Spring Cleaning: For The Soul

Let’s bloom — beautifully — into spring.

The winter blues are quickly fading as my favorite time of year rolls in.

Spring. The season of new life. Little birds hatching with blurry eyes, fresh buds bursting through the soil, seeking the sun. A perfect time to cleanse our souls, and grow along the wildflowers.

I’m a lover of cleaning. It’s silly. A clean home is a happy home. I’m entering spring with the same mindset. A clean soul is a happy soul. I’m taking things step by step, in the same routine that is taken when I’m scrubbing my home to happiness. This means purging the bad, and replacing it with good.


Lay It All Out. Before tackling the abode, I typically take a step back and look at what needs work. With spring approaching, I’m recreating the same visual within my internal self. What corners in my life need cleaned up? Where do I feel messy, overwhelmed, dirty? I’m sitting quietly in my room, on the floor, and I see it all. I see issues that have been taking a toll on me mentally, and declutter them. I sort through all of the bad that sits within relationships, finances, deadlines, goals and health.

Look Up. Cleaning can be tough work. Especially when I’m sorting through tough areas in my life. Reminding myself to look up helps me from getting down on myself throughout the process. I’m getting rid of all the “stuff” that I don’t need, and letting it go. Everything is always going to be ok.

Open New Doors. The closets in my mind are now cleaned out. I’ve addressed the bad, and now get to welcome all of the good. It’s time need to open new doors, visualize the opportunities that are ahead of me, and be up for whatever comes my way.

Breathe. This is the fun part — I get to enjoy my life. I have a fresh start. I got rid of all the yuck that has been weighing me down, and now have a chance to relax. My chalkboard has been wiped clean. Whatever story I choose to write for myself is in my hands.


I’m heading into spring like a bud. I’m refreshed, and ready to grow. My roots run deep, keeping me grounded. I’m going to bloom into something beautiful. I hope y’all take the time to clean your soul and join me. What soul cleansing tips do you have? How are you getting ready for your fresh start? Let me know in the comments!

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5 years ago

Hi ! Great article exactly I was reading a book of the good to be who to recoommander me to cleaning and the order in my house it is an exellent advises.
Everybody should make him more often, that brings so much of done well.

Good vibes ! ^^
Sorry for my English I’m French
Have a nice day
Sarah xx

5 years ago

I’ve always thought Autumn was my favourite season but I’ve decided that Spring may also be my favourite. This year, going from Winter to Spring was like taking a massive breathe or coming up for air…

5 years ago

This is just what I needed to start off the week.. I have really been enjoying the advice posts you have been focusing on. It’s nice to read such personal thoughts from woman of inspiration. I feel the weight of unseen friendships on my shoulders that needs fixed. This is a great way for anyone to start a new season. Thanks for sharing.

5 years ago

I’m super excited for Spring!! And definitely looking forward to cleaning and start light.
Thanks for the tips :)

Also, I love these photos.

Lots of hugs, A

5 years ago

Love this article and the photos match really well!
When spring starts, I love to be outside more! One of my favourite ways to get ready for a fresh new start is by going for a (long) walk. I take my camera with me, listen to the sounds of nature, and take pictures of everything that gets my interest. It really helps me to clear my mind and to move on to the next chapter.

x Val from Valerie Randomness

5 years ago

A lovely post! I am feeling the cleaning pull strong these days! Ive been a a simplifying kick. I just don’t want to be carrying so much stuff through my life. Beautiful pictures!


5 years ago

Spring is such a refreshing time of year, this article really inspired me to take some time to clean my inner psyche + soul. Thanks for sharing!

Krystal | http://floradelsoul.com/

5 years ago

Great article! this week I was looking for some inspiration for the transition Winter-Spring, your tips definitely did the work :)

Thanks for sharing!

5 years ago

Good article – how much I can hide in my soul, when I don’t take the time to look there – working on it and my home – time to let go…

5 years ago

Love the pictures Madisyn! I already feel better by just looking at them.
Cheers! ;-)

5 years ago

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4 years ago


4 years ago

The way to described things is amazing, I always thought that cleaning is the most toughest thing. But in your way, it seems not that bad at all.

4 years ago

‘Lay It All Out.’ was a very helpful step, sometimes I just start doing things little by little and it’s not good time management. So if I just step back and make a plan, I can prioritize. If its okay I find some good cleaning quotes you’d probably love. I’ll leave them here for you: Cleanliness Slogans

4 years ago

So cutest! How do you come up with these adorable ideas?!?!
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