The Magic of Speaking to Your Heart

Have you ever spoken to your heart? Given the opportunity, what would you say?

This post comes to us from FPAustralia contributor, Miann Scanlan!

I wear my heart proudly on my sleeve. Being a Leo, Shakespeare’s words in Othello both resonate with and define me. My outward action doth demonstrate the native act and figure of my heart. We Leo’s are unashamedly loud, and our hearts’ roar can be deafening. But have you ever spoken to your heart? Given the opportunity, what would you say?

Recently, I met a man who ticked all of my boxes and had a killer, spellbinding smile. A few incredibly charismatic dates later and I was absolutely besotted, perhaps even entranced. It appeared that he was, too. I couldn’t help but notice a distant impression that something seemed awry, but my determined Leo lioness heart marched fearlessly forward in the direction it wanted, and my logic quickly followed suit. The giddy schoolgirl butterflies fluttered ceaselessly in my tummy and I hung from his words like a mountain climber clinging to the edge of a cliff, all the while anxiously trying to play it cool. But as it eventually turned out, his intentions were more aligned with seeing the décor of my bedroom rather than the décor of my soul…and I was crushed. My heart ached while my mind wandered aimlessly in circles, disoriented and completely confused.

To ground myself I headed straight for the ocean. No phone, no iPod, no book — just me connecting with nature, thus connecting with myself. Sitting on the sand, eyes closed, I grew mindful of the sand supporting the weight of my body and the warm summer breeze gracefully dancing across my skin when my gut stole the moment to whisper, “I told you so.”

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Like a jolt of electricity surging through my body I realised I was right all along, and as usual, I ignored my intuition because my Ego was seeking gratification, this time in the form of approval from a man. Feeling confident in the wisdom my higher consciousness had bestowed upon me, I was immediately enveloped in the warm familiar blanket of gratitude. Grateful for my gut instincts, my hands fell gently on my stomach and I quietly said “Thank you.” I’d never spoken to myself out loud before, let alone to my stomach! But I was in the moment so I just rolled with it.

“Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. You are always right, and I trust you. Thank you.”

I opened my eyes. It was a strange experience, but it felt so good giving sincere thanks and praise to my intuition. I was no longer confused by the situation, it was clear where I had faulted, but my heart still felt heavy and this lioness needed to lick her wounds. So again I closed my eyes, this time pressing my hands to the left side of my chest and drank in a deep breath.

“He wasn’t right for you. There is no need to feel pain. You don’t need approval from a man. You are wonderful as you are. You are whole. Great things are going to happen to you.”

No longer smothered by the heaviness of everything unsaid, I picked myself up off the ground and felt light as air. I had addressed my pain, released it from my body and buried it in the sand. “It’s no longer needed,” I thought as I tossed myself back into the ocean and dove under a wave.

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To speak to your heart, ground yourself in good intention. Be prepared to discover and express the truth, whatever it is. Be confident. Have faith in your sincerity, and in the truth itself. Take a deep breath and settle into your body. Soften your throat, eyes and chest, placing your hands on your heart. Find a sense of goodwill and compassion for yourself. Bring to mind what you want to say. Take another breath, and start speaking. Try to stay in touch with your experience as you express it. Don’t get into any sense of persuasion, justification, defensiveness or problem-solving. Save that for later, if at all. Be direct and to the point.

You will say what needs to be said in a few sentences or less because the words to your heart will be profoundly potent with an abundance of goodness.

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4 years ago

I love this. Sometimes I hear a much nicer, calmer, clever voice talking to me and I wonder where it comes from. I like the idea that it’s the heart. I think being quiet helps us hear it more which is why I love distraction-free alone time.

4 years ago

I think speaking from the heart is something I struggle to come to terms with and has affected a lot of things in my life. I am so honest and truthful, but not in some instances. I don’t say what I want to say, I say what people want to hear.

Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

4 years ago

Such a beautifully worded post with a wonderful message – brilliant writing.


4 years ago

No words needed,just blessed to have the chance to read something like this!

4 years ago

Thank you so much for these wonderful words! Exactly what I needed to hear!

4 years ago

I am an awakening young woman (at long last), and this post is precisely what someone in my shoes needs. I’ve not yet had an experience such as noted here, but I have seen them before, and what men perpetrate in their desires for nothing but a booty-call is nothing new. Nonetheless, we need to learn what others have done in their efforts to eliminate the nastiness. I’m grateful that you provide us with a forum to demonstrate our worth, our intrigue, our desires and our recognition of what (all-too-often) takes place in our experiences.