Recipe: Earth to Table Sydney’s Pina Colada Smoothie Bowl

An exclusive smoothie bowl recipe to def get you excited for spring!

This post comes to us from Natalie Shukur.

Now that spring is in the air, this pina colada bowl created for Free People by chef Julie Mitsios, owner of Sydney’s premier raw vegan café Earth to Table, is a refreshing and hydrating  smoothie bowl for any time of day. “I love that this recipe is so versatile — when pineapples are not in season you can substitute for any other fruit,” says Mitsios. “Try mango, berries or pink pitaya, and add additional superfoods or your favorite protein powder for an extra nutritional punch.”



1 cup coconut meat
1 cup pineapple
1 banana
6 mint leaves
A few drops of stevia (if you desire more sweetness)



Place everything in a blender and blend til smooth and creamy. Add a little coconut water if necessary to help with the blending and a few drops of stevia if desired. Place into a chilled bowl.

½ cup raw granola
2 tbsp coconut flakes
Seasonal fruit
Decorate as your creative heart desires with granola, coconut and seasonal fruits.


How I Discovered Raw Food by Julie Mitsios

I was a “traditional” pastry chef before stumbling into the raw cuisine movement more than ten years ago. My younger sister first discovered it when she was looking at ways to improve her health after she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I became obsessed with the idea of raw cuisine as it made so much sense and, most importantly, made me feel amazing. I had better mental clarity, more energy and in general just felt really good. To learn more, I travelled to the United States to study at different healing centres and raw chef schools. I loved that raw food preparation could lend itself to such creativity. There is also such an abundance of unique ingredients available to use. I opened Earth to Table in Sydney in 2012, simply as an experiment.  We love to source organic, seasonal ingredients to create food at its prime and maximize on nutritional content.  We have an amazing chemical-free grower here in Sydney who supplies us with interesting edible flowers and edible weeds such as purslane and dandelion, which add a nutritional punch to salads, juices and smoothies. We like to make food with benefits, so all our food is infused with different herbs and superfoods. Everything in our café is handmade with love. Some processes can take up to three days, from soaking nuts and seeds to dehydrating. It truly is a labor of love but we wouldn’t do it any other way.


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7 years ago

This looks super healthy and super delicious!

7 years ago

This looks so yummy, I definitely need to try this myself! x

7 years ago

Awesome!! Will definitely on my must try list! :)