Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Looking for some non-traditional date ideas? Get inspired below!

No two romantic relationships are exactly alike. Every couple has its own dynamic; its own vibe. This Valentine’s Day, allow you and your boo to do whatever feels right for you — as simple or elaborate as it takes. Whether you explore your favorite everyday activities or something totally new to you both, let this day be a natural expression of the love you share. Here are some ideas for inspiration…


Create A Jar Of Sweet Nothings

Love notes, kind words, special moments….write down on bits of paper the sweet little things that remind you of the love you share with your significant other. Both of you should take part in this! Place all of the notes into a little jar, and have your valentine read them aloud, then vice-versa. This one may be a tear jerker, but it’ll be worth it!

Design Tattoos For Each Other

Grab a pen and paper and head to separate corners of the house where you can sketch a unique design for your significant other. Maybe it’s heartfelt and meaningful, maybe it’s something totally random. Over dinner, present your drawings to one another. If the mood strikes, maybe your next stop will be the closest tattoo shop. ;)

Re-Live Your First Date

Think back to your first date. Where did you go? What did you do? Try to remember even the littlest details. On Valentine’s Day, go back to where it all started. Want to act as if you just met one another? Go for it. The root of it all is where the heart beats strongest.


Make A Movie

Don’t go to the movies…make one! Design a set, form a plot, get into character. You’ll have ten times more fun starring in your own film rather than spending money at the overly packed theaters on Valentine’s Day.

Dress To Impress

Before taking on a celebratory dinner, style up an outfit for each other. You’ll both feel confident in knowing that your number one selected something he/she loves for you, and it’s just fun to see what he/she will pick out. At dinner, continue the game — step in and order for one another!

Happy Valentine’s Day! How are you celebrating this year?

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I love the thought of reliving the first date, I’ve always wanted to do that with my boyfriend!

I love anything & everything that is written well… yeah you got some good content going on there for sure.