my favourite is the Dharma Tie Tank!

5 years ago
5 years ago

Breathtaking photos!
➳ Jessica