Check it Out: Bailey’s Mineral Hot Springs

Private hot springs… antique bathhouses… middle of nowhere. Count me in.

After a weekend in Death Valley, under the sun and in the thick of dust, one might want (correction: need) a long hot soak. With hair that had definitely crossed into dread territory and a layer of dirt permanently residing on my skin, I realized that I, in fact, was that person in need of a soak.

In Southern Nevada, just five miles outside Beatty, is Bailey’s Hot Springs. It was formerly an old railroad depot in 1906 that is now home to three private mineral hot springs in antique bathhouses. We heard of Bailey’s from our waitress at the local pub, where she said, “there’s a picnic table near the back. There should be three keys, one for each bathhouse. It costs $8, so put your money in the can next to the keys and pick up the key to the bathhouse you want. Number two is the hottest but number three is the biggest. Just drop the key back on the picnic table when you’re done.” Uh, what?! Could that be any cuter? A business model based on trust? Yes please. We headed over there and sure enough — the keys, the can, the charming bathhouses — they were all there, and they were perfect. We spent our time soaking in bathhouse number 2, reminiscing about the weekend, and feeling grateful for our waitress back at the pub.





+Where are some of your favorite hidden gems? Do share!

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7 years ago

Okay this place is definitely going on my road trip map!


7 years ago

Nice pictures. I hope you post more. You have given me some ideas for shop now shop later which is an inspiration and idea becoming a reality.