Soul Mates: Alyssa Miller and Mark Wystrach

Want to hear the cutest love story? Read this. 

“Alyssa and I actually met when I was in New York filming “If The Shoe Fits” for Free People. I was supposed to be filming on the day we met. The shoot was pushed because of thunderstorms, so I went to meet my photographer friends for breakfast at Cafe Gitane. When I came around the corner, Michael was shooting three gals for his street style blog “On Abbot Kinney,” so I ran up and photobombed them. When the girls turned around to see the jerk ruining their photo, I saw Alyssa in the middle and, immediately,my breath was taken away. She was with two girlfriends, neither of whom were impressed with me at all. I fumbled through a couple awkward introductions and they went inside for lunch, while I stayed behind, riveted. I sat through lunch, completely distracted by Alyssa and trying to come up with a good pick-up line…I came up with nothing. But, that wasn’t going to deter me from asking her out, so I timed it so that we left the restaurant at the same time.. Unfortunately for me, as I was walking her out and about to ask for her phone number, she ran into some more friends and struck up a conversation. I was left standing there with this group of women, none of whom had a clue who I was. After about 5 minutes, one of the gals straight up asked me, “who the hell are you?” Alyssa and her friends all answered in unison that they had no idea who the hell I was. Yet I still stood there, determined. After that awkward exchange, Alyssa started down the street and I caught up with her. At this point I was so embarrassed, and it couldn’t get much worse for me, so I just asked for her number and asked her out to dinner. She gave me her number but was still hesitant to go out with me. So on my Free People job the next day, I started asking everyone on set if they knew her and if they could put in a good word. A few of them pulled some favors and she got a bunch of texts from her friends vouching for me. She finally gave in, and agreed to a date, and we haven’t separated since!”

Mark and Alyssa shine. They are two people with souls so alive and connected, they make you feel more awake just by looking at them. Yes, just look at them, two of the most gorgeous faces you ever did see. But what is actually even more piercing is their inner light. It shines right through those bright eyes and genuine smiles and hits you right smack in the forehead. 

Alyssa, raised in LA, began modeling in 2005 and has graced the pages of all major editions of Vogue, including the cover of Vogue Italia. She’s also served as a spokesperson for Guess and Victoria’s Secret. Mark is a jack of all trades — model, actor, entrepreneur and lead singer of Texas band Midland. Together, these two are one beautiful power house. Keep scrolling for a charming and candid interview with the two.


When you look at each other, what is the first thing you notice?

M: The first thing I notice is Alyssa’s striking greenish-blue eyes — so big and full of life.

A: I’d say the same — the first thing I see is his incredible blue eyes. They are always smiling. You know that song by The Eagles? You can’t hide your lying eyes? Well, he can’t hide his smiling eyes.

What were you thinking right before you shared your first kiss?

M: I was thinking “Oh my god, she’s soo hot, it’s crazy!…play it cool man”…cuz I was pretty ripped.

A: Yeah, we were pretty drunk at this point. I was thinking and also said out loud, “are you going to kiss me or what?”

What is one thing that Alyssa/Mark does that makes you crazy in love every time?

M: When she dances around the house in her little silk shorts singing “Moi Je Joue” by Brigitte Bardot…it’s incredible.

A: When I watch him perform, it showcases everything I love about him. His talent, his vulnerability. It’s his happy place and I love watching that.



Tell us when was the first time you knew you were in love with Alyssa/Mark.

M: When she turned around on a NY street and I saw those eyes for the first time…I was hearing music, feeling warm and fuzzy and a goner right there and then.

A: HAHA so cheesy. I was a little more guarded and he was way too good-looking for me to not be suspicous. He blurted out that he loved me for the first time after a few weeks of dating and a few too many margaritas at a dinner party I was throwing with all my closest friends. I think it hit me in that moment and I was like, woah, yeah, I love you, too.

What emotional parts of Alyssa/Mark are you most drawn to?

A: I’m drawn to his positive energy and approach to most everything, and the fact that he is a perpetual dreamer.

M: I’m drawn to her strength and her confidence. If she believes in something, she goes for it and always accomplishes it. It’s inspiring. She’s also very loving and nurturing. She really takes care of me and has created a beautiful life for us.

What was your first date like?

A: I was nervous. I hadn’t really been on a formal date for awhile and so I started drinking. As you do. The wine was flowing and the conversation was flowing. Let’s just say that we knew everything about each other by the end of the night, but didn’t remember it the next morning.


Do you mind sharing the story of how the proposal went?

A: Mark isn’t much of a planner but went into the proposal with the best intentions of making it romantic and spectacular. We were visiting his family on their ranch in Arizona for Christmas. He had been talking for weeks about taking me on this hike while we were there It was Christmas Eve and, if I’m honest, I really didn’t feel up for it. I wanted to hang out with his family and he hadn’t told them that he was proposing so they felt similarly! He packed up his niece’s tiny pink little backpack, and off we went. Everyone who we told about the hike to Biscuit Head Mountain had some awful horror story about their experience. His aunt had nearly died as a child hiking it, his sister fell backwards into a prickly cactus, the stories kept coming. Everyone also commented on how ill-prepared I was — I was wearing sneakers and leggings. Mark had failed to let me know what a serious hike this was and I was getting scared. We got up to the base of the mountain and there was no real trail — it was a truly treacherous hike. Many cuts and scrapes and cactus pricks and twisted ankles later, we neared the top. The hardest part…I start crying. Feeling overwhelmed and not really sure why he is pushing me so hard! He admits it’s a harder hike than he remembered!!!!!!! But that it would be so worth it once we reached the top. We finally do, after much coercing by Mark, and the tears are streaming. It was insanely beautiful, you could see all the way to Mexico. He drops to his knee and immediately starts crying himself, shares some beautiful things and asks me to marry him. Through my sobs I say yes, and we laid for hours in the sun drinking champagne in golden fields on top of  Biscuit Head Mountain. It was a beautiful disaster, and totally Mark.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A: Feed the chickens, the dogs and the cat first thing. I make us both a cup of tea, or vice-versa, while we listen to NPR. I often end up dragging him on some sort of adventure when we have a day off. Down to the river for a nude swim, a long drive to the local feed store to see the pigs and bunnies and baby chicks. We both love taking the dogs to the park down by the lake. If we stay home we spend our days writing and playing music, separately and together. I love cooking, so I cook a lot of our meals, but Austin is full of amazing restaurants and bars. So we end up going out quite a lot, too. We both travel so much that when we are home we try to stay mellow and enjoy our home and our town. It’s easy to do.

Favorite thing to do together?

Playing and singing music together and traveling together.

How would you describe each other?

A: He is a dreamer, with the biggest heart and the best intentions.

M: She, at her core is a youthful, sensitive and pure soul with a warrior spirit.


Thank you, Alyssa and Mark, for sharing your life and love with us! We’ll catch up with you soon.

Find Alyssa and Mark on Instagram. And follow Mark’s band, Midland, too!

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7 years ago

So cute!

7 years ago

Too bad they split up. Soul mates may have been reaching.

7 years ago

wait hold up they split up?!?! explains so much about their posts!!! I loved them both so much as a couple ;(

7 years ago

They split up? But they just got engaged! How sad…

7 years ago

Besides their posts, I haven’t seen anything about them breaking up.
Where was this???

7 years ago

Looking at her Instagram she’s now dating Willie Nelson’s son or grandson Luke Nelson.

6 years ago

Not anymore! That hookup with Luke (Willie’s son) only lasted two or three months. Seems like a theme with her.

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6 years ago

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6 years ago

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6 years ago

Is anyone else bothered by the Biscuit Head Mountain bit? Not sure how I found this post, but I live in AZ and had never heard of it. A google search turns nothing. The whole thing is made up. FAKE NEWS Y’ALL

5 years ago

@Anonymou. If you look at a topo map of the Mustang Mountains, a small range northeast of Sonoita, you will see the northernmost peak is called Mount Bruce. This ordinary name belies the beauty of this peak, for it has a most interesting shape. Sheer walls on the sides with a domed top- locals call it The Biscuit.

The Biscuit:

5 years ago

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Beverly Cole
4 years ago

Why did they break up? Would like to know. Was this the first time either one of them been engaged?

Robert Chang
1 year ago

Mark still kept his photos on his Instagram for a while after they broke up. Alyssa has had many relationships before and since. She was married to Cam Avery for a short period of time but by all accounts that relationship was abusive and random friends of him (or himself) still message fans of her future boyfriends to try to discredit them. Mark seems to have rebounded well, I really hope Alyssa finds what she is looking for. She has had many high profile relationships but they always end within a few months.