Showing and Sharing Love Every Day

Simple gestures of love can really make a difference in your and a loved one’s day.

This post comes from our blog intern, Emily!

I’ve got love on my mind, and it’s got me thinking — why don’t I always have love on my mind? Valentine’s Day is just one day out of the year. We put tireless effort into showing those we love that we love them. I am all for it. I love it. Honestly, most Valentine’s Days I get reallyyy into it. I can remember the excitement that was planning out my class Valentines, dropping our heartfelt creations and candy hearts into a classmate’s designated box. I would stay up late the night before, making sure I wasn’t forgetting anyone and that everyone would feel my love. In fact, I still enjoy the challenge of making sweets and treats for my loved ones. I feel good knowing that I can put a smile on someone’s face and make them feel as special as they are. So why not do it more often?


Some simple gestures that you can do to show your love every day:

Cook a meal with someone you care about and enjoy it together.  Take your time, laugh and savor. There isn’t much more that speaks love than a home-cooked meal — it will taste even better when you share it.

Give small, thoughtful gifts. It’s so fun to make gifts or shop when you have a certain someone in mind. When you expend the extra energy into finding something he/she will really like, the sincerity and will is obvious. Remember…it doesn’t have to be a material object!


Give a hug. We get so caught up in communicating through technology that sometimes our relationships feel impersonal. We are human. Giving or receiving a hug is such a powerful yet simple gesture to improve your mood and connect.

Start off someone’s morning right by packing lunch, making breakfast or a ritual morning beverage. It’s especially easy if you live with someone!

Handwrite a note. There is an art to the love letter, which clearly isn’t as popular as it used to be. Try ditching the text message and let someone know you think he/she is cool or funny and beautiful by handwriting a note. It’s an automatic cheer-up for both parties!


Make a playlist. I have always loved creating and receiving a customized musical journey. When I was younger, I would obsess over my artwork for a CD I was giving a friend. I could spend hours going through songs, making a perfectly curated soundtrack  for someone I love, and then finishing it off with a collaged cover.

Give the gift of time. Schedule something and stick to it. I’m guilty of making plans and then cancelling when the time comes, maybe due to lack of energy or motivation. But I’m making an effort to spend more face-t0-face time with people and nurturing my most cherished relationships.

Reconnect with an old friend. Another thing I’m guilty of here…staying in touch is hard sometimes! I feel like I need at least one hour a day to call someone I don’t see very often. But it really doesn’t have to be like that. Call, check in and just let him/her know you wanted to hear his/her voice. It might be easier to stay in touch if you make it more casual.

Genuine compliments will never, ever fail. Next time you’re admiring someone’s brilliant style, let him/her know!


Love is good for the soul. It’s the juice that keep us going. Don’t undervalue the notion of sharing it.

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8 years ago

I love the idea of taking Valentine’s Day as a reminder to give love everyday. I do have morning routines with my significant other, and I love to sometimes leave him a note or two. This is so important!

8 years ago

I really love this post! It’s so important to show loved ones how much they mean to you so all of these ideas are great! Handwritten notes or letters written on a typewriter are so much nicer than a text message <3

Emma xo // The Wallflower Wardrobe

8 years ago

Love this post! I absolutely love Valentine’s Day! This year I’m going to start a new Valentine’s tradition for my family. can’t wait to surprise them! It is important to find daily little ways to celebrate your loved ones. Valentine’s Day is just an extra excuse!:)

8 years ago

I really love this post! Makes want to show more love to the people who are close to my heart. I am very affectionate person. It seems I neglected my show for love when I was busy in my work. But after reading this post it inspired me to show more love and appreciation in my surroundings.
Keep it up :)

8 years ago

Love It! I love you!

3 years ago

With love all thing are possible.