FP Me: Date Night

A Valentine’s date with one of our favorite FP Me gals.

Reminiscing the bloom of first love with Zoe and Josh this Valentine’s Day.


Zoe: Josh’s and my first date… Jeez. Well, Josh asked me to go see ‘Batman: the Dark Knight Rises.”He asked if I’d seen it yet, and I had. I totally had. But of course I lied and said no. You know that giddy butterfly feeling? Yeah I had that. Josh was too scared to grab my hand (he may argue this) so I made the first move.

Pia Romper


Sierra Mini Dress


Josh: Our first date was so special. We were quite a bit younger, and I remember the whole dating thing wasn’t such a big deal (or at least we had no idea how it worked).  I got her number from her as a “joke” then asked her if she wanted to see Batman with me and a couple friends. It was one of those big shots in the dark so I didn’t know what to expect when she said that she wanted to come. I was pretty nervous and had no idea where the new relationship was supposed to go so I pretty much just froze and waited for the first hour of the movie for something to happen. Maybe she thought that was really cool because then she grabbed my hand. I nearly passed out.  And after the movie I realized I didn’t remember what had happened in the film, so I had to see it again.


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Photographer: Tessa Barton
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