This Kind of Grounding is A Good Thing

The most inexpensive, yet very rewarding, means of setting yourself on the right foot. Literally…

When my mom told me a few years ago that she’d taken to standing outside barefoot, I didn’t really give it much thought. Mom took my brother, sister and me on quite a wild ride growing up, towing us through her many forays into alternative healing…transcendental meditation, macrobiotic cooking, acupuncture, tai chi, visualization, etc. So being shoe- and sock-less wasn’t really a thing. To be honest, the woman would probably NEVER wear anything on her feet if she could help it.

Funny how the things that she learned and shared with us so long ago are becoming more socially – and scientifically — acceptable. For those of you who still don’t know of grounding, let me give you a little insight. After all, it’s probably the most inexpensive, yet very rewarding, means of setting yourself on the right foot. Literally.

Grounding, or earthing, is just what it sounds like. Standing…or walking…or running…without any footwear or accessories…in grass, soil or sand (damp is preferable)…(also I’ve heard that even concrete could potentially suffice, if natural ground is hard to come by where you live)…for thirty minutes a day.


Yeah, that’s about it. The beauty that is this practice relies solely on electrons. The earth naturally carries a negative charge so, when your skin, which is a natural conductor of charged ions and normally positive, comes in contact with it, the body says YES and allows the electrons to engage with one another and, without any conscious effort, creates an equilibrium usually reserved for those taking supplemental medications.

The benefits are really kind of amazing, and noticeable after only a few grounding sessions. Namely, it’s the free electrons that potentially neutralize free radicals and combat inflammation, the culprit behind so many of today’s chronic health problems.

I know that, any opportunity I have to step into the woods to take in a breath of much-needed space and peace sends a feeling through me that I haven’t been able to capture in any other way. So it all kind of makes sense. Give me a grove of trees over a line of treadmills any day.


+ Give grounding a go…and let us know what happens…

Images by FPEmily.

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6 years ago

I’m afraid I am a bit too grounded (no pun intended) to really see the benefit in this ;-) But I do think it’s a great feeling to walk on the grass barefoot in summer.

6 years ago

I’ve never heard the term grounding however i repeatedly walked around bare foot when i was a child. Along the way i’ve stopped but this post has really inspired me to walk around barefoot this summer. I can recall feeling so free when i did this and miss that feeling.

6 years ago

I just happen to be trying these days! Nice to read about it on this article!

6 years ago

Interesting. I will give this a go…after I clean up the dog doo doo on my lawn haha

6 years ago

Whenever I go on hikes in the forest or up mountains, I always do it barefoot. I’ve had lots of people stop me to tell me that I’m crazy or going to hurt myself, but the feeling is just too amazing!

6 years ago

Going barefoot is totally my jam!


6 years ago

This is priority #1 for me when the weather warms up. The wet walks in the wood get me ready for spring.

6 years ago

I love this, grounding is an essential part of my meditation… and if I physically can’t do it then I visualize it.

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

6 years ago

I appreciate this so much. I often feel myself wanting to feel the Earth beneath my feet and the grass especially those with natural herbs nestled in it feel so energizing.