Make: Best Bohemian Camping Experience

Create the optimal chill zone for you and your friends!

This post comes from our blog intern, Emily.

Everyone loves a good place to hang out. Whether that be your backyard, your next festival, your neighborhood park, the woods…. it doesn’t matter. Find yourself a spot you love with a grassy area and kick back with some tunes, a homemade tent and friends. Here’s how:

Gather some tools to assemble your tent with, and be sure to grab decor and accessories to fill it up with. If you know you’re going to be hanging out for a while and are familiar with the spot you’re going to, bring a bunch of stuff to make it just the way you want it!

Here are some things you might want to bring:
Tapestries (or fabric sewn together to make a few large tapestries)
A crate
A flag rope
Chair pouf
Coin Bandarwa
Smudge sticks
Feather flag
A speaker
Twinkle lights
Food and beverages

Your dog

Transport your goods, claim your spot and start unpacking.


Start piecing together your sticks with twine, rope, or wire. This part was the most difficult. Make sure your sticks are sturdy and can hold some weight. Arrange them into a house-like structure and use your string to them together tightly. You can put the sticks in the ground for more support and cross bracing them will also help. Use as many branches as needed to have a self supporting structure.


It may take a little adjusting and wiggling to get everything strong. Just feel it out! It was a really windy day when we built ours so it’s important to keep weather conditions in mind, too.

Embellished Military Jacket, Tidal Wave Flare

So, ours looked a little crazy, but perfection is lame. It will all come together in the end…

Once you have your structure made, take your fabrics that you’re using to act as the walls/shelter and start placing them on the branches. Tie the fabric around the branches to attach. This can be anything: sheets, old clothes sewn together, tapestries, sarongs, blankets. I would recommend choosing lightweight and airy fabrics to ensure that it won’t be too heavy and the sunlight is still able come through.


Layer up as needed, fill in the gaps, and adjust everything to you liking.


We used a flag rope to “stake” our tent down and add some extra support in case the wind got gusty. Plus, it’s cute and provided a little more flare to our spot.

Once you have the exterior of your tent set up, it’s time to tackle the interior!

19 17
Large Pearl Tambourine

Arrange your rugs, cushions and pillows to create a comfy cozy environment. Then grab your decorations for some soul and situate your space.


Add any final items, decorations, or tweaks to your tent and ENJOY!

10 12
Stitch and Sequin Pillow, Kensignton Coin Pillow, Tambourine
Tinsel Tent Marker
Lotta Clog
, Outlaw Seedbead Cuff, Malik Patched Pocket Flare, Eclipse Brami

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  1. Hi! I would just like to point out that the intern’s blog articles are significantly better than quite a few of the non-intern articles. They’re longer, more informative, and contain more practical knowledge. Keep it up! :)

  2. I’m going to do this for my bachelorette party at Mystic Hot Springs! Thanks Emily!

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