Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 29–March 6

What do the stars hold for you this week? Only one way to find out…

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February 19–March 20

You may need to watch what you say this week, due to a spat between Mercury in your subliminal sector and Mars in your beliefs zone. You have every right to assert your opinions and ideas; just be aware that thoughts you haven’t fully processed could come bursting out as well. Fortunately, Mercury segues into Pisces next, giving you a better sense of command over your thoughts and words. You’ll feel much more able to express yourself and mull over personal matters with a useful degree of objectivity. With Mars ascending to your accomplishment angle, you’ll also feel able to channel your energy into achieving your goals. In the next several weeks, you’ll be working hard to get ahead in your career or to fulfill another ambition. A sun-Saturn squabble means it could seem like an uphill battle for awhile, but don’t throw in the towel. If your progress is momentarily stalled or you think a system or authority figure is prohibiting it — or the burden of responsibility is weighing on you — self-discipline, planning and networking will empower you.




March 21–April 19

You’re likely to enjoy being around plenty of people this week, thanks to Venus in your humanity zone gelling with Saturn and Uranus. Large gatherings will stimulate you and possibly teach you something. But Mercury in that house is feuding with Mars, so you might get into a disagreement over sharing, trust, jealousy, sex, money or a subject you’re passionate about. Friendly conversation may suddenly not mix with pooling resources and investing in another person. But hours later, Mars moves on to your exploration sector, giving you an urge to get past mundane matters and broaden your horizons. Intellectual endeavors, travel, new experiences and fighting for a principle become more enticing. However, the sun is skirmishing with Saturn in that house, so you could feel rather tired and have obligations to fulfill out in the world when you’d rather rest. Or maybe one part of you is inclined to pause and reflect on the past, while another part feels pressure to build your future. A bit of alone time to ponder your life direction can transform your mood.




April 20–May 20

With Venus at the top of your chart, your public or professional appeal is relatively high, and Venus’s connections with Saturn and Uranus this week could boost it further. Focusing intently on one thing, working constructively with a partner, utilizing imaginative insights and liberating yourself from old patterns can all aid your success. Mercury is also at the top of your chart, but it’s battling Mars in your one-on-one angle at the moment, raising the possibility of a verbal conflict with another individual. If you can try not to speak too authoritatively and be willing to bat ideas back and forth respectfully, the friction could be put to good use. Soon after, Mars arrives in your depth sector, pushing you to delve deeply into one endeavor, work through a psychological or interpersonal issue or pursue an intense, sexually-charged connection. A sun-Saturn disagreement implies that a friendship or your role with a group could hit a stumbling block involving trust, sharing, jealousy, money or values. But shifting your perspective will help you get past it.




May 21–June 20

This week’s showdown between Mercury and Mars suggests you’re looking at the big picture but need to attend to details — and those two things may clash momentarily. Although your curiosity is leading you to explore new subjects, you still need to deal with the matters at hand. You might not see eye to eye with colleagues and need to be mindful of what you say, in order to work well with others. The disconnect between your interest in exploring new avenues and the need to work methodically may frustrate you, but both planets enter other houses right after their squabble, keeping the friction short-lived. Mercury’s arrival in your ambition angle encourages you to contemplate what you intend to achieve, articulate your goals and make career plans — while Mars’s arrival in your one-on-one corner nudges you to include other individuals in your activities and work through conflicts in close relationships. It may seem like another person or your obligations to others are thwarting your ability to shine, but trust and commitment can actually support your success.




June 21–July 22

Venus’s encounters with Saturn and Uranus this week imply that your willingness to put in the work and a flexible attitude about the outcome can bolster a close relationship. Mercury is skirmishing with Mars, though, so communication in a close relationship could be at odds with your pursuit of personal pleasure, or mutual understanding and trust may be threatened by your drive to express your own identity and go after whatever you want. Sex and romance may not seem to be on the same page at this time. Introspection could also conflict with your inclination to amuse yourself and enjoy life. After Mercury segues into your expansion zone, you’ll be able to adopt a broader view. And Mars’s arrival in your productivity house motivates you to focus more on work than pleasure in the next several weeks. A sun-Saturn run-in suggests that you want to explore new places, ideas and experiences, but your job, health or daily duties are holding you back. The support of a partner or friend can make a difference now.




July 23–August 22

This week, taking yourself and your happiness seriously — coupled with freeing insights and a flexible outlook — can enhance your rapport with people and help you to enjoy companionship, thanks to Venus in your one-on-one angle vibing with Saturn in your self-expression-and-fulfillment house and Uranus in your perspective zone. A Mercury-Mars dispute implies that dialogue may feel the effects of underlying aggression or other disruptive emotions, and you might end up arguing for reasons you don’t fully understand. Your family, an old behavior pattern or domestic strife could also impact mutual understanding. But luckily, both Mercury and Mars move on soon after. Mercury enters your depth corner, encouraging research, introspection and intimate conversation. Meanwhile, Mars arrives in your joy house, giving you the green light to have fun, go after what you desire, pursue creative fulfillment and assert who you are unapologetically. A sun-Saturn squabble could make working on yourself seem like an obstacle to being in a close relationship, and you might even feel insecure. But the will to reinvent your daily life can strengthen your self-confidence.




August 23–September 22

This week’s quarrel between Mercury and Mars implies that you could assert your ideas and be met by criticism, or a plan of action crumbles upon closer inspection. Another strong possibility: You’re trying to do detailed mental work, but your mind is restless. Fortunately, hours after this conflict, both planets segue into other houses, diffusing the tension. Mercury crosses your one-on-one angle, inviting you to engage in dialogue, solicit feedback, discuss relationship issues and seek intellectual stimulation in your interactions with others. Mars descends to your foundation angle, nudging you to work from home or work on your home, engage in activities with family or people you live with, confront emotions, old behavior patterns or childhood issues that have carried over from the past into the present. A sun-Saturn fight can also reveal how the past, your emotional state, your living situation or your family history might be holding you back and even affecting who you are in your relationships. But intense emotional engagement and a shift in how you express your personality can deepen your bond with someone.




September 23–October 22

Venus’s opportune meetings with Saturn and Uranus this week hint that a steadfast mindset, serious communication and allowing for change and breathing room in your one-on-one relationships can all facilitate romance and joy. You’ll have happier relations when you strike a good balance between commitment and freedom. Becoming aware of your subconscious expectations and adjusting them will also work in your favor. A Mercury-Mars dustup means expressing your feelings, creativity and personality could somehow be at odds with your self-confidence, talents, personal values or resources. But these planets move past this conflict quickly, entering different parts of your chart. Mercury’s entry into your efficiency sector will involve mental work, attention to detail and thoughts about your job, health, productivity, skills and habits. Meanwhile, Mars arrives in your cognition-and-communication house, revving up your brain and your daily life and pushing you to assert yourself verbally. A sun-Saturn quarrel implies that your drive to get things done could be diminished by a glass-half-empty mentality, but shifting your mood or working from home will give you a second wind.




October 23–November 21

Mercury in your foundation angle spars with Mars in Scorpio this week, so introspection, communication with family, reflecting on the past and expressing your innermost feelings could somehow clash with your efforts to accomplish something and your motivation to further your own interests. You could feel angry with a relative or with someone you live with and may need to watch what you say, as you’re likely to come on rather strong now. But this friction won’t last long; hours later, both Mercury and Mars move on to other matters. Mercury shows up in your fulfillment corner, encouraging creative self-expression, humor, intellectual games and reading for pleasure. Mars leaves your sign and enters your worth house, pushing you to deal with possessions and finances and take action to ensure that your needs will be met. A sun-Saturn disagreement hints that play, romance, joy and self-expression may be hindered by low funds or low self-confidence. But if you dig deep within yourself, you’ll find that you have the power to be happy in the moment.




November 22–December 21

Pleasant thoughts and interactions are likely this week, thanks to Venus’s meetups with Saturn and Uranus. If Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius has made you feel isolated or serious, you’ll feel more connected to people and upbeat now. However, Mercury’s battle with Mars in your subliminal zone increases the chance that anger you’re not fully aware of — or other unconscious motives — will seep into a conversation. But if you pause before you speak and make an effort to understand what’s going on inside you, this will blow over. Besides, Mercury and Mars quickly move on, and Mars enters Sagittarius for a lengthy stay. In the next several weeks, you’ll be motivated to tackle your personal agenda and work hard to further your own interests. Because you’ll naturally come on rather strong during this period, it might be best to operate independently if possible. A sun-Saturn disagreement hints that family, home life or your emotional state could conflict with your ambitions temporarily, or you may be dragging yourself down somehow. Shifting possessions, resources or priorities can help put you at ease.




December 22–January 19

This week’s Mercury-Mars feud could represent a clash between your financial judgment and socializing; between articulating your values or priorities and collaborating with others; between your estimation of your resources or needs and your efforts to pursue a new goal; or between your thoughts about personal security and your intention to do something that serves others. Both planets move past this conflict within hours, nudging you to do the same. Mercury’s arrival in your cognition-and-communication sector speeds up your mind and your speech, stimulating your curiosity and facilitating plenty of conversation. Mars enters your subliminal corner, encouraging you to work behind the scenes for a while without expecting tons of credit. If you’re seeking acclaim, you could become frustrated over the next several weeks. This is a good time to confront dysfunctional behavior patterns and self-defeating acts in order to become more self-aware and avoid undermining yourself. A sun-Saturn battle pits your conscious mindset against negativity in the back of your head. But the process of self-empowerment that you’re undergoing can deepen your thinking if you draw from it.




January 20–February 18

Venus in Aquarius clicks with Saturn and Uranus this week, hinting that you can charm a group, have magnetic conversations and express yourself freely.  A determination to work well with others — coupled with a flexible, aware mindset — will help you get along with people and make a favorable impression. However, Mercury in Aquarius is fighting with Mars, generating a disconnect between your words and your actions. You might speak out of turn, provoking a conflict with an authority figure, so be mindful of what you say. Your brain is probably moving quickly now, so you may need to press pause. Right after that, Mercury segues into your worth sector, coaxing you to consider your finances, possessions, resources and values. And Mars charges into your hopes-and-groups sector, motivating you to do some professional networking, collaborate with a team and take action on a new goal. A sun-Saturn clash suggests your needs or priorities may not coincide with a commitment to others or the constraints of teamwork. But the powerful long-term inner shift you’re experiencing can boost your self-assuredness.

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