How to Track Your Moon

Are you tracking your moon?

Woman, you are a wild being. Try as you might, nature is within you and you will not overcome her. The gravitational pulls will sway you one way and then the next. Your body the beat, nature the metronome. The dance becomes a cycle; there is repetition and a method to her madness. You can play out of sync, or you can find your rhythm and, in turn, a beautiful music within.

This post, adapted from an FP Escapes x YOGASCAPES workshop led by Sophie Jaffe, is about discovering that rhythm.

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For starters, can you explain what “tracking your moon” is for us?
Tracking the moon is building an awareness of your energy levels, moods and emotions, and journaling how you feel on a day-to-day, month-to-month basis so you can begin to recognize your own natural rhythms and patterns.

Why do you think it’s important for women to tap into this?
Society has created a big issue around women and their periods and “moodiness.”  We need to reframe this thinking and kindly acknowledge our emotions instead of attribute them to PMS-driven crankiness — let all that go. Instead of “I’m moody,” think “I’m feeling sensitive, and that’s okay.” And really celebrate your highs — think “I’m feeling a surge of creativity,” “I’m feeling strong,” “I’m feeling inspired!” By being aware of your cycles, you can step into your power.

Once you have that knowledge, you become self-aware of the ebbs and flows of YOUR feelings and energy cycles. You’ll be able to tap into your needs and know when to say yes and when to say no when planning out the days ahead.

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From a personal standpoint, how did your life shift once you started following your personal cycles and responding accordingly?
Distinguishing my lower energy days (when I just want to work from my laptop in bed) from my higher energy days (when I’m excited to go to social events) has helped remove the guilt of feeling like I need to meet everything energetically.

It’s also helped me prepare better for days when I know I’ll be more likely to hit my low energy points. I’ll schedule time for journaling and gentle yoga and carry my quartz crystals from these Magic Moon Satchels to absorb any old or negative energy I may be carrying.

From following my cycles, I’m also able to actually answer questions about the feelings and needs that seem to arise out nowhere. Before I’d ask, why do I need chocolate right now? Now I know that every month, two days before my period, I’ll get hit by a chocolate craving. And there’s nothing wrong with that — I’m being authentic to myself.

Ready to start tracking your moon? We’ve created a beautiful download to get you started. Print the guide and follow the directions below to begin using it.

How to Use:

Keep your guide on your bedside table and journal your energy levels, moods and emotions at the close of each day. Try to do this at the same time every day for 3-4 months. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up! It’s totally okay — remember that this is supposed to be a fun activity that helps you connect to yourself and build routines rooted in self-care.

Once you have an average of 3-5 days tracked per week, you should be able to notice rhythms and patterns.

This is where the MAGIC happens! Use your guide to map out your low energy days and high energy days in your calendar or planner so that you’ll be better able to predict what you should be doing energetically or creatively in the future! This is such an incredible way to adjust expectations for yourself.

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Photos by Naomi Huober

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8 years ago

This stuff is sooooo new for me and waaaay out of my comfort zone, but I do find it interesting to read and learn about.

8 years ago

Such a beautiful post! I always find I feel more energetic as the full moon approaches and 2 weeks later i’m in a bit o a slump again, but I love the idea of Moon Tracking and getting to the heart of the emotions behind it- just downloaded the journal, it’s amazing and I love the quote at the bottom!

Mandie Fae
8 years ago

Been tracking like this for years on a period app! Everything seems to have a rhythm around my flow and the seasons. Pre-period I am tired but also more honest about my feelings (even if they come out harsher than intended due to added emotions.) Post period I am much more creative & energized, best time to start projects! The colder months bring out a bit of a lull in my mood so I try to save my solitary things for that time of year, and allow myself to get more rest. The summer time is when I am way more social and I happily allow myself to put off projects for time with loved ones! I’m so happy you wrote this because I never knew the best way to explain these things to others. <3

8 years ago

So very interesting, thanks so much for this information! I’ll have to start tracking my moon so I can take advantage of my high energy & creative moments!


7 years ago

Beautiful and inspiring post, thanks a lot !
Moon has been always something magical …
Here are some woman’s power retreats, so you can be interested!

Love and light!