Announcing: New FP Escapes Retreats

Introducing five new FP Escapes retreats, taking place in 2016!

A new initiative in partnership with YOGASCAPES, FP Escapes offers the ability to travel with Free People to off-the-beaten-path destinations while practicing wellness and finding creativity. These trips have been carefully curated to inspire you for the path ahead, and to share in the magic of being a Free People woman. From climbing mountain peaks in Montana to studying with artisans in Peru, each trip offers the opportunity to learn and grow in ways you never knew possible. It’s a unique chance to meet members from the Free People team, get decked out in FP gifts, and experience the world as a part of our community. Read on for a look at those excursions we have coming up this year. We hope to see you there. Let’s go…


Montana – Mother Mountain
Dates: June 17-20
Venue: Yellowstone Under Canvas
Guide: Crystal Dawn Froberg
About: Our journey to Montana is about uniting with Mother Earth and connecting to the wild that lives within us all. On this retreat we visit Yellowstone National Park on its 100th anniversary, settling in a place where her power reigns supreme. We’ll tap into her tangible energy to find that it also exists within ourselves. Daily yoga, meditation and hikes through Yellowstone will serve in grounding, bringing us closer to the earth and awakening our inner intuition.
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Peru – Superfood Civilization
Dates: July 16-24
Venue: This is a traveling journey, and we’ll make our stay at several locations, the longest beinge at Willka Tika in the heart of the Sacred Valley.
Guide: Ashleigh Sergeant
About: Traveling from Cusco through Urubamba, we will explore the Sacred Valley, studying superfoods and learning about their powerful nutrition. On this retreat, we will discover Pachamama’s magic and the origins of Andean superfoods, healing botanicals and profound mystical insights. We will visit farms, taste wonderful flavors, and study the many nutritional benefits of superfoods.
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Sonoma – The Heart of the Harvest
Dates: August 26-28
Venue: The Lotus Feed
Guide: Katie Silcox
About: Join us on a working farm in the rolling hills of Sonoma to explore the farm-to-table lifestyle. Plant the seeds, reap the harvest, and connect with the earth and friends around you. On this journey we will explore the life cycle of food from seed to harvest, from stove to stomach. We will begin with a seed-planting workshop followed by a harvest, and the transformation of crops into a beautiful healthy meal. Other highlights include a medicinal herb workshop, local wine tasting and organic vegetarian meals.
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Spain – The Art of Ritual
Dates: September 25-October 1
Venue: Lucia Yoga
Guide: Maggie Harrsen & Mischa Varmuza
About: The fertile lands of Andalucia remain suspended between the sea and stars. In this magical setting, we will study the art of ritual as a way to infuse our daily lives with meaning. We will explore the practice of morning routines, visit an Arabic Hammam to learn about self-care rituals and discover local folklore.
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Berkshires – Ayurvedic Awakening
Dates: October 27-30
Venue: Earthdance
Guide: Claire Ragozzino
About: Head into the rolling Berkshire hills and settle in for a three-day Ayurvedic-inspired cleanse. Embark on a fully guided experience of Ayurvedic principles to align the body and prepare for winter ahead. We’ll follow a kitchari diet, and will nourish the body with ancient herbs and fresh local produce. Additionally, we’ll adopt a morning dinacharya routine, with each attendee receiving a personalized cleanse kit to accompany them throughout the process.
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7 years ago

love these all. hope you have contests for winning these!~~!

7 years ago

These all look so amazing! I wish I could go on one of these, but at least I can look forward to all of your amazing photos!