The Selvedge Yard x FP Vintage Loves

“We are obsessed with the Natural Born World Shakers who flipped the middle finger at conformity and the norm…” – JP 


As JP, one-half of the Selvedge Yard, welcomed us into the New Hope shop, it starts to sink in. Are we really working with the Selvedge Yard today? Those cool-as-**** folks who curate one of our most coveted inspiration blogs for all things fast and badass?


JP and Ash are as kind and accommodating as they are confident and collected. They are wonderful storytellers, and it’s immediately apparent that each and every item within their shop signifies a heckuva lot more than a price tag. Scott Toepfer‘s iconic photo of the Race of Gentlemen flag girl that graces the blueprint wall…the Shop Rag shirts made from the same fabric as the iconic red shop rag gracing garage floors for years…the much-loved Stones posters that harken back to a gritty era that most of us long to have known as present-day.

Everything in its right place. And a great place to buy your boyfriend a pretty amazing gift.



The Selvedge Yard…where did the name originate? And, while we’re at it, can you share with us your back story?

The Selvedge Yard is derived from the term “salvage yard” and marries a love for denim, Americana, old treasures and curious finds. As children of the 70s and 80s, the rich iconography of that time will forever color our world. We’ve been on every side of fashion, design and retail for many years, and many brands. What started as a blog strictly about denim quickly evolved into a streams-of-consciousness creative outlet, and thus the Selvedge Yard was born. All our obsessions now had an internet abode.

ARTISTRY, ANARCHY, ALCHEMY & AUTHENTICITY…probably the best mantra I ever read. What was your inspiration behind this?

Well, thank you. These four things make the world go round. It’s this cosmic cycle of constantly feeding on beauty, rebellion, innovation and strength on our path for individual growth and cultural evolution. I could be totally full of shit, but it’s an ideology that personally resonates strongly. In short, most things rad in the world fall into one or more of these buckets!



For those folks not familiar with the Selvedge Yard, can you tell us a little bit about your blog? And your new store here in New Hope, PA?

The Selvedge Yard pays tribute to many icons of the past, but is not stuck in it. We are obsessed with the Natural Born World Shakers who flipped the middle finger at conformity and the norm, and blazed their own trail in times much more conservative and judgmental than ours. These icons of the past were forward-looking, and we are too in seeking out today’s Natural Born World Shakers — and how can we share their story with the world, and do cool shit with them too!

What are your most coveted personal vintage pieces?

Our favorite vintage pieces are things with a soul and story. Vintage denim and leather are every man’s personal “shroud of Turin” in that every inch of wear, tear, and patina is a direct reflection of the wearer’s times, trials and adventures. We also love personal, handmade items like trench art. One of a kind jewelry, bits and bobs crafted from found materials into living works of art that tell such rich and intimate stories. David & Ginger at America Designs have such a great eye for Trench Art and grace our New Hope shop with a case filled with pieces that reflect this history and heart.



Which of our gift shop vintage items would you give/wish for this Valentine’s?

I mean, it’s no surprise that the Harley-Davidson biker cap is at the top of our vintage loves list. It embodies so many strong American sentiments in terms of our military men coming home from the WWII and creating our country’s first MC’s (Motorcycle Clubs)— because on a bike was the only place they could replace the rush of wartime adrenaline. And that white picket fence dream wasn’t really up their alley. That’s what Harley represents to us — the American spirit of freedom, individuality and adventure. This piece is perfect.




Thank you, Selvedge Yard. Visit their Instagram.

Also visit Ginger‘s and America Designs’ Instagram.

Photos by the righteous Michael Persico…and on Instagram, too!

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8 years ago

This is such an awesome place! I would love to spend some hours there and find a bunch of cool things!

8 years ago

this place looks amazing!! love this post :)

8 years ago

“obsessed with the Natural Born World Shakers who flipped the middle finger at conformity and the norm…”

Tsk tsk….contrary to their “edgy” claims, they WERE the “norm”. They WERE the “establishment”. Had they been such non-conformists, they would not have chosen the coolest, trendiest attire and lifestyle. They would have worn very outre’ costumes, that no one admired. They would not have listened to the coolest tunes, they would be practicing the harp. They would have been studying Latin. Or taking entomology. They would sport an unfashionable haircut, used unfashionable words, listened to very unfashionable records. THAT is non-conformity.

Phrase my 4th grade teacher wrote on my report card in red ink, in cursive “NON-CONFORMIST”

I think my teacher was a Communist.