What’s In My Bag

 It travels with me wherever I go…and, it’s got my back.

This post comes from our FP Contributor, Madisyn!

I’d simply be lost without my backpack. Hanging from my shoulder, carrying the weight of the world, often saving the day with its hidden bounty. I’ll be the first to admit that I can overdo the whole purse thing. You know, stuffed to the rim, with all kinds of random (mostly useless) junk, along with a few must-haves. I like to organize my bag once a month, tossing out the cookie crumbs that linger on the bottom (you may say ew, but let’s be honest here…), old receipts and, if I’m lucky, I might score a few pennies to put in the bank.

This morning I gave my good ol’ bag the monthly tidying up it needed. I refilled it with the necessities, and thought about how each of us have those bag essentials that we can’t live without. It’s a funny thing, but so true and so personal. I have friends that are fine with a simple cross-body satchel filled with two or three things, and then there’s my type: I’d shove my entire apartment in my bag if it would fit. I like to think you don’t know a girl til’ you know what she has in her bag. So here we go.

Mints, candy or chocolate…(chocolate always)
Puppy Paw Balm (I like to use Musher’s Secret)
Lip balm

Pretty standard, right? I have some quirky favorites, but don’t we all? Tying a bandana on my bag is a cool touch, and also a lifesaver for my hair. These locks have a mind of their own, so I never know when I’m gonna need it. I have to carry a journal around everywhere I go. Scribbling important lists, doodling dreams…check, check. Because I’m a total book nerd, and never know when I’m gonna get a second to cram in some reading, packing a book is a must. The camera thing is silly when I have an iPhone, right? No. Sometimes moments just HAVE to be snapped on film.

Cards cards cards. I’m gonna fill you in on a little secret — you are automatically my BFF if you carry around a deck of cards. Particularly UNO. Got some spare time at the coffee shop? I like to sit down with the table of 80-year-old Italian men and play a game or two. Or if you don’t have time and I really wanna play, welp, I play. Silly, but fun, and very important.

It’s chilly out, and I’m seemingly always walking my dog. Gloves for me and balm for her little paws (to keep any salt-induced discomfort at bay) keeps us both protected. My sweet tooth gets the best of me, like every second of my life, so I always have to come prepared. Gingermints will do, but dark chocolate is better. Oh! And where would a girl be without some lip balm? I make my own peppermint balm, thanks to Julia’s recipe.

Jericho Backpack, FP Vintage Bandana

And, snipping a few fresh blooms from the market to carry around in a pocket does the heart some good.

+ So…I spilled my bag, now it’s your turn. What’s in your bag? What essentials can you not leave the house without? Let me know in the comments!

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5 years ago

burts bees milk&honey hand cream, pens, lots of tissues, hand sanitizer, and the pads: iPad, notepad, and sanitary pads :)

5 years ago

What a cute idea! I love the flowers hanging out of the pocket. Makes me think spring..

Makeup wipes , clemintines, chapstick, notepad, hair ties, loose change, license, brush, phone :)

5 years ago

Gloves, cordless phone charger, gum, headphones, medicine, bobby pins, wallet <3

5 years ago

i have things named ‘you never know’so i don’t feel guilty to bring the weight with me!!

wallet, notebook, kindle, tissue, keys (home and work), lipstick, glasses, mini umbrella (you never know the weather in london) , my fortune crystal and a mini brush. the bag is even a small size, the perfect size!!

5 years ago

Honestly, I need a camera that I can put in my bag and carry it around with me, I think phone cameras are so impersonal! I actually always carry my chapstick around with me, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

5 years ago

I thought I was the only person who carried round a film camera and a pack of cards, this has made my day! I feel like there is an essence to film photography that can’t be captured properly on digital, you can’t miss the amazing opportunities to capture life on film…

Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

5 years ago

I am always intrigued to hear what people choose to tote around in their purses and bags. For me, there’s a long list of ‘musts’ that accompany my day-to-day travels…But after an unfortunate incident involving me, my eyes and an allergic reaction in the middle of NYC, I never leave anywhere without my lavender essential oil and some benadryl!

5 years ago

Really love this post, that backpack is too cute with the flowers, makes me excited for Spring!



5 years ago

I think that this was a really cute post. I am definitely the person with the small satchel. I get so frustrated having to deal with a big bag that is crammed. I can’t find things when I need or want them. That goes to say that I am just not a purse person, I am definitely more tomboyish than girlie-girl. You are definitely right though that you can learn a lot about someone if you just look in their bag or purse.