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Alyssa-rae is a woman of many talents: vintage shop owner, stylist, photographer, creative content producer… Her eye for beauty has converted her FP Me profile into a destination place for fashion-lovers and wanderers alike to seek out inspiration. Below, Alyssa shares a glimpse into her California lifestyle — mountain vistas and Big Sur treetops included!

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Tell us about yourself: where are you from/where are you now/what do you do/how did you get here?

Alyssa Rae. Some call me A-Rae or G2G, otherwise known as”go-to-grandma.” Obviously, I’m a bit of an old soul. I’m originally from The Woodlands, Texas, where birthday parties meant Mom and Dad bringing out the margarita machine and all the kids playing in the pool. But, bounced around a bit growing up — California, Oahu for a year, and then back to California when I was about 14. I’ve been living here ever since! Currently residing in Walnut Creek, just outside of San Francisco. Lucky to say I’ve been working with Free People for the past two years at the Walnut Creek location. My job as Senior Stylist is basically a dream. I get to work with creative individuals on a daily basis and style people…so you could say it’s kinda rad. I’m also part of a group of awesome ladies from all of the other Bay Area Free Peoples that work to create content for our Instagram and social media accounts. Upon graduating with my AA in Fashion Design a few years back I never knew that finding this job (now second home) would really shape my future and passions, and it has.

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What does a typical day in the life look like for you?
My internal alarm clock usually gets me up around 7, whether I want to or not. On a good day, I usually go for a 3-mile run and then cuddle my pup for as long as she’ll let me. If I don’t have work I either spend it at a local coffee shop, or bagel/donut place catching up with friends and laughing at absolutely everything that shouldn’t be that funny. Around sunset you can find me in the hills which are basically my backyard, shooting pictures. I recently created an online Vintage site that I am constantly shooting imagery for! And since I’m a hardcore grandma, at night there is nothing I love more than some tea and Netflix in bed…currently just finished “Making a Murderer” and I still haven’t recovered.

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What’s your daily beauty regimen?
Besides drinking a crap ton of water, or trying to (2016 resolution, am I right?) I use rose water and tea tree oil to help maintain healthy skin. I don’t know much about makeup or skincare so I just keep it fairly simple. I recently read up on coconut oil and all the health benefits though, internally and externally, so I might give that a go!

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Are there any beauty products that you’ve currently been obsessed with?
The Klurskin cleanser and Eucalyptus Organic Serum have been godsends. Natural and does wonders for clearing up skin and keeping an even complexion. I’ve also given in to all the hype over Frank Bod and their coffee scrubs. They. Are. Amazing. Not only does the smell of coffee wake me up and feel refreshed, but makes my skin baby butt smooth — it’s ridiculous!

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If you could directly relate your personal style to a movie character or TV personality, who would it be and why?
Am I cliche for saying Jane Birkin? I missed my decade, and by that I am referring to the 70’s. Everything about her style was easy, clean and I mean, come on, who else could make jeans and a white blouse look *that* good! She is goals. Plain and simple.

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What are some of your favorite local hangouts?
Last year I tried boba and it changed my life. Coffee boba at a place called Boba Loca has been a meeting spot for my friends and I for awhile now; best of all, they have every childhood board game you could want. I’ve easily spent hours playing Connect Four and Jenga while sipping on some boba.

If you want to get away and get a heck of a view head to Stinson Beach. This is my go-to during the warmer months. It’s got the cutest seaside town around and some killer restaurants. And you can’t beat heading up to Muir Woods to see some of the most gorgeous scenery around and catching up with a friend.



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What’s one thing you cherish most about the place you live?
The quiet. Whenever I tend to get overwhelmed or am feeling at a loss creatively I can drive 5 minutes up to the mountains for a quick fix. It’s just the wind, maybe a cow or two, and my thoughts. Nature and the outdoors have always been such an important part in my life and I’m beginning to discover lately how necessary they are in my growth as a person. It’s a way for me to visibly see the works of God, as well as connect to Him on my own grounds.

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Where do you tend to seek out inspiration?
Very rarely do I go somewhere to seek out inspiration. I’m one of those people who takes every day as it comes. Inspiration for me works in this way too. I tend to get the most inspiration when I am not actively searching for it. I can say that being by the water has always done me good; it’s hypnotic. It’s also good for the soul. I can feel a difference in my mood and in my thoughts after a visit to the sea.


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Any new music you’ve been digging recently?
New stuff — just saw my hero, Matt Corby, in Seattle the other week. This man’s got serious soul and his cover of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” might have been the best thing my ears have ever heard.
But my oldies never fail me. I’ve had Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” spinning on my record player on repeat as well as John Martyn’s “Sweet Little Mysteries” album. I’m also a sucker for the Beach Boys. They happened to be my first concert when I was 5. Growing up, my Mom would play them in the car every Friday, so scoring 3 of their albums at Pike Place Market in Seattle a couple weeks back brought back some major nostalgia. Some things never change as you get older, music-wise.


Do you have any travel plans in the works?
You caught me at a dull moment! I recently just had a month packed full of travel. From lounging in the Caribbean to road tripping up the PNW with a friend. But, I turn 23 this summer and you better bet I have a trip planned. Thinking an Airbnb on the coast, probably Big Sur, because I’m in love with it and can never get enough of the coast and all of its rugged beauty. A cabin and 5 of my closest friends — swimming, drinking, hiking and hanging out for two days sounds like heaven to me right now.

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What does being “free” mean to you??
If I knew, that would be amazing. I don’t think I am necessarily “free” yet. A lot of that has to do with my mindset and the fear of others and their opinions of me. There is only one person who can set you free, and that’s God. “To be free is something I would really love, and I don’t know what it really means, and I think a lot of people are in search of it. It’s a kind of an amazing thing, and it affects so many people around them.” This is a quote I summed up by Matt Corby. I told you he was my hero and not just musically, but just as a person. His honesty and realness about life is what really resinates with me. His quote right here sums up my feelings as well. I think we all have this crazy journey to finding it and mine started with accepting God into my life.

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ALYSSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our resident babe of all babes, you’d be lucky to spend as much time with her as we get to. We love you!!! xo Lana and the WC FP ladies

so interesting!



You’re absolutely amazing!!! And I loved your shout out to Lord, PTL!


I am so proud of you! You are a person whose light truly shines from the soul. It was a privilege to be around you at 821 and get to know you. Can’t wait to see what you do next ♡


Yes to puppy cuddles first thing in the morning! And respect for going running most mornings.

Loving your perspective! To me, “free” means the ability to do what you want, when you want. And your style exemplifies just that. Thanks for sharing – your journey is definitely reflected in your style.