Love Shop Must-Have: Wilde Gatherings

Meet Kelley, the brains — and beauty — behind our new Wilde Gatherings gift box.

They broke the mold when they made Kelley. Charismatic, energetic, bright, voracious, just plain lovely. Kelley is the co-owner of Philadelphia’s own Parlour Salon, with whom we’ve knocked out some pretty cool blog content. This time around, she’s concocted a set of three Ayurvedic products — under the moniker of Wilde Gatherings — for Free People and our Love Shop. Stick around and get to know this curator of all things beautiful and good for you.


Wilde Gatherings – love this name! Where did it come from?  Do you host a lot of “Wilde Gatherings”? ;)

Wilde Gatherings is a bit of me and a bit of the product philosophy. Yes, I have been a little Wilde in my life… I like things that are unique and have an edge.  I love wild herbs and organic skincare — what incredible benefits that come from the earth! Wilde is reflective of all of these things, and it’s a collection of products that can be integrated into everyone’s personal skincare ritual.


How did you come to learn so much about Ayurveda?

Ayurveda came to me very serendipitously. I was obsessed with Dr. Hauschka skincare and their philosophy. Working as a Spa Director in New York, I was exposed to so much in the beauty industry. I was searching for the best way to study Ayurveda (which seemed to be the next best thing to holistic philosophies) and, at a spa conference, someone introduced me to Pratima Raichur. This was the turning point for me. I met with Pratima, who was sponsoring a year-long Ayurvedic course. This seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I wanted in-depth knowledge of the 5000-year-old science.  I spent the next 12 months with her and many other highly regarded Ayurvedic Practitioners and Professors. It was an incredible experience, to say the least. My relationship with Pratima developed and I was fortunate to consider her a close mentor and friend. Ayurveda is a science and philosophy like no other. I just love it!


Tell us about these here beauty boxes that you created for Free People. 

Wilde’s focus is organic, natural, raw — simple ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen. Items your grandma would have used, like whole milk (which will calm sunburn). We use milk as the cleansers’ base, as it’s AMAZING for all skin types, while providing a multitude of benefits. We prefer to use fewer chemical products and more natural ingredients. The beauty industry is saturated with garbage, and this annoys me so much. We should ALL be able to read and understand what is in our products!

Kumari Cleansing Oil – a wondrous little gem to remove makeup and surface dirt while leaving luminous hydrated skin.

Our Universal Cleanser – a powdered formula using organic dried herbs and natural ingredients. A few shakes with warm water and you can cleanse or mask for a deeper treatment. This formula is for skin which needs a bit of exfoliation and deeper cleansing.

The Aromamist is loved by everyone! This might become your newest obsession.

Rose water and various essential oils, depending on the blend.

Use this product, all day every day.

What’s your number ONE piece of beauty advice?

Take the time to care for your skin.

What’s your favorite essential oil, and why?

Sandalwood is my favorite essential oil. It’s grounding, cooling and smells so pleasant. It’s just dreamy.

What are you hoping to get for Valentine’s Day?

I would love a Diptyque Candle. My faves are Baies, John Galliano & Feu de Bois. Dinner at home with my family is the best Valentine’s date.


Tell us a secret.

I owned and lived with a Spider Monkey in my 1-bedroom apartment in Hells Kitchen, NY. I got Udi (my monkey) from a guy I dated. We did not last long…but the monkey and I continued. We lived together for 1 1/2 years and it was the most amazing experience I ever had (second to having my daughter!). Udi is living a wonderful like at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida. We are still in touch, and I plan to visit him again this spring.

Images by Dom Episcipo.

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7 years ago

Gorgeous!!!! love her and everything about this product! makes your skin glow!

7 years ago

These products are amazing! I’ve been using the universal cleanser and the mists for years and they have completely changed my skin and pretty much my life:) I love the fact that I am using products that have absolutely no chemicals.

7 years ago

This is beautiful. Sandalwood is my favorite oil as well, I love the woodsy aroma. Will definitely be having a peek at the website as I’m always looking for natural skincare. I couldn’t access the Beauty box link though ;(

7 years ago

Love this lady so much! I agree with you 100% when you say, “they broke the mold when they made Kelley. Charismatic, energetic, bright, voracious, just plain lovely.” What a beautiful feature on a beautiful person! <3