Valentine’s Day Makeup Hues

V-Day inspiration from two of our fave FP models!

This post comes from our blog intern, Emily!

Feeling sweet and sultry? Sexy and bold? Either way, we have some tips for you to create two very eye-catching looks! The rosy flush and a classic red lip…with help from our ever-talented hair/makeup team.

Meet Julie: the ultimate sweetheart with a smile that shines.

First: Prep the face by moisturizing your lips and face. Apply powder, foundation or a bb cream/tinted moisturizer to help even your complexion. Shape your brows and apply a little mascara.

Choose your rosy pink and apply to your lids. Fill in the corners of your eyes with a lighter or shimmery shade to make eyes appear bigger. Plus, it just looks beautiful!

Add a pink blush to your cheeks for a rosy flush. You can also use a blush (cream or powdered) as your eye color!

For kissable lips, finish with lip balm!




Meet Sabrina: Parisian stunner with lips that were made for red.

Sabrina’s face has been prepped with a little foundation, mascara and brow love.
Pick your signature color, in either a lipstick or stain! A lip stain is used here. For precision, outline and fill in your lips with a fine brush.

Red and gold go beautifully together.
Finish this look with shimmery gold highlighter on the highest point of you face.

Olson Boyfriend Biker Jacket, Stella Shirt Dress

Makeup: Jennifer Nam + Instagram
Hair: Helen Reavey + Instagram

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+What look will you try?


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4 years ago

I love the stylings, especially Sabrina’s with those gorgeous red lips!

4 years ago

I love both of these looks! Since I’m going out to KBBQ for Valentine’s day, I’ll probably go with the sweet look since red lipstick does not last well with eating!

Your Own Queen

4 years ago

So beautiful. I wish I could pull of red lips like this.

4 years ago

Both looks are adorable, but the first one with the headchain is my favourite…looks more boho! :D

4 years ago

These looks are gorgeous! I especially love the pink look, so perfect for valentine’s day and so girly! <3

4 years ago

What stain is used on Sabrina’s lips? I have a similar skin tone and finding flattering reds can be so tricky.

4 years ago

This is so beautiful and looks like it was fun. I’m going to wear these today and tomorrow. Thanks!!! ❤️

4 years ago

:O this hairstyles are beautiful, the first one with the accesorie look very nice, I will try this, thanks for sahring :)