A Peek Behind the Scenes of Our March Catalog

Step behind the scenes of our March Catalog, courtesy of dear and darling Australia…

Someone once said, “Go where it’s warm.”  So we did. Maybe it was Jimmy Buffett, but I don’t even like him so I will pretend it was a wise, bronzed, older person with flowers in her sunkissed silver hair. Woah, dreamy!

It was cold in New York… it was snowing and we had a new summer season of clothes to launch. But, heeding the wise words of the mystery woman mentioned above, we took it as a sign — this was the perfect occassion for a trip down under. Free People has such a vast Aussie following and we thought it due time to share the love for our Aussie community. So, it is with our pleasure that we present to you The Australia Issue. 

Roll call, please!  We rounded up the biggest babes to show us around their homebase — Gemma Ward took us to the beautiful woods in Blue Mountain, Emily Baker took us for a day at Bondi Beach, Bambi was our Broken Hill Desert ranger in the outback (on the hottest day of the year, yipes!) and Tallulah strolled around with us through the charming city streets of Paddington. Below, take a look at a few of the “backstage” photos from our trip, as well as 2 Q&A’s from Bambi and Tallulah… Enjoy!




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7 years ago

Where’s the rest of the pics :)

7 years ago

“Someone once said, “Go where it’s warm.” So we did.”

How can one not love an article which starts on the above note? I think this is going to be my motto.



7 years ago

I love your blog. You really need to do a San Francisco feature on Danette Scheib and her awesome collection Lemon Twist. The new store front is the Mission Districts’ hot spot for fashionistas.

Check out http://www.lemontwist.net

7 years ago

Amazing photos! :)


7 years ago

awwrrr thanks for this cant wait! we are so blessed to be australian and its great your showing the diversity which does make it the best place to live x