Introducing the New Vintage Loves Collection, California Dreams

Hey vintage lovers, have you seen our newly curated collection?

“Lots of suedes, fringe, denim, Victorian tops, killer fringe footwear, bags… think cool stuff for Coachella.” I’m talking with Ali, Free People vintage buyer (and guru) about California Dreams, the latest Vintage Loves collection. With the heart of festival beginning to beat louder and faster as we quickly approach the season, I’m realizing that it’s time to buckle down and think about what to wear. I have always been a huge fan of vintage clothing, the history and life of each piece adds an undeniable element of authenticity and specialness. So when I think of festival, I think vintage. There’s nothing like wearing a piece of rock ‘n roll history to the shows. Who knows, maybe one of these pieces made its festival debut in 1969…

But don’t take my word for it. Ali gives us more insight on the collection and shares with us her personal favorite pieces below.


Suede Fringe Vest


Painted Suede Shirt

How would you describe this new collection?

This collection is all about statement suedes, victorian white lace, and ’70s denim. It’s honestly one of my favorite collections. I love every piece equally.

What’s your favorite thing about the new collection?

My favorite thing about this collection is that there are a couple of killer statement pieces that you can wear everywhere this spring. The Fringe Western Jacket, the Roughout Suede Motorcycle Jacket, suede shirt and suede vest. They are statement pieces if I’ve ever seen them… they are investments. While common wisdom says you should save up for timeless and practical items that will get a lot of use, I happen to think the opposite is true with vintage. A killer over-the-top vintage jacket can take you from an early morning gym class to an evening party. Wear it all day long!

What is the inspiration behind California Dreams?

There is always a starting point for inspiration, and I have made it my life to make sure the vintage clothes I find create a spark for Free People lovers. Every new trend is only an interpretation of something that is happening in general design. The girls in our design department are in to statement suedes so I just ran with it… and mixed in some 70s, of course.

What kind of girl do you see wearing this collection?

I definitely see the “California Lou” girl wearing her fringe vintage to the festivals this year. Effortlessly cool.


Leather Fringe Pants


Vintage Suede Moto Jacket


Vintage Suede Fringe Jacket


Vintage ’70s Suede Patchwork Dress

+Shop the new Vintage Loves collection.

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6 years ago

Vintage clothes are certainly the best kind of clothes, I’m building up my suede collection ready for festivals!

Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

6 years ago

lovely outfits!… vintage costumes are Excellent!!

5 years ago

I am a big fan of vintage ,I just love these outfits.This leather jacket is really adorable.

3 years ago

Old is gold – excellent collection for ethnic vintage clothes – Thanks for sharing