Thoughts to Things: Cleansing Every Day with Sakara Life

Join us for week 2 of our cleansing series with the inspiring folks of S-Life Mag, Sakara Life’s official online magazine!

This post comes to us from our friends at S-Life Mag, the official magazine of Sakara Life

One of the fundamental principles of life is… you are what you do the majority of the time.

This does not mean you are what you do passionately for one month (or even one week) until you run out of steam. We’re talking consistency, lifestyle and ingraining habits into your very being that will change your body on a cellular level. The crash-course overhauls and quick fixes that are so popular this time of year don’t work for the same reason diets don’t work — they aren’t sustainable. You can keep them up for a while, sure, but eventually, all that January determination fades, the realities of work and life creep back in and you’re right back where you started, telling yourself you’ll be better next year. Not exactly the loving, dedicated approach we’re into.

If you really want to live cleaner and create change in your body and life that actually lasts, you need to incorporate detoxifying practices into your daily life – every single day. That’s not to say an occasional system-wide deep clean isn’t sometimes in order. But when you make cleansing a part of your regular routine, suddenly manifesting real, lasting change becomes as easy as drinking your morning coffee and washing your makeup off at night—eventually, you won’t even really have to think about it…you just do it. And that whole feeling-great-in-your-own-skin vibe will become a permanent thing. So what exactly do we mean when we tell you to incorporate detoxing practices into your daily life? Read on.

Rise and shine: There are few things as soul warming as the aroma of fresh coffee brewing first thing in the morning. We’re definitely not here to deprive you of your morning mug (though there are lots of good reasons to cut back on the caffeine a bit, especially if you’re on a mission of detoxification — but that’s a story for another day). What we do suggest is adding some new players to your AM lineup. A shot of apple cider vinegar — diluted with water to make it a little easier on your tummy — has been shown to help maintain a healthy pH level in the body, detoxify the liver, cleanse the lymph nodes and fend off infection. Another great option is lemon water, which enhances enzyme function, thereby stimulating the liver to do its cleansing thing. Lemon water can also rid your joints of uric acid, a culprit of inflammation in the body. Extra points if you add in a bit of cayenne pepper and turmeric to kick-start your metabolism.

What to do: Mix either a shot of ACV or the juice of half a lemon into a big glass of water and start your morning off with some good, clean body-love!


Eat your water: This is one of the fundamentals of the Sakara program, and with good reason. You already know how important it is to stay hydrated, so we won’t bore you with too much detail on its many benefits (but, just for good measure: brighter, clearer skin! Fewer cravings! Better digestion! Improved sleep!). But eating your water in the form of hydrating fresh produce is even more effective in upping your daily H2O intake (and enhancing your body’s ability to flush out toxins and regenerate new cells). Here’s how it works: eating foods rich in water allows the body to absorb said water more steadily over an extended period, since the water contained within, for instance, a cucumber, is bound up within the vegetable’s structure. Plus, when you get your water in the form of fresh, raw fruits and veggies rather than just a giant mason jar (no shade — drink away, by all means), you’re getting a one-two punch of hydration and essential nutrients. Reach for foods like melons, citrus fruits, romaine lettuce, zucchini, radishes and celery.

What to do: Fill your plate with hydrating whole foods and “drink” up.


Spice things up: Yes, it smells and tastes a bit like a zesty slice of pizza — but it’s a lot better for you. Oil of oregano supports healthy digestion by encouraging the production of digestive juices. It also contains a hefty serving of antioxidant phenols that have cleansing, detoxifying powers.

What to do: Add a few drops of organic oregano oil to your water midday and enjoy the boost.


Cruciferous crunch: One of our favorite things to do on a wintry Sunday is roast up a big pan of cauliflower and Brussels sprouts with a little olive oil and smoked paprika. In addition to being the start of a hearty plant-based meal, vegetables in the cruciferous family — which also includes broccoli, cabbage, kale and bok choy — share one very important feature: they contain a number of powerful chemical compounds that have been shown to stimulate detoxifying enzymes in the body, helping to ward off cell damage and support the liver. You have a lot of easy, everyday options here, other than the aforementioned roasted veggie medley — raw cauliflower and broccoli are great with hummus for a quick snack, and you can fill leaves of red cabbage with veggies and whole grains for some satisfying, plant-based finger food.

What to do: Add in cruciferous veggies to at least one meal per day.

Tea time: Almond milk matcha lattes notwithstanding, people have been sipping on tea for many, many years — this ritual is no passing fad. And there’s a tea for almost any need, physical or spiritual…detoxification very much included. Choose ginger or peppermint to soothe your stomach and help you digest, milk thistle to support your liver, dandelion to reduce bloating and cinnamon to ease inflammation…and that’s just a start. (Or try our Sakara Detox Tea, which features a blend of system-cleansing, body-loving botanicals, like anti-inflammatory rose petals, antioxidant-rich red rooibos and soothing linden flower.) Another reason to love tea? A cup between meals can help stave off snacking, thereby giving your body a break from having to digest food and allowing it to reroute that energy towards healing and cleansing itself. It’s all good.

What to do: Swap your afternoon latte for a detoxifying cup of tea.


Go pro: We chatted once again with our go-to resource on all things health and beauty, Dr. Robin Berzin of Parsley Health, for her tips on incorporating cleansing elements into your everyday life. Her top pick? Probiotics, i.e. the good-for-you bacteria that work tirelessly to keep you healthy. “A good balance of gut bacteria is important here,” Dr. Berzin states, explaining, “These flora break down our food, create important nutrients that feed our vital organs, including the liver, and facilitate gut motility.” Get your fermented fix from foods like miso, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut and, if you do the dairy thing, yogurt and kefir. You can also take a high-quality probiotic supplement — but don’t just grab anything off the shelf at Whole Foods. The good stuff is in the refrigerated section. And if you’re partial to a sweet treat at bedtime, here’s your new favorite dessert — a perfect, loving little pyramid of dark chocolate containing a dose of microbiome-boosting probiotics, care of Sakara’s Clean Boutique.

What to do: Take a daily (high-quality!) probiotic and incorporate fermented foods whenever possible.


Get more wellness inspiration on The S-Life Mag! And if your appetite for daily detoxifying products is piqued, explore the clean snack offering in the Sakara Life Clean Boutique.

Sakara Life: Instagram and website

Dr Robin Berzin: Instagram

Parsley Health: Instagram

Photos: by Caitlin Mitchell

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