Sunday Spotlight: Made In The ‘Shades’

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Sunglasses, sunnies, shades, sun stunners, specks, blinders, haterblockerz… whatever you call them, sunglasses are the accessory. As much a go-to once we’re headed out the door as our keys. Maybe you’re the type of gal (or guy) who even wears them inside, or at night if I may be so bold. No judgements, you do you. But what I’m getting at, is that sunglasses are essential. Safeguarding from the sun, or simply finishing a look. Depending on the style, some can instantly transform an outfit from blah to “bing!”. They add a ‘cool’ factor without even trying. With so many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, what is it that denotes the perfect pair? Allow us to help you decide as we showcase our favorite, of-the-moment, best-in-show shades below!

Above: Nudie Club SunglassesWild Gift SunniesDiamond Brunch Sunglass


Supernova Sunglasses


Wild Gift Sunnies


Day Venture Sunnies


Diamond Brunch Sunglass


Imagine Sunglasses

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6 years ago

The Day Venture Sunnies are too cool, I love that the glasses are so colorful right now!

6 years ago

I’m swooning over those Imagine sunglasses, love the mint glitter!

Krystal |