Inside The Introvert

I’m my own best friend.

I gain energy when I’m alone. Its a combination of time well spent, in solitude, allowing my body to unwind and rewind in a positive way. I’m not shy. I’m not anti-social. I just enjoy some minimalisim within a world of so much stimulation. Being an introvert doesn’t define me, but it does affect me at times. It’s important for me to keep balance, know my limits and take care of what my mind and body are telling me. I’m learning a lot about myself as I explore my personality, and it’s been helpful to recognize why I am the way I am.



Lost At Sea. When I’m in a large group of people or a room full of strangers, sometimes I  feel like I’m being pulled by the current and washed to shore by the waves. I get drained, quickly. Feeling like this is completely normal for an introvert, which is why it’s important to have time for yourself each day to re-charge. Whether it’s reading a book for an hour, going for a walk, or simply just laying down to relax. My own self is my favorite company.

Bridge The Gap. Keeping balanced between me time and a social life is important. Having alone time is great, but so is being social. Get your dancin’ shoes on, girls! I’m open to try new things, test limits and meet new people. I won’t learn my limits until I test them out.

Deep Connections. Relationships that come easily are a breath of fresh air for me — it’s very important that conversation remains meaningful, and even better when I step outside my comfort zone and embrace silliness. I don’t open up all the time, and often think about what I’m about to say before effortlessly blurting things out. Keeping a core group of friends that I know always have my back keeps me socially content.

Fish Out Of Water. It’s important to not feel this way. Many people are introverts through and through. Confidence is key. I’m not ashamed that I’m not a social butterfly 100% of the time. Day by day, I learn that it’s ok to be effected by enviroments, people and emotions. I may be very sensitive, but learning how to stick to my true self in situations is beautiful.

+What way do you fly? Are you an Introvert or Extrovert? What energizes you? Let me know in the comments!

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I love this post as noonereally talks about what it’s like to be an introvert and the benefits of it. Most people wouldn’t think of me as an introvert because I’m very social but I need time away to recharge. I love peace and reflection time.

Megan b
7 years ago

I am most definitely an introvert. I enjoy hanging out alone. And I feel the same way about large crowds of people. I don’t consider myself shy, but if I have nothing to say or add to a conversation I simply say nothing and people often just assume I’m shy. I think about everything before I say it out loud. I like spending time with people, but it’s mostly just family.

7 years ago

This post is so me. So amazing to see other people who feel the same way that I do about all these things, thank you for all you do❤️ I love this blog!

7 years ago

<3 <3
I love this post! I'm an introvert too and I can really relate to this, especially the lost at sea and deep connections parts. My alone time is vital. I just don't feel as my own best friend though

Also really love the photos.

Lots of hugs, A

7 years ago

I’m definitely introverted (and often shy), so I need to prioritize time on my own to recharge. While I always knew it made me different to a lot of people, it did take me a long time to fully accept who I am and not worry about what other people may think of it.

I love everything you highlighted in this post, especially when you say that “I won’t learn my limits until I test them out.” I’m learning that it’s still really important to step out of your comfort zone and not let anything define you or limit your experiences. xo

7 years ago

I am an introvert and so agree with what you wrote. For me a good weekend is alone all day Sunday to re-energize. I tell people I have to be off to be on. I think we have to be ourselves and let our friends know what we need. On the other hand I think we all should push our boundaries. Well said.

7 years ago

The title of the post says it all for me. I am definitely an introvert and I can really relate to what is written here. I love spending my free time alone and relax. Some of my extroverted friends find it weird but my fellow introverted friends clearly understands. :) Love this post and very well written. Keep it up

7 years ago

Oh, I’m so agree with almost all your words. I’m an introvert and l adore being alone. Just me and silence. And I feel this very strong connection with nature, with the Universe at such moments. My family doesn’t understand this usually, but it was a great luck to meet my boyfriend: he’s an introvert too :)