Chasing the Golden Hour

Soak up the last rays of the day during the Magic Hour!

This post comes from our blog intern, Emily.


The Golden Hour/Magic Hour is my favorite hour of the day, without a doubt. It’s always different. And it is one of the best ways to say farewell to yet another day. I mean, how lucky are we to get approximately an hour of the most gorgeous golden glow almost every day? It’s enough to put everything into perspective for me and usually, it’s just what I need to unwind. Regardless of how busy my day may have been or what else I still need to get done, I never miss out on a chance to do something during the magic hour. Especially with summer approaching, it’s a way of making sure I make time for myself, slow down, and shut work off.



Here are just a few things I like to do!

  • Make a playlist of tunes meant for the magic hour
  • Rooftop chillin’ (with your magic hour playlist)
  • Plan a picnic
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Go for a run, a walk, a hike.
  • Have drinks with friends
  • Photograph
  • Journal
  • Watch the sunset from your favorite spot
  • Try a new spot for dinner that has outdoor seating
  • Meditate
  • Read
  • Make Art with the Earth
  • Grill/cook outside

Deep V Rib Tee

+What do you love doing to embrace the Magic Hour?

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8 years ago

Sunset is the best time for almost anything! My favorite is to photograph with the beautiful golden rays.

The Wanderful Soul

Eliza Wister
8 years ago

thanks for helping me remember about the golden hour!