Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 7–13

See how the stars are aligning this week…

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February 19–March 20

This week’s solar eclipse is like a supercharged new moon, symbolizing a personal reinvention and pushing you to make a significant fresh start. Think about how you present yourself — including your physical appearance, style of dress, body language, manner of speech and anything else that contributes to how others perceive you. Are you projecting the image that you want to project? If not, how can you change the way you come across this year? The eclipse’s battles with Jupiter in your one-on-one angle and Saturn in your ambition zone imply that this focus on yourself can have an effect on your personal and professional relationships, and it may feel like you have to work hard for approval. But tweaking your persona and your approach to people will help you connect with powerful allies. A Mercury-Neptune meetup could enhance your intuition, imagination and empathy, but it could also cloud your judgment, muddle your words or disorient you. But with Venus entering your sign, you’ll start to feel especially amiable, attractive and charming, and others are apt to be drawn to you in the next few weeks.




March 21–April 19

This week’s solar eclipse in the last house of your chart nudges you to seek peace and quiet and recharge your battery. This would be the perfect time to start a new daily practice that will replenish your spirit in the coming year or to commit to something that will enable you to serve others. This is also an opportunity to release someone or something from your life in order to improve your emotional health and unburden your spirit. The eclipse’s faceoff with Jupiter in your productivity sector suggests that attending to your inner life in such a way will compete with a full plate of daily duties, and you should seek a balance between inner and outer. Saturn in your perspective corner is also presenting a challenge, so it may be difficult for you to overcome conscious beliefs and a practical viewpoint and honor your intuition, imagination and soul. A Mercury-Neptune encounter also highlights quiet reflection, daydreaming and perception on a higher level. But you might need to look out for misguided thinking that is undermining you.




April 20–May 20

The solar eclipse in your humanity house this week alludes to the circles of people that populate your life. This is an opportune month to join or renew your ties to an organization, do some professional networking, make a new friend, launch a charitable venture or take on a new role in a group. It’s also a good time to transition from old goals that you’ve achieved — or are well on your way to achieving — to new hopes and wishes. The eclipse’s opposition to Jupiter in your self-expression zone prompts you to balance this focus on groups with personal pleasure and fulfillment. It also hints at the connection between these two things, as becoming more and more yourself and pursuing your own interests will help you to find people who are a good fit for you. But you may still have to work hard to maintain healthy close relationships that involve interdependence. A Mercury-Neptune encounter suggests empathic, creative or spiritual communication with others, although it may be difficult to distinguish fact from fantasy now.




May 21–June 20

A solar eclipse at the top of your chart this week hints at a new responsibility, professional development or goal or a change in your life path or your public status. It might be time to craft a plan for career advancement, perhaps aiming for a promotion or a new job altogether. The eclipse’s faceoff with Jupiter means you’ll need to juggle such ambitions with the comforts of family and home and the need for downtime. A happy home life can give you the inner support you need to go out and accomplish your objectives. The eclipse is also contending with Saturn in your one-on-one angle, so it may seem like you have to get past someone to achieve your aims. Or perhaps your obligations to others are weighing you down a bit, when you’re inclined to soar toward your dreams. But a partnership can empower you as well — as can an intense focus on something you’re passionate about. A Mercury-Neptune meetup spells creative career ideas and intuitive insights into your path but murky communication with higher-ups.




June 21–July 22

A solar eclipse lands in your exploration sector this week, whetting your appetite for adventure, learning and growth. A big trip, a class, a daring new experience or writing something for publication could help you to broaden your horizons in the coming month. The eclipse prods you to shirk off the status quo and try something different, and its opposition to Jupiter in your attitude house confirms that opening your mind to a wider array of people, places and ideas will enrich your perspective and foster your personal development. Saturn in your duties zone is sparring with the eclipse, so work and other everyday responsibilities can dampen your spirit of adventure. But Pluto in your one-on-one angle is aiding the eclipse, suggesting that other individuals can empower you to spread your wings. A Mercury-Neptune encounter could give you a strong sense of connection with the whole world while also blurring a sense of your place in it. Moments of higher consciousness are possible, but so is disorientation. Don’t grasp at truths just yet; embrace the mysteries of the universe.




July 23–August 22

With this week’s solar eclipse falling in your sharing-and-depth corner, much of your attention is drawn to closeness, trust, sexuality, interdependence, reliance on outside resources, psychological issues, internal transformation and recovering from a crisis, loss or death. You probably feel more intense — and perhaps darker — than usual this month, and the eclipse’s tussle with Saturn also speaks to your seriousness. Love, happiness, creativity and other forms of personal fulfillment are likely to seem arduous, lacking or daunting, and you may need to overcome a fear or do some other inner work in order to trust someone and build a close relationship. The eclipse’s opposition to Jupiter in your worth house suggests you’ll need to balance the risk of investing in another person with a quest to boost your self-esteem, meet your material needs and achieve financial prosperity. Strengthening your work ethic and gaining control of your daily life will help. A Mercury-Neptune rendezvous hints at intimate conversation and empathic insight into your own psyche or someone you care about. But you might get in over your head and need to wait out momentary perplexity.




August 23–September 22

The solar eclipse in your one-on-one angle this week symbolizes a shift involving your bonds with other individuals. You could begin a significant new relationship this month or redefine an existing one. You may be drawn into negotiations or called to keep the peace. Equal partnership is important but, with the eclipse facing off against Jupiter in Virgo, you’ll find that you must balance the need for close connections with the need for personal growth and freedom. These may seem like competing interests at the moment. You’re on a journey, learning more about yourself and the world and exploring the possibilities of who you can be — but you’re not alone. You still need to connect with people, and you may have an intense desire to experience profound, life-changing love. But you must work on leaving the past in the past, building your own foundation for the future and getting over your private fears. Don’t let emotional baggage weigh you down. A Mercury-Neptune meeting alludes to romantic, compassionate, spiritual communication but could also indicate deception or misunderstanding in a relationship, so resist drawing conclusions just yet.




September 23–October 22

When a solar eclipse arrives in your efficiency corner this week, it may be time to launch a job search; organize your workspace; improve your diet; start a new fitness regimen; initiate a positive habit; change your schedule; learn a new skill; try a different approach to a problem; take on a new work project or responsibility; tackle your to-do list; find a new way to be useful to others; or make appointments for medical checkups. The eclipse’s faceoff with Jupiter in your soul sector implies that a rich inner life is at least as enticing as a productive outer life, and physical health is enhanced by spiritual wellness. Saturn in your mindset zone is also challenging the eclipse, so you may need to overcome mental obstacles like pessimism, doubt or discouragement. But a very private and powerful emotional shift that’s been going on inside you will help you to make changes. Due to a Mercury-Neptune meetup, details may be hazy, and communication with coworkers is iffy, but intuition and compassionate service are strong suits now.




October 23–November 21

This week’s solar eclipse in your fulfillment house nudges you to have more fun, start a creative project; pick up a new hobby; display your sense of humor; welcome — or seek — romance and other forms of love; let your inner child out to play; revel in being yourself; and take pleasure in positive feedback. This eclipse hints that it’s time to prioritize personal happiness, but its faceoff with Jupiter in your network house calls for you to balance your happiness with your intention to grow your friendships, professional network and dreams. Benefiting a group and thriving on team support must factor into the equation. Saturn is throwing down the gauntlet, compelling you to work to gain better control over your finances, talents, confidence, possessions and priorities and overcome fear of lack and loss. With Pluto backing the eclipse, your strong will and empowered mindset are sure to aid your quest to enjoy life and be happy. A Mercury-Neptune alignment means you could idealize an object of affection or source of pleasure, but creative and romantic self-expression are favored.




November 22–December 21

After the solar eclipse in your foundation angle this week, you’re apt to consider changing your living situation — perhaps by renovating, redecorating, reorganizing, moving or doing some spring cleaning before the season officially kicks off. A change involving your family is also quite possible. This is an appropriate time to contemplate your personal comfort and resolve to build a solid home base that puts you at ease. You might also need to tune into your emotions and ask yourself how you can improve your sense of security. The eclipse opposes Jupiter in your ambition angle, highlighting the fact that there’s a lot you want to accomplish out in the world, but you still need to be able to unwind at the end of the day. And the eclipse’s squabble with Saturn in Sagittarius implies that you’re being rather hard on yourself lately and struggling to make something more of yourself, but you must also nurture yourself with plenty of TLC. A Mercury-Neptune rendezvous will put you in touch with your feelings but might also bring confusion and misunderstanding at home or with relatives.




December 22–January 19

A solar eclipse arrives in your thinking-and-talking sector this week, encouraging you to ask questions; gather information; reach out to a sibling or neighbor; share your thoughts and ideas; take a short trip; contribute something to your community; do more reading and writing; get in touch with people; and make a point of learning something new. The eclipse’s faceoff with Jupiter in your expansion house suggests tension between quick thinking and abstract conceptualization; between curiosity and striving to have the answers so you can formulate your own belief system; and between an urge to content yourself with the varied input and output of day-to-day life and an aspiration to attain higher consciousness. The eclipse’s skirmish with Saturn in the last house of your chart means that you may think you’re open to new viewpoints and ideas and to changing your own mindset, but cynicism, doubt and fear linger at the back of your head. Luckily, Pluto is cooperating with the eclipse, so you do have the ability to gain some control over your thought patterns and willfully steer them in a better direction.




January 20–February 18

This week, a solar eclipse shows up in your worth house, prompting you to establish a new source of income; create a budget; shore up your self-esteem; deal with your possessions; get clear on your personal values, priorities and material needs; become more self-sufficient; make the most of your natural talents; and appreciate the pleasures you experience through your five senses. You may need to guard against impulse spending, as the eclipse could bring an urge to have whatever you want and a Mercury-Neptune alignment may cloud your financial judgment. This might be a good time to examine your desires and your needs and work on distinguishing between the two. The eclipse opposes Jupiter in your sharing sector, hinting that you should try to find a healthy balance between providing for yourself and relying on outside support. Saturn in your network zone is also challenging the eclipse, so group interests, societal rules, teamwork or commitments to others may interfere with focusing on your own security. But digging deep within yourself to face what should stay and what should go will empower you.

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