Make: Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Soothing smells, earthy colors, decor delight with one of the easiest DIYs there is!

This post comes to us from our blog intern, Emily.

Eucalyptus, a plant native to Australia, is minimal and smells divine. So the idea of incorporating dried flowers or branches into a recent wall hanging I made seemed like a no-brainer. I highly recommend!


Buy fresh eucalyptus. I purchased mine at the local florist for under 10 dollars, and there was quite a bit left over.


When choosing your yarn, consider textures and tones that will best complement your space. I used the two lighter yarns on the right, and the hemp to hang. To keep the eucalyptus in place, a hot glue gun or artist’s wire will do the trick.



Tie string around two ends of the stick. This is how you will hang the piece.


Start by cutting your string to relatively the same length (I like the way it looks if a little uneven). If you end up with some really long pieces, or aren’t happy with it being uneven, you can trim the ends when finished! Note: I used almost all of my yarn for this.


To tie the yarn onto the stick, fold your string in half, create a loop, and pull the two ends of the string through the loop. Repeat SEVERAL times.


Once you have your string in place, take your selected eucalyptus branches and place them. Arrange them to your liking and add as many as you want.


Once you are happy with your eucalyptus placement, take your wire (if this is the method you chose) and wrap it around the top of the branch with a few pieces of yarn. You may have to do this around a few spots if you chose fuller/heavier branches that need more support.


Fidget around with the string and eucalyptus until everything feels secure.


Wa-la! How easy is that?


Place on your empty wall, or swap out that old piece of art for a fresh, earthy eucalyptus wall hanging!

+More DIY’s!

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6 years ago

This looks so cool, I bet it smells amazing!

6 years ago

I really love this. I already have a few rope DIY planters hanging up in my apartment and this looks like a wonderful addition to those. Especially for the frangrance.
Marina //

6 years ago

Emily, you’ve been killing it with your posts! I can’t wait to try this after spring break. My apartment will probably need some soothing scents.

6 years ago

Such a lovely idea! I know exactly what I’ll be using all my left over yarn for this Spring.

6 years ago

What a fantastic idea, thanks for sharing!

6 years ago

So cute!! <3

Side note: Anyone who has a dog just be careful as eucalyptus is poisonous to them.

6 years ago


To add on to what Taryn mentioned, eucalyptus is also very toxic to cats! For pet owners, maybe making this with dried lavender could a safer modification :)

6 years ago

A fab idea indeed, especially for a sun room or a deck.

3 years ago

This is great. I’m new to this – what types of yarn would you suggest?