3-Step Rainy Day Hair Routine

Next month’s forecast: rain. Time to get the routine down pat.

My hair is naturally REALLY curly. Above is a very tame version of it. So one can take a good guess what it looks like when the humidity comes out to play, and the raindrops are here to stay. Some days I’m up for rockin’ the hell out of it but, on others, I want to take it down a tad. So, I’ve created a routine for the rainy weeks ahead — one that puts a chill pill on the frizzy fun, yet embraces some waves and boasts a piece-y texture.

On Sundays, I typically check out the week’s forecast. Because April in Pittsburgh is often super rainy, planning accordingly for moisture is key.

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Hand Painted Wooden Brush
, Gemstone Hair Oil, Jasmine Ocean Water Texturizing Spray
Brush It Out. On a week that calls for a lot of rain, I brush my hair out really well after I wash it. Getting all of the tangles out not only decreases the chances of getting knots and matts halfway through the week, but also tames my curls a bit.

Lock In The Moisture. After a good brush, I like to use something that will absorb into my hair and keep it hydrated. That thing used to be coconut oil, until I tried gemstone oil — a combination of so many oils and vitamins that I love (including coconut oil) with an amazing scent. For people with dry, thick hair like me, add a few drops to your fingertips after washing and work it through to the ends. If you have thinner or naturally oily hair, add just one drop and work through. The oil locks into your roots, keeping them moisturized and nourished, while also sealing it and managing frizz.

Levi’s Boyfriend Destroyed, We The Free Hannah Tee

Texture Time. Next I flip my hair over and add a few pumps of texturizing spray. A mix of jasmine and ocean water keeps it smelling wonderful, but adds some love to my hair and gets my natural wave going.  Another big flip, and I let it dry out naturally. When my hair is finally dry, I use more texturizing spray and piece it out a bit. The ocean water spray gives me that beach wave texture when I head out in the humid rain.



– I sleep on a soft silk pillowcase whenever the week calls for rain, which keeps my frizz down and my natural wave from tangling.

– After a shower, dry your hair with a soft cotton t-shirt. I notice more frizz when I use a towel.

–  If you wash a few times a week, try seeing what your natural hair will do in the rain. Keeping the texturizing spray around will make it look natural and soft, without adding heated tools or things that may be damaging.

– When I’m on the go and don’t have time for my hair to naturally dry, I use a diffuser instead of a regular hair dryer, which keeps the frizz down.

– I love braiding my hair when it’s wavy and textured. It adds a romantic look to it, so on days that you have no control — add some braids!

+What are your rainy day hair tips? How do you keep the frizz down but the texture up? Let me know in the comments!

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5 years ago

a great FP moto hat.

5 years ago

I have been looking for a new beach spray to try out with the warm weather approaching. I have naturally straight hair, so hopefully this will help! Thanks for sharing <3

5 years ago

You are a total babe <3

Annalise Smith
5 years ago

Great tips! It’s a full week of rain in Sydney so I am prepping for a frizz-free commute! :)

5 years ago

I think almost every girl with long hair can relate to this issue. So need to try out these 3 tips!


5 years ago

Amazing tips, especially the one with the texture spray. Do you use a specific brand or do you make it yourself?

5 years ago

What’s the name of the gemstone oil you’re using please?

5 years ago

I have the thickest, curliest, driest hair and this post is so perfect. Seconding the request for the gemstone oil you use!

5 years ago

Awesome tips!!

5 years ago

It’s the Freepeople gemstone hair oil.