Western Australia: A Guide

Perth, Fremantle, Cottesloe….Western Australia has A LOT to offer. Let’s go!

This post comes from our blog intern, Emily!

Australia. A continent we all want to visit and a country many are lucky to call home. I envy Australians… the place they call home really is a dream destination. A place where people are keen to laugh, the weather is unbeatable, and it’s easy to enjoy simple pleasures in life. I have traveled to Australia a few times, and each time I’m closer and closer to cancelling the flight home and just staying. I love Australia, especially Western Australia, and here’s what you should check out!

Perth. The west coast city of the continent, that feels a lot like Los Angeles 10 years ago. The city is the hub, like any other, it’s the center of business, and similar to any “downtown”. It is fun, but once you get outside of the hustle and bustle and explore the sprawling neighborhoods, you’ll find that the little villages and beach neighborhoods are where the real stuff lies.

Transportation around Perth and its coastline is too easy. You can get wherever you need to go by ferry, train, bus, or taxi. Personally, the train/subway got me everywhere I needed to go!

Little Creatures Brewing // Fremantle Esplanade: A massive space located down at the Esplanade in Fremantle. Note: No one calls it Fremantle. The correct Australian vernacular is Freo. Waterfont views, indoor/outdoor seating, micro brews, rustic pizza, and the world’s best mussels are found at Little Creatures. It’s one of WA’s best spots to hangout with a lively yet low-key atmosphere, tasty delights, and its friendly vibe. It is definitely easy to spend your Saturday afternoons here!


Cottesloe Beach Hotel // Cottesloe: A sophisticated hotel located at one of Perth’s premiere beaches: Cottesloe. 20 feet from the sand and located on a boardwalk among different shops, hotels, cafes, and restaurants. You’ll definitely enjoy your stay, but you can also pop in for a crafted cocktail or food! Note: dress yourself up a little, everyone there was looking their best!



Flipside Burger & Mr’s Brown’s Wine Bar // Fremantle: One of my favorite combinations… which is quite contradicting. You’ve got a cozy wine bar filled with books, board games, and low light, situated right next to a burger joint. But not just any burger joint… the best veggie burger of my life was eaten here. I still reminisce about it. The cool thing about these two different places is you can order your meal and take it over to Mrs Brown’s to enjoy and order a drink!




Mojo’s // Fremantle: Right next to Flipside Burger and Mrs. Brown’s. A local dive bar with shows almost every night!


Moore&Moore // Fremantle: Brunch, lounging and art. Moore & Moore is the perfect mix of relaxing on a Sunday morning with coffee and getting your fill of local art that’s constantly changing. Optimal chill zone.


Fremantle Markets // Fremantle: A MUST. A bazaar of unique vendors, jewelry, souvenirs, fresh produce, exotic food, sweets, and the list goes on. It’s your one stop shop and an exciting place to be in.


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.49.16 PM

Paddle Boarding One of my favorite activities, just watch out for the jellyfish. Rent a paddle board, or rather, a “stand up surf board” in Fremantle and ride the river or the ocean nearby!


Little Wing Collective Corner Gallery // Subiaco: A blend of collage, photography, paintings, and color. Roam around this temporary art gallery hosting young, local art that will definitely delight your eyes. It’s self funded and aims to promote emerging and established artists and musicians from WA and Australia and to help enrich the culture in Perth.

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The Pinnacles // Nambung National Park: One of the eeriest (but in a good way) places that exists. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped onto Mars. What was once coral underwater is now a dry desert of pinnacle shaped rock formations. The burnt orange land against the sky makes for fantasy, you’ll feel as thought you’re in a painting.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.59.05 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.59.20 PM

Margaret River Region: About 3 hours south of Perth, you can find yourself in wine country and driving along rocky coastal cliffs. We spotted a whale here! Go for a wine tour (there’s several in the region), walk the tiny town, explore the farmers market, canoe the Margaret river or take a hike! Whatever way you decide to explore, you’ll collect beauty.

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The Swan Bells and Love Locks  // Perth City: Located in the city, a geometric shaped tower sits near the Swan River. The Bells inside of this tower are ringing softly throughout the day and you can climb to the top for beautiful views. At the bottom of the tower you can buy a “Love Lock” and engrave whatever you wish, then lock it nearby for some sentiment.



Leighton Beach // Fremantle: A quiet, spread out, white sandy beach with turquoise waters. Right on the edge of Fremantle and close to the train stop. Sunset here is something else!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.49.47 PM


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Kings Park // Perth City: It’s larger than Central Park and is certainly one of WA’s gems. You can go back 10 times and see something different… or just get lost. Offering native Australian plants, gorgeous views of the Perth skyline, trails, fresh scents, and fountains. Take a picnic and a camera and you won’t be disappointed.

Kings-Park-4 kings-park P31w


+Have any suggestions we should add to the list?

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7 years ago

Aww Australia!! I want to visit so much
Loved the photos of Margaret River Region! It seems such a beautiful place

Lots of hugs, A