Sunday Spotlight: Our Favorite Films

In honor of the January catalog, join us for a cinematic edition of Sunday Spotlight!

Coming up on this week’s Sunday Spotlight, we’re talking about films. Not just any films, but the ones that have stayed near and dear to our hearts since first watch. The funny ones, the artsy ones — even the sad ones — we dissect them below, and share why these specific films have such a hold on us. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show…

Carrie, Editorial Manager – La Vie En Rose 



Life in Pink. A visual masterpiece by Olivier Dahan that tells the hauntingly beautiful story of French singer Edith Piaf…
I first saw “La Vie En Rose” at the Angelika in NY with our creative director, Doub.
And I’m pretty sure no other film has made either of us weep — ever — the way that one did.
It is both light and dark, rich, poignant and clutching.
Piaf, in French, means “little sparrow.”
I wanted nothing more than to soar like Edith upon leaving the theater.
Madisyn, Blog Contributor – Forrest Gump


“Hi. I’m Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump”.

I truly believe that most of life’s questions can be answered in this movie. I’ve seen it too many times to count on 10 hands, and typically watch it by myself because apparently nobody likes watching things with someone who recites the entire movie. It’s magical how it still makes me weep, giggle uncontrollably, and feel all the feelings. I have a better Forrest Gump accent then anyone I know and I’m super proud of that. But anyways, now that I think of it, I’m gonna go watch it. <3

Cassie, Engagement Intern – Almost Famous



First and foremost, I have the biggest girl crush on Kate Hudson…second, I always wish I could time travel back to see the 1970’s era in real time bu,t until I get my patent approved for a time machine, I will have to settle with the magic of cinema. This film is about a young high school kid who has this awesome opportunity to write an article for Rolling Stone and somehow  ends up on tour with this up-and-coming band (like OK). He goes on this adventure where he learns about passion, love and rock and roll. Penny Lane, played by my girl Hudson, is a groupie with killer style and this magical enchantment about her. Swoon. I’ve literally watched it 10+ times, and now I think I will watch it again tonight –it’s just a rad movie.

Jana, Editorial Specialist – The Goonies



This was really hard for me since I have a lot of favorite movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Strange Wilderness, every single Star Wars, Dumb and Dumber, A Night At The Roxbury, Totoro…I could keep going. But since I have to choose just one, I’m gonna have to go with The Goonies. I mean, how can one not love Chunk’s infamous Truffle Shuffle? Or all of the “Booty Traps” that Data rigs up? Or all of the overdramatic, climatic scenes that happen when they’re in search for the treasure? I feel like I would have made a great Goonie IRL. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, good. That just means you’re going to have to watch this epic 1980’s cult film.

Christian, Assistant Video Editor- The Philadelphia Story (1940)



Parading an ensemble of silver screen legends (Carey Grant, Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart), this is your one-stop shop for classic Hollywood.  And it’s worth the stop. It’s an economical choice, really. After watching this one, you’ll be able to name-drop all of these studio era giants, in a way that’ll let you stay afloat with those party schmoozing cinephiles that your friend stranded you with when she went to get another drink.
Katherine Hepburn runs the show as the original spunky and defiant queen of high society — and Grant and Stewart are at their respective charming and bumbling best. And really, it’s just funny. The script is air-tight, the characters are iconic, the performances are hilariously smooth and wry, and famously wholesome ol’ Jimmy Stewart gets notoriously plastered on camera in one of classic Hollywood’s greatest moments of improv comedy (watch closely to see Carey try/fail to keep a straight face through Jimmy’s hiccups and interruptions.)
So don’t worry, this isn’t one of the “it’s good for when it was made” movies you nervously nodded through, probably on a date with a smarmy grad student. You’ll be glad how well it holds up.
Brigette, Blog Contributor – Save The Last Dance
Is it the actors? The plot? The wardrobe? The soundtrack? Naw — although this movie *is* overflowing with some of the best early 2000’s hip hop in existence. What I love most about STLD is the amount of hysterical laugher it’s brought to me and my sister Gretchen over the years. But I’m not talking about laughter that occurs during the movie — it’s not even a funny movie. It’s just that, for some reason — and we have no clue why — we can NOT get ourselves to stop quoting it. It’s been 15 years. FIFTEEN. We can’t stop. It’s gotten to the point where, instead of using the word “yes” to answer a question, we just use one of the lines from the movie. “Sure ain’t Mama Dean’s” to be exact. Holy cow, you guys. This movie means so much more to us than was probably ever intended by its creators. Who knew that 1 hour and 52 minutes of supposed mediocracy could be something so near and dear to the hearts of two sisters?
+What’s your favorite movie? Let us know in the comments below!  
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8 years ago

I love:

-Patch Adams

-I rymden finns inga känslor


-all Harry Potter movies <3

8 years ago

I do love ‘Save the Last Dance’, but you just have to see ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ and ‘Good Will Hunting’!

8 years ago

Good choices of films! La vie en rose was heartbreaking to watch, but Edith Piaf’s voice makes it so worth it! For fans of French cinema, I would also recommend Untouchable, which is my personal favourite.

8 years ago

La Vie en Rose and Forrest Gump are great choices, but because I’m a total downer one of my favorite films is Revolutionary Road. There’s something about the criticism of a society that we (as a culture, anyway) idolize so much that makes the realist in me shiver with excitement. If we’re on a lighter note though, I will always go with Love Actually. Such a feel good wonderful film. It restores my faith in humanity every time.

8 years ago

Labyrinth (how could David Bowie have left us?) and the Princess Bride. Stand By me was also excellent.

8 years ago

I absolutely love the movie stand by me with an intense passion, its bad, but soooo good!
Also I adore Now and Then, The Princess Bride, and everything Wes Anderson!