Make: Exfoliating DIY Honey Rose Lip Scrub With All-Natural Ingredients

Give your lips some love with this indulgent DIY scrub

When it comes to skincare, lips are often unfairly overlooked. Outside of being hastily treated with some lip balm (that hopefully contains SPF) or done up in liner and lipstick for a special occasion, they’re often left to their own devices — chilling — while the rest of your face is treated to masks, oils and lotions. If you haven’t given your lips the attention they so deserve, now is the time to start with this easy homemade lip scrub.

If your pucker is feeling a little dry and on the verge of being painfully chapped, this all natural scrub is super nourishing for your parched winter lips. Whip it up in about five minutes and reap the benefits all season long. Read on for the benefits of each ingredient, but before you grab your supplies, treat yourself to plenty of water — staying hydrated is key for avoiding chapped lips during these dry, cold months.

Apricot oil: Emollient and anti-inflammatory, apricot oil is deeply hydrating and chock full of age-fighting antioxidants, which also prevent damage from free radicals and UV rays.

Jojoba oil: The oil that most resembles the oil our skin produces both structurally and chemically, jojoba oil is easily absorbed, seals in moisture and is assimilated by most skin types.

Raw Honey: A natural healer, thanks to honey’s antiseptic properties, raw honey is full of antioxidants and enzymes to nourish and hydrate the delicate skin of our lips.

Rose essential oil: Besides its beautiful scent, rose essential oil acts as an astringent, helping to tighten and tone skin. Rose also has uplifting benefits related to its aroma, lifting your mood and easing feelings of depression — perfect for cold, dreary February.



DIY Honey Rose Lip Scrub


1/4 cup raw Turbinado sugar

1 tsp jojoba oil

2 tsp apricot oil

7 drops rose essential oil

1 tsp raw honey

Glass vessel

In a double boiler or a glass bowl nested inside a pot filled with a little water, melt the honey over low heat.


Once the honey is melted, combine honey, Turbinado sugar and oils in a measuring glass or mixing bowl and mix well.


Once completely mixed, spoon the scrub into your resealable glass jar (I found mine at Whole Foods).

To use: Gently rub a small amount of scrub on lips when needed. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Apply a dab of oil for extra conditioning if needed.


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8 years ago

Although I’m not a big fan of rose essential oil I do love the idea of the lip scrub! Perfect for cold temperatures!

8 years ago

Love that this is packed with hydrating oils! It’s quite cold here in WI, so this is a perfect DIY to try! Thanks!

XO – Sarah

8 years ago

natural remedies are the best IMO! I also like to use sugar and olive oil for a face scrub, but my lips always get some love, too :)


7 years ago

Mmm. Love the addition of rose essential oil to the recipe!

Rose is one of the highest vibrating essential oils, which = physical healing + energy healing.

Be sure the rose oil you use is 100% pure and not the diluted or synthetic stuff to ensure you’re getting all the healing love!

Thanks for the recipe… I’m adding it to my next DIY day.


7 years ago

wow it is a great post.i usually use this scrub as a lip balm for lip care.It gives me natural care which is suitable for every skin.