AUS-ome Babes: Ondine Daisy Purinton-Miller

The second post in our series about some seriously cool Aussie babes…

This post comes to us from Natalie Shukur, and is the second in a 4-part series featuring some of our amazing new friends in Australia!

Ondine Purinton-Miller is a multi-tasking model with consciousness in her heart and bohemianism in her blood. The young Françoise Hardy-esque beauty dips her toes into the pools of health, nourishment, spirituality and writing via her blog, The Alchemists. We delved into her world and were inspired by her life lived with openness wonder, picking up some wellness tips along the way.


Location: Sydney, Australia, right on Sydney Harbour. But I was born and raised in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Vocation: I guess I’m a blogger, but I call myself a modern-day alchemist. Alchemy is all about the holistic, transformational process, so each day is an incredible learning development and discovery. In other words, I try to see the big picture in whatever I do, whether it be modeling, writing or cooking. My life path at this point is ever-evolving.

Describe your morning routine…
I try to use my mornings as a time for stillness and solitude. From my own personal exploration, I’ve found that it’s important to be able to just sit and breathe. From this point my day seems to flow. I have always woken up quite early, and I make myself a big green smoothie, full of tonic herbs and transformational, high-vibration foods. I get a prime spot of morning sun on my balcony and, during the warmer months, I’ll bask in the sun and drink my smoothie mindfully, with my dog by my side.

Wild West Suede Fringe Vest

What gets your juices flowing?
Dance is an amazing form of expression. To completely surrender to your body’s ability to move and release and allow whatever needs to come through to reveal itself is a great way to get the magic flowing through your body and out your fingertips! I’m very stimulated by holistic health and spiritual nutrition, too.

Do you cook or follow a food philosophy? What are your favorite things to eat? Where do I begin? I love the way my body responds to vital, living foods. I’ve been taught from an early age to eat intuitively, so through trial and error I’ve been able to ascertain that plant-based, living foods make me feel most alive. I’m an avocado girl through and through. I’m fascinated by the nutritional value that the avocado holds, especially for women (its womb-like structure, its ability to balance female hormones, and the fact that it takes nine months to grow them from blossom to fruit). There is no such thing as coincidence. I’m a fan of the term, “as above, so below,” which is an alchemic or hermetic understanding that everything is a reflection of each other. It’s also a good excuse to never pass up on a good bowl of guacamole or an avocado cacao mousse!

How do you like to incorporate movement into your life?
Movement and I are the same thing! I really enjoy using my body, so I try to create movement in each moment, whether that’s going to yoga, running up stairs or spontaneously dancing. Sure, I go to the gym, but my continual yoga practice has ensured that my body remains in flow. My grandmother taught yoga and my godmother is a yoga teacher, so having that practice throughout my whole life has allowed my widening into mindfulness while also embracing my body’s form and movement.


When do you feel most inspired?
At this moment, I feel inspired by women who are creating change on a large scale. Through my blog I get to talk to the most inspiring ladies regularly, and allowing their own unique wisdom to wash over me is something that stimulates me to move forward. These are woman that motivate me to have my own personal enquiry and to look at the bigger picture.

What do you feel most gratitude for?
Change! So many people are afraid of change, but I’ve come to a point of embracing it, because it offers healing and expansion. Life can be a bit of a trip. You can be at your rock bottom…and things will change. It is one of life’s guarantees. Knowing that offers solace, and also keeps you on your toes so you never stagnate. I am also eternally grateful for love. Love is energy and we are all part of it.

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How do you like to let your hair down?
I go into nature. Sometimes it’s the beach, an aimless ramble with my dog or rock-hopping around the headlands. I am fascinated that we as humans innately know that going into nature will ground and soothe us. Turning on some good tunes and letting loose is also a must.

Casablanca Dress

If you could learn a new skill or foster a new talent, what would it be?
I’m in the process of furthering my drumming career with a step into tabla playing. I’ve always loved chanting and like to get to a good kirtan when I can, which I think is where my fascination with the table came from. It’s definitely hard, but I’m persevering.

FP Vintage Bandana

What music do you have on rotation currently?
Brian Jonestown Massacre always seems to get me through the summer with its dreamy, dazed tones and psychedelic influence. I’ve also love George Harrison, Gang of Youths, and Led Zeppelin are my homeboys. Leonard Cohen is an absolute master of words and can bring on tears in two minutes flat.

Is fashion important to you? How do you like to dress?
I try to appreciate the beauty in everything and all those around me. For me, dressing is an extension of that. I love the expression of playing with fashion like paint on a canvas. I tend to draw upon 60s and 70s pieces, mixing vintage finds with new silhouettes and lots of stripes. A good pair of shoes can make or break a look.

Do you have a mentor or someone you look up to?
Gloria Steinem is someone I look up to. Her unwavering strength and ferocity is so moving. To be honest, I gather so much from so many people; there are great teachers out there, some living and some not.

What’s your personal mantra or life philosophy?
Be good to each other; be kind to the earth and all its earthlings. Show compassion and love and peace will follow. I also love to chant. I adore the mantra Om Gum Ganapatye Namaha, which is to Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.

Krillan Clog

What cause in the world do you feel most passionate about?
That’s a hard question. I feel compassion is limitless and so picking one cause is not possible. If it’s not saving the animals or saving the earth, it’s child-trafficking, fracking, women’s education, human rights, whaling, GMO’s…. There is a lot out there. My solution is love and to aim to uphold love and send it out there into the ether as much as I can…I’m no saint that’s for sure.

What are you currently working on?
I’ve constantly got many pots on the boil. I’m building my blog, doing incredible collaborations and modeling for stimulating, expansive brands. I’m sketching out a book; I’ve got a few products I’m developing, too. I’m always working on my consciousness and my good health, but I can’t plan everything, so I hand it over!


Inspiration: Everything is Energy with Ondine Daisy Purinton-Miller

This isn’t just my optimistic, esoteric opinion. Science understands intention, responses in energy fields, and the power of vibration. We can even photograph it! For me, placing intention, using mindfulness and raising vibrations is something I try to practice. Knowing the power of vibrations, and simple acts such as imbuing your energy into your food and harnessing the celestial energy of the sun and the moon cycles, can absolutely raise you to another level. Let’s go!

1. Feel-Good Food
I love to dance while creating, chopping, massaging, salting, spicing and spiralizing. I call it alchemising my food. This probably goes against all macrobiotic principles, but feeling in total bliss when making my dinner is something I can’t pass up on. Put on some chants, some Zeppelin, George Harrison, Cat Stevens or the Stones, laugh and make some food magic! When this is all done and dusted, I like to sit quietly and place my hands over the food, closing my eyes, and expressing my gratitude to all the elements, the people and the bees that have come together in harmony to provide me with this vital food energy that will nourish my every cell.

2. Grow and Let Flow
I have a baby garden—a complete labor of love and intention. When I plant my seeds, I like to put my energy into the seeds. I want to be in harmony and communion with them. Do this by first placing the seeds under your tongue, all the while consciously infusing your essence and high vibes. Carefully blow all your best intentions for health and abundance into these babies. Hold them up to the celestial bodies, harnessing the energy of the sun and moon, then put them in the soil and let them provide for you. Plants are concentrated sunlight—allow that prana to flow!

Brooklyn Hem Jean

3. See Beauty, Be Beauty  
When we want to connect to our own beauty, sometimes the best idea is to begin to recognise the beauty that surrounds us. We can see the beauty in the seasons, the tides, the moonlit sky, a juicy (non GMO) strawberry or in the eyes of our lover. Connecting to beauty reminds us of our own divinity and beauty. So, choose to see it and be mindful of its existence wherever you step, and open your heart to the exquisite majesty of the planet and of yourself.

Photography by Matisse Ruby

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7 years ago

I really like her bohemian style!

Marcia Marie
7 years ago

wow! i am blown away by her poetic, beautiful vibe. her words are inspirational :-)