5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Outdoors

Get outside and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer.

In honor of tomorrow’s 46th annual Earth Day celebration, we are taking our Mother Nature lovin’ bodies  and putting them outside. What better way to commemorate and care for the future of our planet than to be under the beautiful sky, inhaling our earth’s air, and experiencing nature’s many wonders? Below are five different ways you and your friends can participate in Earth Day by celebrating in the great outdoors.


1. Get your hands dirty. Nothing connects you to the earth more than having your hands in it. Literally. This Earth Day, plant native trees or spread wildflower seeds in your neighborhood. In doing so, you are helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide homes for wildlife, and clean pollution. Planting native wildflowers assists in attracting local birds and pollinators – bees love lavender and sage, monarch butterflies like milkweed and pansies, and hummingbirds prefer petunias and lilies. If you would rather go the other opposite direction – literally – and pull instead of plant, I encourage you to put down the chemicals and yank away. I spent this past weekend pulling weeds in my backyard with my two very own hands and it felt (surprisingly) good to do so! It connects you with the earth around you and is quite therapeutic, as well.

2. Volunteer. Yes! Join a group clean up day, help at an Earth Day fair, or volunteer at your local or national park. Visit NPS.gov or EPA.gov to find a park near you or check out EarthDay.org for more information on how you can help!



3. Go camping. Sleep under the stars. Huddle around the campfire. Rise with the sun. Camping in the great outdoors is like no other experience. Devoid of everyday distractions like social media and work deadlines, camping affords you the luxury to focus on and appreciate the real and natural beauty around you.

4. Picnic right. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to picnic at my local park. I pack my bag full of snacks, games, cameras, books, and wine and spend the day lazily basking in the warm sun. But this Earth Day, I plan on picnicking “right.” I’ll be heading to the farmer’s market to fill my bag with local fresh food and drinks before venturing down the road to the park. Choosing locally-made food not only tastes better, but it also positively impacts the environment. Just think about the negative effects that the manufacturing, harvesting, and transporting of mass produced food has on our planet. It’s astounding. So pack a local picnic basket – it tastes better, supports local economy, and helps the environment.

5. Get active. Since you are already planning on spending your day outside (right?), why don’t you hike, bike, run, skateboard, or swim while you’re at it? Celebrate and appreciate the earth by being active in it. Let the sun freckle your face and your feet stomp the ground. Get that body moving on this beautiful planet.



What are your Earth Day plans? Let me know in the comments!

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