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How do we find a healthy rhythm of living?

It is a common pattern, falling in and out of our healthy rhythm of living.  There are a number of things we can do to get back on track, however I know from my own experience that this cycle will go on unless we are brave enough to dive beneath the struggle. To look at, not only what triggers the fall out, but what the deeper intention is behind our motivation.

If the motivation is one of ‘not being good enough’ we are battling against our inner self-critic, and although this voice may know the buttons to push to get you going, the work will not last. If this is the case then we might be putting too much pressure on ourselves to fulfill all areas of our life and responsibilities equally, yet our efficiency levels will be much greater if we prioritize and are courageous enough to make time for ourselves. The path to a sustainable rhythm comes from a place of self-love; when we can connect to the love that is within us it will translate into action and our vision of who we truly are will unfold naturally.

Here are some suggestions and practices that can help you connect to a healthier, happier rhythm of life, with longevity.

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Craft an intention.
My teacher Sianna Sherman helped me realize the power of a heartfelt intention. Spend some time writing down what ignites you and lights up your heart and distill it to a short sentence. Each day, learn to question your thoughts and actions, if they don’t align with your intention, you need to challenge their place. This practice will naturally carve out healthier patterns.

Create sacred space.
Find time to spring clean and tidy your home and workplace to inspire you and allow you to breathe easy, the effect will reflect back into your life. Additionally, create a focused sacred space or altar as a daily reminder of your greater intention; use fresh flowers, candles, photos of loved ones, teachers, animals or places and add any small trinkets or items that inspire you to live from the heart.


You can start with just 5-10 minutes each morning. Sit down and close your eyes. Breathe into your whole body and witness how you feel physically, energetically and emotionally. Ask yourself, how can I best support myself today? Write down, from the heart without thinking about it too much.

Activate love, acceptance and compassion.

The magical trio.
Love. Explore how you can carry out even the smallest act with love, this will filter through your consciousness and help you connect with your own potential for peace.
Acceptance. Activate the practice of acceptance into your life, we spend too much time wishing things had been different, waiting for the future, wanting to change our lot – what if we were to see the potential for growth in each moment.
Compassion. Learn to be compassionate and forgiving. The likelihood is if we are too strong towards others, we are also punishing towards ourselves.

We all have a ‘relationship’ with food and it is important to be honest and bear witness to the dialogue that you are having around your diet. Eating for nourishment, with joy and gratitude, is the shift that creates sustainable change.


Food shopping.
Write a list before you go shopping; focus on a plant-based diet, rich in colour and variety and close to its natural state as possible. If you shop with a plan, you will be less likely to reach out for a quick fill during the week that will knock you off the path.

Be inspired. Look at recipes online and in books and have fun preparing, even planning a cooking session with friends to try new things. If time is a concern, keep it simple with salads, grains, one-pot-wonders and batch cooking.

Eat with intention and when you are hungry. Integrate active gratitude or prayer before each meal that you are blessed to eat.

If we become stagnant in our body it feeds very strongly into our lifestyle. Get outside and walk when you can. If you don’t have a practice or sport that you do regularly this is the time to be curious. Don’t be afraid to try something new. A group or class environment, or even a series of privates classes, can motivate and inspire you however there is also an amazing selection of online classes and teaching available.


Books are an endless source of inspiration for both my practices, teaching and lifestyle. If there is something that grabs your attention or ignites your curiosity, get reading and find out more.

Finally, in the words of Osho, “Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived”, so do your best to approach everything with an open heart and the rest will follow.

Images by FP Emily.



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5 years ago

Wonderfully written article. Truly inspired me. My true escapes is mostly my hobbies in sketching or reading books