FP Playlists: New Music We Love, March Edition

The new music you’ve been looking for is here. Now.

Each month, we’ll be bringing you a playlist that’s full of newly released material by the artists we love. We call on music savvy folk who are in the know, in the industry, or plugged in to the freshest tunes to curate a collection of songs that they feel deserve a listen (or two). This month, musician/photographer/blogger, Tessa Barton, is making the list for us. If you checked out last month’s playlist, you would have heard her sweet vocals on a few of the tracks. She’s the front woman of one of our favorite up and coming bands, DOE. Tessa dug through her files and selected her favorite new songs to share with us. From The Kills to princess RiRi, it’s the perfect soundtrack for springtime drives or weekend hangs. Get to know Tessa below and take a listen to the March edition of FP Playlists!


SpotifyQuestionaire copy


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+What tracks have you been digging this month? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Andy Dubois

This playlist is BOMB. Thanks for sharing !

IG @giandyontheroad

Andy Burley

Greaaattt playlist


Spritely’s new release! Such a beautiful explosion of feels


Nice!! Delafaye Dreamers is my new favorite