6 Tips for Protecting Your Winter Skin

Say goodbye to battles with dry skin!

This post comes to us from FPMadisyn!

When winter comes, my dry skin takes the hit.

A big one. My legs become ashes, with flakiness that isn’t exactly comfortable. My hands, rough at the shake, and my lips split right down the middle. Last winter, I really struggled with not taking care of the issue and simply just letting it go. I ended up with sandpaper-like skin, that ended up taking some serious time to treat. So, this winter, I’m on a daily quest to fight off the flat air and seal in as much moisture as possible. Here’s what I’ve got:

Layer. Start with socks and end with a hat. I’ve been waking up, and layering up. Staying covered up has kept me warm, and avoided the crisp air from stinging my skin. At night, I like to put lotion on my feet, and sleep with some cozy socks.

Stay Sealed. My latest beauty trick is the easiest in the book. I’ve been sealing up my chapped skin with a 100% organic, vegan version of Vaseline. I scoop a bit into a travel-size tin (for on the go use), and rub it into my lips, face, knuckles, you name it. It’s been my saving grace; keeping my skin sealed when the wind wants to bruise my face, and the moisture locked.

Refresh. For a midday pick-me-up, I’ve been misting Julia’s DIY Rose Water on my neck and face. The florals have a way of tricking me out of the brittle air, and keep my skin feeling light and airy.

Hydrate. What happens on the inside affects that outside. Moisture and hydration begins with a glass of water. Or, for me, 72. oz of water, daily. Keeping a refillable bottle handy and sipping on it throughout the day is key.

Humidify. Sleeping with a humidifier on each night is rocking my world. The white noise drowns me out, and I wake up to clear eyes, and happier skin. My old house has a way of getting extremely dry, so I was happy to find success with my new nightly ritual.

Seek Light. Any time the sun makes an appearance, I take a few minute to absorb some, just to kiss my skin with a tiny touch of color. Soak up that Vitamin C, and watch my freckles slightly poke out. With SPF in my moisturizer, of course!

+What are your dry skin tips? How have you been fighting off the winter air? Let me know in the comments!

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5 years ago

Even after almost 10 years of living in LA, my skin has yet to adjust to the dry weather. I’ve found that taking a good Omega 3,6,9 everyday definitely helps. Drinking lots of pure aloe vera and watermelon juice also helps moisturize from the inside out!!!

5 years ago

winter takes a big toll on lips and skin. Thanks for the tips.

5 years ago

My skin started out super parched in the dry LA winter but I started this routine and now my skin is so much softer after keeping this routine: I use African Black Soap (imported from Ghana) in the shower. After the shower but before drying off, I rub on a good amount of extra virgin olive oil on my skin. I then pat down my skin with a towel. After washing my face and letting the oil on my body absorb I then apply a quarter size of shea butter all over. My skin stays moisturized all day!

5 years ago

Useful Tips. Thanks for sharing useful information :)
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5 years ago

This post is so relevant to me right now, thank you! I live in a pretty dry winter climate and just recently purchased my first humidifier–what took me so long?! It’s been great for keeping my skin, throat, and eyes feeling ready to wake when I am. I also make sure to moisturize right out of the shower and before going outside.

5 years ago

my best beauty tips for dry skins is to use Cicalfate cream from Avene (french product).
The cream is a little bit “thick” and “oily”when you put in on face, but it doesn’t last and you get the best result for dry atopic skin…it’s even a good one for spots and irritations, because of zinc and other soothing ingredients.
Otherwise,after trying all kind of creams and potions, organic or not, i use “savon noir” from Tadé under the shower, jojoba or apricot or almond oil for face, body (and even hair) , which are by now for me the best for my” special” skin (very dry, with sometimes spots and redness!).
Hope it will help some of you to save your skin and money! ;-)

3 years ago

Hello Nathalie,
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