Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 21–27

See what the universe is sending you this week….

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March 21–April 19

With the sun now ensconced in Aries and Mercury arriving there this week, your vitality and expressiveness are on the rise. Those planets are joining forces and linking up with Mars, giving physical and mental fuel to your drive to broaden your horizons through learning, traveling, pursuing new experiences and expanding your beliefs. You can funnel loads of personal energy and focus into what you’re doing, saying and thinking now. But the lunar eclipse in your one-on-one angle reminds you to consider others’ needs and feelings as well, and it could spell emotional drama between you and your partner or someone close to you. It may bring a relationship to a turning point, and compromise, communication and a willingness to try something different will be useful. Venus in your releasing house is increasing the allure of retreat, self-sacrifice and letting go. Her conflicts with Jupiter and Saturn signal that despite a desire to unwind or help someone you care about, you’re juggling plenty of work and responsibilities that can put you in a position to succeed — although you may not feel like you’re getting somewhere yet. Try to glean satisfaction from doing something to the best of your ability, and rise to the challenge if your knowledge is tested. Happy birthday!




April 20–May 20

This week’s Jupiter-Saturn scuffle signifies that despite your impetus to express yourself without fear, place your hopes in love and embrace the freedom that comes with being your authentic whole self, you may be having difficulty accepting yourself, sharing your life with someone or getting what you need from others. Venus is struggling with both of these planets, so friendship, socializing and getting along well with a group may be challenging now as a result. Try to strike a balance between seeking personal fulfillment and aligning with the interests of others. With the sun and Mercury in the last house of your chart, it’s time to take a step back and reflect on the past year. You may need extra rest, as your energy is likely to be waning. Your intuition and imagination are strong, though, and you might want to pay more attention to your dreams. These planets are clicking with Mars, facilitating focused, behind-the-scenes work, private intimacy and productive introspection. The lunar eclipse could pull your attention into the present moment, via a health issue or a crisis on the job. This eclipse presents a good opportunity to break a bad habit or complete a work project, and it could bring a shift in your routine or responsibilities.




May 21–June 20

The sun and Mercury are pulling your focus to friends, new interests and objectives, group efforts, your role in others’ lives, your affiliations with organizations and humanitarian causes. You’re drawing your energy from other people and should find it easy to be yourself and express yourself. Both planets are gelling with Mars in your one-on-one angle, promoting partnership and teamwork and encouraging you to deal with interpersonal conflicts head-on with the help of good communication and a spirit of camaraderie. However, Saturn’s ongoing presence in your one-on-one angle is driving home the point that relationships are hard work, and you need to decide which ones are worth the effort. Your desire to make a good impression in your career could interfere with a personal obligation, or you might feel like someone is withholding his or her approval. Family expectations or your quest for peace and security may also clash with creative work or a close relationship now. You probably want to spend time enjoying the comforts of home but need to follow through on your commitment to another person. The lunar eclipse in your fulfillment corner can give you an urge to do as you please and have a good time, or it might spell a romantic shift or the completion of a creative project.




June 21–July 22

The sun and Mercury are ascending to the top of your chart, heightening your ambition and pushing you to shine in a professional or public arena. You’re able to make career plans, articulate your goals and express yourself well with higher-ups. Both planets are syncing with Mars this week, combining your hard work with the ability to keep a high profile and make a good impression. A will to succeed and a solid work ethic make a winning combination, and this is a good time to back up your words with actions and prove what you’re capable of. Hopeful Jupiter is clashing with restrictive Saturn, though, pitting optimistic thinking against limiting circumstances, and you may need to adjust your mindset or your approach. Aim for a healthy balance between confidence and humility. If you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, now may be the time to scale back a bit on your duties. A lunar eclipse in your foundation angle lures your attention to home and family and could bring a turning point with one or both of those things. Again, balance is key, and in this case, you may need to attend to your personal life more if you’ve been too focused on making progress in the world.




July 23–August 22

With Mercury joining the sun in your exploration house this week, you’re up for adventure and interested in broadening your mind and meeting new people. Study, travel, intellectual debate and philosophizing will all stimulate you, and listening can be as satisfying as expressing your ideas and beliefs. Both planets are collaborating with Mars in your fulfillment zone, combining your quest to explore with your drive to enjoy life. You’ll find the courage to go after what — or whom — you want now, perhaps especially if this takes you into new territory. Although your confidence may be fairly strong, you might still need to work on taking your creative potential seriously or overcoming fears related to love, happiness and self-expression. It’s also possible that you’re getting what you thought you needed, but it’s not giving you as much pleasure as you’d hoped. An intense desire for closeness or personal transformation could also be affected by a need for security and apprehension about being your true self. The lunar eclipse may bring a flood of information, drama with a sibling, a development in your community or mental exhaustion. Allowing yourself to change your mind could provide a welcome energy surge, so don’t assume you should have all the answers by now.




August 23–September 22

This week, the sun and Mercury form an alliance in your depth corner and connect with Mars in your foundation angle. Closeness, sharing and introspection can help you turn a corner emotionally, so confiding in someone you trust or shining a light in your psyche will be worthwhile. You might also choose to focus intently on someone or something in the privacy of your home. Dealing with a family matter or confronting something in your past is apt to be cathartic, and a conversation with a parent could have a strong impact on you. Jupiter is quarreling with Saturn, though, so you may be torn between growing, changing and looking toward the future and holding onto your roots, living by the rules you grew up with and dreading a lack of security.  Your courage is battling your fear, but it’s not simply a question of the former triumphing over the latter. You’d benefit from tempering your optimism with the wisdom of past lessons. Note that relationships and personal interactions are bound to be affected by this struggle. A lunar eclipse warns against retail therapy and could bring a shift in your finances, values, self-worth or material resources. Try to balance meeting your own needs and sharing what you have to offer.




September 23–October 22

Now that the sun and Mercury are in your one-on-one angle, you’re as interested as ever in maintaining relationships and connecting with other individuals through dialogue. These planets are coming together this week and also clicking with Mars in your cognition-and-communication sector, facilitating assertiveness, cooperation, negotiation and a dynamic exchange of ideas. But a squabble between Jupiter and Saturn could pit your subconscious faith and expectations against your rational, more cautious mindset. Spiritual aspirations could also be competing with more practical concerns. Venus gets caught up in this tension, and you might swing between positivity and negativity when it comes to helping someone you care about, working on a relationship or enjoying your work. Drawing on powerful, private emotions and shifting your mood can help. This week’s lunar eclipse in Libra is apt to make you feel even more temperamental. Try to honor your own needs while also remaining aware of the effect you have on others. Communication is essential to successfully navigating the eclipse, and you should try not to overreact to the wave of emotions that you may experience. This is a good time for a personal ending, so consider what you can release from your life. If something in particular is putting you over the edge, maybe it’s time to let it go.




October 23–November 21

The sun recently entered your duties house and, this week, Mercury follows suit — calling for you to focus on your health, job, diet, fitness, work ethic, time management, habits, everyday responsibilities, skills, usefulness and productivity. This is a good time to do detailed mental work, figure out a solution to a problem and utilize your critical abilities. Both planets are syncing with Mars in your worth sector, encouraging you to tackle an issue connected with your finances, possessions, material needs or personal values. Saturn is also in your worth sector, and he’s clashing with Jupiter in your network zone, generating a conflict between your security needs and the ideals, support or expectations of a group. Fresh hopes or faith in what you can gain from the people in your life may come up against the reality of money, self-confidence, or practical priorities. Fun, creativity, romance, self-expression and personal fulfillment may also need to be weighed against your resources and group interests, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. A lunar eclipse in the last house of your chart reminds you that, amidst the busyness of daily life, you still need to spend quiet time alone reflecting, recharging and feeding your spirit. Something from your subconscious could rise to the surface, perhaps via your dreams.




November 22–December 21

This week’s collaboration between the sun and Mercury in your joy corner and Mars in your sign enables you to express yourself with vigor, pursue creative fulfillment, do what makes you happy and inject more romance into your life. You have the energy and courage to be your boldest self and go after what you want, even if there’s some risk involved. Play, humor, affection, time with children, games, hobbies and sports hold extra appeal. But with Saturn in Sagittarius battling Jupiter in your ambition angle soon before turning retrograde, there’s a theme of slowing down a bit in order to recalibrate your personal goals and professional aspirations. If you’re overreaching, you might need to rein yourself in and embrace the concept of doing things one step at a time. With Venus in your foundation sector fighting off both Jupiter and Saturn, your rapport with family or someone you live with could suffer, or your pleasant mood could be disrupted by your frustration over the slow pace of progress. A lunar eclipse in your network zone may spell emotional drama and a possible turning point with friends or another group. The eclipse’s link with Mars prompts you to consider others’ needs and make an effort to cooperate.




December 22–January 19

The sun recently dipped down to your foundation angle, and Mercury does the same this week, turning your attention to home, family, feelings and memories. Domestic comforts, quiet contemplation and time with loved ones will restore you. You’ll want to be in familiar surroundings, and thanks to these two planets linking with Mars in your seclusion sector, you may manage to get a lot done behind the scenes. Working on — or in — your home will prove to be productive. Talking with a family member, expressing your emotions to someone close to you and reflecting on the past can help you to work through a difficult issue in your psyche. With Jupiter sparring with Saturn, though, your faith in the future may conflict with your lingering doubts. Or you might be enthusiastic about exploring new territory but need to wrap something up that’s holding you back. A pleasant mindset and amiable interactions may feel the effects of this battle between your hopes and your misgivings. A lunar eclipse in your ambition angle signals a shift in your career, life path or goals — or drama with higher-ups. This eclipse could push you into the spotlight, but quietly doing what needs to be done without expecting any accolades may be the smartest strategy.




January 20–February 18

Now that the sun and Mercury are traveling through your cognition-and-communication house, your daily life and your mind are likely to get busier. You’re encouraged to connect with people, express your thoughts and keep yourself stimulated by asking plenty of questions and getting out and about in your community. Both planets are in sync with Mars this week, helping you to convey your message to a group, engage in teamwork and productive brainstorming and put your ideas into action to benefit others. Professional networking is also highly favored. If you need to make your position clear to people, now’s the time to do so. However, Jupiter is feuding with Saturn, suggesting that your expectations of support from others may not be met, and you might need to scale them down or work harder on sharing, cooperation and interdependency. With Venus in the mix, you may want a lot from someone and feel frustrated by the demands being put on you. Money, possessions, personal values, material needs and self-worth could be at stake. The lunar eclipse pushes you to keep your eye on the big picture and be open to shifting your perspective. Moving past a limiting belief can enable you to grow and find your place in the grand scheme of things.




February 19–March 20

The presence of the sun and Mercury in your worth house nudges you to focus on your finances, possessions, personal values, self-esteem, material needs and natural talents. With those planets clicking with Mars this week, you’re prompted to combine your focus on such matters with your drive to make your mark in the world. This is a good time to make a career move that enables you to be more self-sufficient or to do something to prove yourself in a public or professional arena and thereby boost your confidence. However, Jupiter’s argument with Saturn hints that you’re hoping to gain a lot from other individuals and may be placing your faith in a particular connection, but you’re frustrated by the need to work within a system, answer to a boss and be held accountable. Venus in Pisces is sparring with Jupiter and Saturn, calling for you to juggle relationships and ambition as best you can. You may feel less able to charm higher-ups and get the reception you’re after from other people at the moment. The lunar eclipse could stir up emotions about sex, sharing and trust and reminds you to factor in someone else’s needs. A turning point in an intimate relationship is possible, or it might be time to release something unhealthy in your psyche.

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6 years ago

I just hate how correct these horoscopes are. Having in mind that I am not a horoscope believer and read only these ones, they are still completely right every week.
Each time I am even afraid to read it haha.