Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 18–24

See what the universe holds for you this week…

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April 20–May 20

Venus in your releasing corner inclines you toward caring for others and sacrificing for the sake of love, while her encounter with Saturn this week facilitates working on an unresolved relationship issue and fulfilling a personal obligation. You might also feel more determined to end a relationship or process the loss of one in an effort to heal. Venus’s alignment with Uranus alludes to a sudden sense of liberation from an old bond, and the full moon in your one-on-one angle further suggests a turning point with another individual. Try to accommodate others’ needs and emotions as best you can now. With Venus quarreling with Pluto in your perspective zone, a crisis of faith, changing beliefs or stubbornly clinging to a viewpoint can affect a connection or your mood.  But the sun is entering your sign, filling you with vitality and giving you the impetus to shine in the coming month. Happy birthday!




May 21–June 20

Your social life is on the front burner this week, with Venus in your group zone clicking and clashing with three other planets. Her confab with Saturn favors committing to a partnership, working out a problem with a close friend or fulfilling a personal obligation. You might meet someone through your acquaintances and begin a relationship that has staying power, but you’re just as likely to make a new friend or join a group, thanks to a Venus-Uranus rendezvous. Plus you may feel an urge to rebel against others or find you’re able to step back and see what’s best for everyone. A Venus-Pluto feud implies trust, sharing, jealousy, sex, control or money could be an issue, while a full moon signals busyness, a work crisis, a health-related change or the end of a habit. With the sun sneaking into your releasing sector, start spending more time alone resting and reflecting.




June 21–July 22

Venus in your ambition angle connects with Saturn in your productivity corner this week, tying your appeal with higher-ups to the fact that you’ve been working hard and paying your dues. Her spat with Pluto alludes to an imbalance of power or a feeling that someone is opposed to your success; try not to get embroiled in a struggle for control. Venus’s meetup with Uranus hints at creative freedom in your work or a sudden change in your professional status or public image. The sun’s arrival in your group house inspires you to socialize, network and collaborate in the coming month, while the full moon in your love-and-happiness zone could spell the culmination of an affair or artistic endeavor. Your emotions and personality will be on display, and this lunation pushes you to express yourself and have fun. So let your inner child out to play!




July 23–August 22

With your ruling planet, the sun, climbing to the top of your chart, you’re likely to take on a higher profile and should be ready to put your best foot forward. Venus in your expansion zone is gelling with Saturn, encouraging you to get serious about a new interest, plan a trip or make a concerted effort to broaden your concept of what—or whom—appeals to you. Venus’s spat with Pluto implies that work, health or your schedule could keep you from enjoying new experiences to the extent that you desire. But her meeting with Uranus hints at impromptu excitement and possibly a romantic adventure or pleasant, unexpected encounter with someone outside your everyday world. The full moon at the bottom of your chart could draw your attention to a domestic or family matter or make you feel extra emotional and in need of TLC.




August 23–September 22

Closeness, sharing and psychological wellbeing are connected with a maturation process, taking care of another person and dealing with your emotional baggage this week, due to a Venus-Saturn collaboration. Venus is quarreling with Pluto, suggesting that you might become obsessed with someone, and the intensity of your feelings may impact the intimacy that you crave. A close relationship could get turbulent under this influence. Venus’s link with Uranus implies that the other person might pull away, but it can also suggest a sudden sexual attraction or financial gain. With the sun moving into your exploration zone, the need to broaden your horizons through learning, travel, new people and new experiences is highlighted. Get out of your routine more in the coming month. The full moon spells a flood of info, a busy mind, tons of interactions or a development with a sibling or in your community.




September 23–October 22

Venus in your one-on-one angle clicks with Saturn in your cognition-and-communication sector, helping you to connect with and commit to people. You could take a more serious tone in conversations or take a relationship more seriously. Venus’s fight with Pluto in your foundation corner implies that your emotional state, your family or a domestic problem may affect your rapport with someone, and you might become angry or fixated. A Venus-Uranus meetup hints at a need for personal space, an unexpected change in a relationship or an encounter with someone new. As the sun segues into your depth house, you’re encouraged to delve into your psyche and shine a light on your motives, compulsions and fears. A full moon in your worth sector can lead to overspending, so guard against retail therapy if it seems unwise. Tend to your emotional needs without blowing your material ones out of proportion.




October 23–November 21

Your ruler, Pluto, turns retrograde this week, so your heavy thoughts, self-questioning and shifting mindset could become even more internalized during the next five months, but the change may be subtle enough that you won’t really notice. As the sun crosses your one-on-one angle, part of your focus turns to close relationships. But the full moon in Scorpio highlights your own emotions and might make you temperamental. Try to get your needs addressed while still respecting those of others. If something feels like too much now, it could be time to take it off your plate. Getting along with colleagues and enjoying your work are both important this month, with Venus in your job house. Her encounters with other planets suggest that you need to use your resources well, be careful what you say, don’t fixate on one way of doing things and be flexible if circumstances change.




November 22–December 21

Venus in your pleasure sector is vibing with Saturn in Sagittarius this week, helping you to commit to something—or someone—that makes you happy and encouraging you to work at what fulfills you. Venus is also syncing up with Uranus, so romance, creativity and fun could be impromptu—but given Saturn’s involvement, it might just as easily be planned. Plus you may discover new (and possibly unusual) sources of love and happiness. Venus’s skirmish with Pluto means that finances could impede fun, and you may need to shift your resources around somehow. With the sun entering your duty corner, some of your attention will shift from play to work; in the coming month, strive to be productive and healthy and to do what needs to be done as well as possible. The full moon stresses spirituality, reflection, sacrifice, imagination, dreams, the subconscious and alone time.




December 22–January 19

With Pluto going retrograde this week, the very personal transformation process that you’re going through burrows even deeper underground for the next five months, giving you a chance to press pause and assess. Venus’s squabble with Pluto means you may need to curb an impulse to control or obsess in order to maintain peaceful relations at home or with your family. Her encounter with Uranus hints at impromptu entertaining or a sudden disruption involving a parent or someone you live with. And a Venus-Saturn collaboration encourages you to spend time alone dealing with a private issue in order to gain peace of mind. Finishing something up could make you feel particularly good. The sun’s arrival in your fulfillment house emphasizes romance, creativity and play, while the full moon reminds you to consider group interests. A friendship or affiliation with an organization might reach a turning point now.




January 20–February 18

This week’s Venus-Saturn connection makes this a good time to work on a friendship, commit to a group, reach out to professional contacts and communicate with a team. Venus is sparring with Pluto, though, so pleasant thoughts and interactions could be undermined by simmering anger or other turbulent emotions. Continuing to confront what’s buried in your subconscious can enable you to avoid sabotaging yourself. A rendezvous between Venus and Uranus suggests a new acquaintance or revelation or an unexpected social encounter, and a sudden change of scene is also possible. As the sun descends to the bottom of your chart, your focus shifts to your home, family, comfort, security, memories and emotional state. The full moon in the opposite house might bring a moment in the spotlight, a shift in your career path or life direction, a goal coming to fruition or drama with your boss.




February 19–March 20

Venus is vibing with Saturn this week, emphasizing the link between confidence and responsibility and between financial rewards and a determination to succeed. Her quarrel with Pluto implies that money, possessions or values could cause turmoil among friends or in another group. Or you might feel like others have the power to give you what you want and aren’t doing so. Venus’s meeting with Uranus may involve impulse spending, a sudden change in your finances or a whimsical desire, and it might be difficult to pin down exactly what you want or need. The sun’s move into your cognition-and-communication house energizes your mind, your interactions and your speech. Daily life may seem to pick up speed, and you could get restless. The full moon can give you an urge to travel or call your faith into question. This is a good time to let go of a limiting belief.




March 21–April 19

Venus in Aries meshes with Saturn this week, which could enhance the appeal of travel, learning and new experiences or help you relate to someone older and wiser. Her feud with Pluto may frustrate you if you want to enjoy yourself but feel compelled to work or follow orders. Socializing and pursuing goals might not mesh easily. Venus’s rendezvous with Uranus can spell a sudden attraction or desire, an urge for freedom in a relationship or a craving for excitement, and you might feel unexpectedly detached from someone. You could also decide on a whim to change your look. The sun’s arrival in your worth corner shifts your attention to finances, possessions, values and self-esteem in the coming month. But the full moon reminds you to balance your needs with those of someone else and might bring a turning point in an intimate relationship or reveal something that was hidden.
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