Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 14–20

See how the stars are aligning this week…

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February 19–March 20

Mercury in Pisces goes up against Saturn and Jupiter this week, so expressing yourself to both higher-ups and equals could be challenging. It may feel like you need to restrict your thinking or speech to keep it within the parameters set by a person or system that has power over you — plus a friend or partner might appear to know more than you. But if you’re willing to play by the rules and learn what you can from others, you may manage to avoid conflict. You can also draw support from your peers and contacts, so reach out to people. A Venus-Mars skirmish indicates you may be operating at cross-purposes and having trouble finding a good middle ground between attracting what you want and going after it — or you might be torn between socializing and working. And Venus’s rendezvous with Neptune suggests extreme romanticism, creativity, spiritual love and idealism. You’re apt to draw people in with a mystical aura now. So be aware of the smokescreen effect that’s working both ways. A Jupiter-Pluto collaboration reminds you that you stand to gain a great deal from your relationships, and the various people you know are capable of helping you generate big changes, so be sure to recognize the value of your connections.




March 21–April 19

This week’s Venus-Mars squabble implies that part of you may be inclined to enjoy peace and quiet, while part of you is motivated to chase after new adventures. Or you might feel like going with the flow — and perhaps helping out someone else if you’re needed — but you also feel an urge to convey your ideas and opinions and learn more through mind-broadening experiences. Mercury is sparring with Saturn and Jupiter, so a voice in the back of your head may not mesh with your conscious beliefs or your intellectual work. You could end up voicing your subliminal thoughts without intending to. Private contemplation and study may compete with a full plate of daily responsibilities, or intuition may compete with rational thought. But your instincts about your life direction or career path are apt to be spot on. You could feel things falling into place now, as an excellent work ethic and enjoying what you’re doing help you to align with the long-term shift in your ambitions. Take satisfaction in tackling what’s in front of you, and you may start to see the point of it all. But do take time out to indulge in daydreams, romance, spirituality, creativity and rest.




April 20–May 20

Communication with friends or another group could be tricky this week, thanks to Mercury in your network zone fighting with Saturn and Jupiter. It may seem like one person in particular is withholding support of your ideas or challenging what you’re saying. A new interest or objective or your attitude toward a group may not mesh with a serious relationship or personal commitment. You might be enthusiastic about expressing your creativity or feelings but have trouble coming across well to others. Shifting your perspective and getting rid of a harmful belief will help. A Venus-Neptune meetup in your network zone implies you might find yourself gelling with some people very naturally and relating to those who share your ideals. You can be of real help to others now simply because you care. But try not to view people unrealistically or misinterpret the nature of a connection. A Venus-Mars spat means friendship and intimacy aren’t on the same page, and your social life and sex life may clash. You might be torn between meeting new people and committing to one person. With Jupiter and Pluto syncing up, though, your changing beliefs can help you to enjoy life and express who you are to the world.




May 21–June 20

Mercury is at the top of your chart, so your mind is probably on achieving your objectives. But your ruling planet’s quarrels with Saturn in your one-on-one angle and Jupiter in your foundation zone this week are likely to distract you. You could feel tested or impeded by another person, or your focus on goals may impact a close relationship or clash with a personal obligation. Family or domestic duties could also interfere with ambitious thoughts, and a yen for comfort and security might tempt you not to aim so high. Family expectations may also inform the goals you set for yourself. But channeling your energy into something you’re passionate about and drawing strength from the support of someone close to you will foster your focus on progress. A Venus-Mars fight indicates tension between your desire to shine and your intention to act in tandem with a partner, and a Venus-Neptune meeting suggests highly creative work or putting someone on a pedestal. And a Jupiter-Pluto connection implies that the support of family, the comforts of home and inner confidence can have a transformative effect on your psyche. And fyi, financial help related to real estate should be fairly easy to secure!




June 21–July 22

This week’s Venus-Mars feud seems to symbolize a conflict between your desire to broaden your horizons and your drive to do what you need to do. Travel, learning, new people and unfamiliar experiences appeal to you now, but you also have a lot of work, so you’ll probably feel torn. Plus, Venus is rendezvousing with Neptune, leading you to crave escape and to feel a spiritual connection with people and places you don’t know very well, if at all. In addition, you might have a deep appreciation for art forms that are foreign to you. Mercury’s skirmishes with Saturn and Jupiter could mean a difference of opinion — possibly with a coworker or sibling. Or you may be thinking in broad terms and run into problems with details. And it’s also possible that you’re pulled between different views of the future. A Mercury-Pluto confab encourages you to share your beliefs with someone and seek an opportunity to learn from another individual who has a strong influence on you. And a collaboration between Jupiter and Pluto suggests that keeping an open mind, increasing your contacts and communicating honestly can transform current relationships and will enable you to meet people who have the power to change your life.




July 23–August 22

Venus’s run-in with Mars this week could generate friction between a desire to be close to one person and a drive to pursue whatever makes you happy. If you’re in a romantic relationship, it may feel rather challenging to get on the same page now and define the nature of your bond. Venus’s rendezvous with Neptune alludes to an intense, spiritual sexual encounter or a deep connection with someone. If you’re single, this is also a great time for recovering from heartbreak and finding forgiveness. Don’t rely too heavily on the signals you seem to be getting from someone, as you could be misreading them and wind up disenchanted. And verbal communication is tricky as well, with Mercury fighting off both Saturn and Jupiter. Intimate conversation may be thwarted by fears, blocked feelings, high expectations of getting your needs met or a conviction that your values and priorities should take precedence. Thankfully, Mercury and Pluto are gelling, so both introspection and dialogue will benefit from a determination to make something work. Plus, a Jupiter-Pluto collaboration blends your growing confidence with your will to be more productive and healthy, so you’ll get a sense of how you can manifest what’s most important to you on a daily basis.




August 23–September 22

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in your others angle and battling Saturn and Jupiter this week, complicating your communication with other individuals. Emotional inhibition, familial or domestic responsibilities, past history, fear or insecurity could influence dialogue. And with Jupiter in your sign, you might come off as self-righteous or imperious. Although you’ve figured out a lot about yourself and about the world lately, you don’t have all the answers and can continue to learn through others — so tap into your Virgo humility and make sure to listen. A Mercury-Pluto connection suggests deep love, self-expression or creativity could come from one-on-one conversation. But a Venus-Mars spat warns that your rapport with someone may be affected by underlying anger or compulsive behavior. You’re susceptible to romanticizing someone now, thanks to a Venus-Neptune rendezvous, so enjoy a romantic, artistic or spiritual connection without drawing too many conclusions. Jupiter is clicking with Pluto in your self-expression zone, strengthening your personal-growth process. Your confidence, open-mindedness and embrace of new people and experiences can transform your love life, creative output and overall happiness. As you continue to expand the range of possibilities of who you can be in the world, you recreate yourself as a more well-rounded, fulfilled human being.




September 23–October 22

Mercury is fending off Saturn and Jupiter this week, putting mental work, critical thinking, attention to detail and communication with coworkers to the test. You might be trying to solve a problem, learn a skill, or craft a plan and end up defeating yourself with doubt, pessimism, a mental block or rigid thinking. Unconscious expectations, imaginative meanderings and subliminal knowingness can also pull your mind in a different direction. And Venus’s disagreement with Mars hints at a disagreement with colleagues — or busyness and a restless mind interfering with your enjoyment of what you’re doing. When Venus aligns with Neptune, healing, creative work and social service are highly favored. This is the perfect time to help someone you care about by doing exactly what they need and not necessarily what serves your ego. You could become confused over a matter of job-related etiquette, so be careful at work. A Jupiter-Pluto connection pushes you to continue looking within in an effort to learn about yourself, shift stuck emotions and loosen the hold that the past has over you. Spiritual wisdom, self-awareness and a determination to rebuild your foundation are coalescing in a powerful way that you’ll sense inside, even if nothing significant occurs for you externally.




October 23–November 21

Mercury’s struggles with Saturn and Jupiter could make it difficult for you to express your feelings, personality and creativity the way you want to this week. A lack of self-confidence and an awareness of group expectations are likely to affect what you say. You’re inclined to play around with ideas and show your sense of humor, but you may feel inhibited. Although it’s good to be conscious of your impact on others, a Mercury-Pluto confab reminds you that it’s also important to share your deepest thoughts. Venus is encouraging romantic, emotional and artistic expression as well, and her encounter with Neptune could lead to spiritual, dreamlike love or creativity, but illusions or a yearning to save someone might color a relationship. A Venus-Mars spat suggests that possessiveness, materialism or a drive to protect your own interests and get your needs met may interfere with your enjoyment of life and love. But a Jupiter-Pluto coalition can help you to reinforce your growing objectives, ideals, friendships, group affiliations and professional network with an evolving, increasingly empowered mindset and a more forceful way of getting your message across. This is an opportune time to reach out to people who support your progress and who are capable of furthering it.




November 22–December 21

With Mercury in your foundation angle squaring off against Saturn in Sagittarius this week, communication with family, reflecting on the past and understanding and expressing your underlying emotions and innermost thoughts may be challenging. You might have a mental block, experience doubts or judge your own feelings. A Mercury-Jupiter opposition calls for you to balance looking back and looking forward, and the achievement of goals could seem far off. But Mercury’s collaboration with Pluto nudges you to solve an issue regarding home or family possessions — or talk to your family or roommate about finances or possessions. A quarrel between Venus and Mars hints that you may feel torn between a desire to nest and a drive to get things done. If you’re decorating or entertaining, you might make a wrong move somehow, and if you’re spending time with family or someone you live with, your actions might rock the boat. But a Venus-Neptune meetup spells pleasant escapism at home, an ideal aesthetic in your living space and relaxing family time. And a Jupiter-Pluto connection helps you to combine high aspirations with a will to strengthen your financial security. Transforming your talents and confidently chasing your dreams will ultimately result in personal success.




December 22–January 19

Mercury’s skirmish with Saturn means that baggage from the past or subconscious doubt, guilt or regret can affect your speech and conscious thinking, and you could undermine yourself if you’re not aware of what’s going on inside you. Mercury is also facing off against Jupiter in your beliefs corner, which could result in a difference of opinion or someone (you or a person you’re talking to) acting like they have all the answers. This opposition highlights learning and calls for you to balance childlike curiosity with a quest for wisdom. Mercury is in sync with Pluto, helping you to communicate very powerfully if you can sidestep the above difficulties. Venus’s rendezvous with Neptune and disagreement with Mars emphasize similar themes, coaxing you to appreciate the love and beauty in your everyday life and show compassion and tenderness to people you care about. But again, you may need to recognize repressed anger or aggression, move beyond an old behavior pattern and check an impulse to work against yourself. A Jupiter-Pluto connection reminds you that your faith in the future and your will to change are leading to personal growth, and you need to continue expanding your mind and broadening your horizons in order to transform your inner and outer worlds.




January 20–February 18

Your finances, possessions, material needs, self-worth and personal values have been on your mind recently, thanks to Mercury’s presence in your resources house. And Mercury’s squabbles with Saturn and Jupiter this week are apt to affect your thoughts and communication in connection with these areas of life. You could be focused on what you have, what you want or what you need, but your obligations to friends, a group or society in general seem to push self-serving thoughts to the side. And give-and-take with another individual may also run counter to your ideas about self-sufficiency. This might be a good time to negotiate for the support — financial or otherwise — that you need. Facing down a psychological demon may help you to understand what you’re seeking from a relationship. Venus’s meetup with Neptune hints that you could crave something you think you need because you’re idealizing the pleasure it will bring, and her argument with Mars pits your desires against teamwork, making it challenging for you to balance self-interests with others’ interests. A Jupiter-Pluto collaboration alludes to the leap of faith entailed by closeness, trust, sharing and intimacy and encourages you to learn more about yourself, move beyond past pain and transform your life from the inside out.

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