Color Curiosities in Miami

Soft pastels, ocean scents, Art Deco…the atmosphere of Miami.

This post comes to us from Alistair!

Experiencing a few dull moments can lead to an impulsive urge for color. On a grey east coast day this west coast lady became a winter blues baby. An idea of a quick inspirational getaway was soon on its way to be completed. The palette refresh I was searching for was a destination with vintage vibes, bright feelings and a colorful exterior.  I packed up and was full of excitement for The Magic City: Miami. Arriving to this crossroads of ocean scent and art-centric atmosphere made quite the impression on me. While driving into Miami Beach, it immediately felt revitalizing; bright whites, bold turquoise, and geometric shapes filled my eyes. South Beach is like a cotton candy wonder of patterns and curved structures.

I posted up in my Air BnB, which was a few blocks from the beach and one door down from a house that had 5 different colors on the facade. It was such an amazing mixture tiny design details and the vast ocean that demanded most of the attention. Without a plan, I took a walk to get lost. The streets are vibrant, but sometimes the vibrancy is hidden. The Art Deco district showed its older architectural interventions peaking through palm trees and the occasional black cat (there was one in every other driveway). I walked through trying not to miss any detail because I have never experienced so much with the bright sun highlighting the displays of geometry. I took in each faded floral motif or bold chevron. Crumbling colored facades remain hidden behind nostalgia, attached to veiled representations of what once was. As I made my way back, I took the long way just so I could stumble upon something I might have missed.

Next stop on the color crusade was Wynwood, a neighborhood with almost every wall covered in street art. It’s an undeniably creative place with the murals running over the restaurants and shops. I gravitated more to the geometric pieces, which reminded me of the houses I was just thoughtfully gawking at for hours. Some thin neon lines and a bright triangle inspired my own design thoughts. As I was snapping photos I was already thinking of ideas of how to make them art. As a designer, my brain was on, my excitement to create fueled by this colorful city.

This was an inspirational fire; a raging flame that I thankfully couldn’t put out. I felt lucky. I couldn’t wait to go home and create, but having this break and soaking this color in made me want this more. Just for a little while longer, at least I’ve taken some of it back.


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Beautiful colours and pictures!