Sunday Spotlight: ALL ACCESSories

Get to know the things we’re loving this week!

Sunday Spotlight is a series where we choose and discuss our most favorited things. Maybe it’s that new catalog item that just hit the site, or something else we just can’t live without. This week, we’re discussing our favorite accessories. Check out what’s in our spotlight! 

Katerina — American Dream Bracelet


American Dream Bandana Bracelet

With bandanas now becoming an essential, I’m excited to mix up the trend and make it my own. This bracelet is a fun twist to the trend and I love putting it on my upper arm paired with a cool tank. It’s the perfect effortless add-on to any outfit and I will be sporting it throughout the warmer seasons – especially during festivals!

Kait — FP Printed Earbuds


FP Printed Earbuds

So I’m running my first 10k in April with my boyfriend + his mom, and the stakes are VERY high. Now some backstory: I am not a runner and the best way I can describe my bf’s mother is competitive. Basically, I need to beat his mom or they’ll most likely never accept me into the family. So this means that I have been doing A LOT of running in the past three months to make sure that, on April 16th, 2016, I finish this race before my boyfriend’s mother does. However, if you’re at all familiar with the weather on the east coast during the months of November – March, you’ll understand that the majority of this running — with the exception of a few off days (s/o global warming!) — has taken place inside. On a treadmill. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t think of anything more mundane then running in place staring at an awkwardly placed, faraway TV screen that is 85% of the time playing the news at a volume that no one can hear. It’s the worst. So the only thing that has kept me sane (and on track) during these very painful last 4 months is my headphones. These guys fit in the ear nicely, don’t fall out when you sweat (gross, I know, but it’s true) and look really cute. Also, for an earbud, the sound is actually pretty amazing! So if you’re training to run a race against your boyfriend’s mother…or you just like to run — these will definitely fit the bill.

Jana — Cosmic Storm Liquid Phone Case


Cosmic Storm Liquid Phone Case

My phone is in a very vulnerable state right now. It’s having an identity crisis. The lifeproof vest it counted on for everything broke about a month ago. Yes…IT BROKE! Can you believe it? Its chrome back is full of scratches, and the sides are slightly chipped. Before all hell breaks loose (aka the screen cracks), I need to get it some protection. As of late, it’s been feeling really good about feminine styles. The pink cascading glitter in the Cosmic Storm Liquid Phone Case is perfect, don’t you think? A little psychedelic, really fun, and keeps the phone entertaining — even when it dies. I’m in.

Julie — Outlaw Seed Bead Cuff 


Outlaw Seed Bead Cuff 

With warm weather on the horizon (possibly? maybe?), I’m looking forward to shedding the heavy layers and knits of winter in favor of lighter fabrics and shorter sleeves. With my wrists finally bared to the world, the Outlaw Seed Bead cuff is the statement-maker I’ve been looking for. Colorful, lightweight and easy to throw on with dresses or a simple white tee, this pretty bracelet is a one-and-done piece that will finish off any look. I’ll take every color, please.

+What are you loving this week? Let us know in the comments below!
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6 years ago

The printed earbuds are so cool!

6 years ago

Whaaat the headphoes are so cute
Marina //

6 years ago

need to get that bead cuff