Free People Models Off Duty

A glimpse into the FP Girls’ personal style!

This post comes from our blog intern, Emily.

Here’s your weekly dose of Models Off Duty. Bomber Jackets were a popular item this week, and I’m SO into Vanessa’s denim skirt!

We the Free Anna Tee, Gavin Cord Skinny, Half Time Tee, Just Breathe Billowing Hoodie, Vegan 1940 Ankle Boot

City Sailor Pant, Decker Slip On Loafer, Quilted Aviator Jacket, Led Zeppelin Tee

02 03 04
Mini Skirt, Vintage Revival Mini Skirt, Phoenix Cardi, Suki Sweater, Leather Bag, Deck Club Authentic Sneakers

05 06
Vintage Crop Pullover, Lightweight Stretch Skinny, Nightcat Sunnies
Maritza 07
Levi’s Mile High Rise Skinny Jean, We the Free Tessa Tee, Sneakers, Sunnies, Amelie Fringe Bag

+Whose look are you loving?

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7 years ago

Whose look, not who’s ;-) I like the second one best!

7 years ago

brb, going to buy a romper…
all of these looks are amazing and this is still one of my favorite fp blog features!

7 years ago

How wonderful it would be to see models of all kinds of sizes, colours and styles on your totally inspiring site! Waiting eagerly for this absolutely necessary step in your sites evolution!!!

<3 <3 <3

7 years ago

Where can you buy the black and white varsity jacket?

7 years ago

where can i get the exact embroidered bomber jacket in above picture? i see one online now but the details look a little different. Please let me know.