30 Minute Walking Challenge

A lot can be done in 30 minutes.

In 30 minutes I can watch an episode of my favorite TV show, chat on the phone about nothing, or plow through a family size bag of potato chips. But, none of those things benefit my lifestyle in positive way. I may think they are helping me unwind, but in reality, I leave the activities feeling more overwhelmed and anxious. Do you have 30 minutes each day to commit to your physical and mental health? The answer is yes, yes you do.


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I know your reading this and thinking, “well this seems silly and a total piece of cake… 30 minutes of walking won’t change my body, why would I waste my time doing that?”  The truth is,  I was that person, and I discovered that once I lost that mindset, it does change you, one day at a time. As much as I’ve tried to commit to working out, I always find myself slacking. So, I’m starting small, with a realistic goal. I may not be the type of girl that can hit the gym a couple times a week, and that’s ok. If I can spend at least 30 minutes, everyday, power walking outside then I know I’m making positives strides in changing my daily way of life. At the end of my walk, my head is clear, my stress is gone, my legs and arms were pumping, and I feel more confident from the inside out. Those 30 minutes affect my happiness everyday.

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Start now. Make today your first. Grab some shoes, comfy clothes, and start your walk. I bet you’ll find yourself walking longer then you expected to.

Find Time. I walk with the sun. I’m a first thing in the morning kinda girl, but if sunset after work helps you unwind, commit.

Get Creative. I love walking through my neighborhood, and then through a trail in the woods. Look up, down, left and right. The flowers are blooming, and the spring air is sweet. Explore a little bit!

Unplug. My favorite thing about these walks is unplugging from the world. No distractions, no media… Just you and Mother Nature.

Bring Your Pup-panion. If you have a dog, I’m sure he/she would love to come! They need the exercise, and when I need some motivation, my furry bear does the trick.


30 minutes a day. That’s all. You can do it. It’s a small goal with lots of rewards. My overall mental health is always better when I hold myself to this daily challenge. It’s all about baby steps and balance in this beautiful life we live. So go outside, get walking, babes!

+Where are your favorite places to walk? What are some ways you take 30 minutes each day to refresh? Let me know in the comments!

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5 years ago

This is EXACTLY the kick in the pants I need to get back in the habit of my morning walk. I have not one, but TWO dogs, both who love the mornings as much as me. Tomorrow, I’m going to be out there at 6:00 am, no ifs, ands, or buts.

5 years ago

I used to walk around the house for 30 min because it was winter and out in my areas was not safe in the evening and it made a difference in my body.. i have to start doing that again. thanks for reminding me!

5 years ago

Alright, so I think I’m gonna need a dog… :-)

5 years ago

Thank you!!! Just what I needed today!

J in the City
5 years ago

I just started walking Monday evening after work. I did 3 miles (one hour) in my city. Tuesday I did another 3 miles. Even in those 2 days, I found things that I didn’t know existed where I live and streets I’ve never driven down. For example, I love ethnic supermarkets and I found a caribbean one about a mile away, as well as many Colombian and South American Restaurants (I live in a Hispanic-area). Other than discovering new things, I also feel like I’m being proactive about taking care of myself. Good stuff.

4 years ago

I used to stroll around the house for 30 min because of my home at forest side.and it is very good to think.Thanks For sharing