Podcast Update: The Series You Should Be Listening To

Need some new podcasts in your life? We have just the list for you. 

In case you’re not aware, podcasts are:

1. Informative.

2. Entertaining.

3. Useful.

Check out this post from autumn. It touched on all our favorites, including those especially good for the road. From mysteries and history lessons, to random things worth knowing about… So what better time for an update?

Podcasts are just…fun! Really fun. Below are some of the series and episodes we’ve been tuning into, the ones worth giving a listen. Check it out!

Serial: Season 2

People went crazy over the Hae Min Lee murder mystery that fed season 1. They loved it, couldn’t get enough of it.  This time around, Sarah Koenig is back to tell the story of U.S. Soldier Bowe Bergdahl and why he decided to leave his post in Afghanistan, resulting in his 5-year capture by the Taliban. Start the season on your next road trip.

The Bowery Boys

This charming duo discusses varied aspects of NYC history, incorporating familiar people, landmarks and streets of the city. Try listening to the haunted landmarks episode, or the episode that talks about life in the tenements of the Lower East Side

Stuff You Should Know

This podcast broaches pretty much any topic you can think of. Did you ever wonder how land diving works? Or what the deal with body language is? Or how your passport works? This podcast will explain everything. Two of my favorite episodes are How Dementia Works, and the one that explains the Philadelphia Experiment .



One of my co-workers admits that this podcast makes her laugh and snort at her desk, fetching looks from people close by. Hilarity is what I’d like to call this one.  Adults share artifacts and memories of their teenage years, most of which are rather embarrassing, but all the more entertaining for listeners. Try the episode where Ashley explains why she hates the SATs.

The Longest Shortest Time

Maybe you’re a mom. Or a soon-to-be mom. Or a dad. Or a soon-to-be dad. Or maybe you’re just someone who really wants a kid, or likes hearing about kids, or someone who is simply interested in listeing to a new podcast. Whatever you are, The Longest Shortest Time is, “the parenting show for everyone.”

The Brave Exchange

Lucy Bourchier, former party girl turned certified Transformational Coach and Wellness Therapist, narrates The Brave Exchange podcast, where each episode reveals what it takes to create a beautiful and meaningful existence. Have a fear of public speaking? Try this episode. Want to learn how to use your creativity to its fullest? Try this episode.

Flash Forward

This is a podcast about the future, and what life might be like in, say, 100+ years from now. Or who knows, maybe even sooner. What if the entire world went blind? What if everyone wore lie detectors? Weird. This podcast hosts real-life scientists and experts to spell it all out for us.

The Black Tapes

If Serial had a cousin, a really creepy cousin, it would exist in the form of The Black Tapes. If you like scary, haunting stories, this one is for you.


+What podcasts have you been listening to? Comment below and let us know!

Check out more podcasts we love here.

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7 years ago

the podcast that accompany your book selection: Big Magic.

7 years ago

I love listening to Hello from the magic tavern, which is a hilariously inappropriate, fantastical improv podcasts. It makes me laugh so much. I also love All Songs Considered, which is great for finding new music.

Christy B
7 years ago

Rewild Yourself with Daniel Vitalis is my absolute favourite, with Fat Burning Man with Abel James as a close second. Untame the Wild Woman Soul Podcast is awesome too.

7 years ago

I just started listening to Modern Love (The Podcast), the radio version of the weekly NYT column. It’s great! A bit like This American Life only it is all stories of love. In their own words: “A series of weekly reader-submitted essays that explore the joys and tribulations of love”.


7 years ago

The Black Tapes seems like just my kind of creepypasta and I can’t wait to check it out! Have you listened to The Ladygang podcast with Becca Tobin from Glee, Jac Vanek, and Keltie Colleen? It’s hilarious and sometimes they have Lea Michele on just to make it even more perfect!

7 years ago

Can’t wait to listen to these! I’ve been looking for something like this

7 years ago

I love Alex Baldwin’s “Here’s the Thing” as well as old Hollywood “You must remember This” and British “Rex Factor”

7 years ago

Lore Podcast is great if you like spooky folklore and myths. Just don’t listen to it alone at night or you might get the creeps!

7 years ago

Loving the Can I Park Here? Podcast. They interview fashion truck owners. Informative and funny.

Connelly Stewart
7 years ago

The Mental Illness Happy Hour is fantastic!